Learn How to Create, Launch, and SELL a Course THE SMART WAY

Last Updated on: March 24th, 2017

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Online courses are huge. Like 107 BILLION dollars HUGE.

Everyone’s doing them. Creating them. Selling them. Trying to make money from them.

But… a lot of them are doing it WRONG.

If you are thinking of launching your own online course, you should learn how to launch a course THE SMART WAY…

Learn how to do things RIGHT, with The Course Course.

The Course Course is a course about creating, launching, and selling a course!

It’s great, too. It walks you through the steps and teaches the things you need you need to know BEFORE YOU EVEN CREATE A COURSE OF YOUR OWN.

My friends, Gina (one of my freelancing idols) and Carlos Aguilar, created this special course.

The Course Course contains all the information you need to know.

What You Need to Know About Launching a Course

Launching an online course is not easy.

There are many things to consider:

  • how to build your email list
  • how to research and validate your course idea
  • deciding which courseware you should use to sell your course
  • how to build your course in an organized manner
  • and how to effectively launch your course.

But… the good news is that  once you have figured all these things out, you can benefit from earning passive income!

(Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.)

Picture this:

Every month you get a $10,000 deposit into your bank account from a course you created months ago. The course is priced at $100 and you average 100 sales per month.

It’s basically passive income coming in from work that you already performed. You do the work ONCE, and you earn for months and years!

Who doesn’t want that???!!!

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Common Mistakes Course Creators Make

People make mistakes all the time. It’s a part of life.

When you create a course, mistakes are bound to happen.

Many course creators don’t take time to really think about what they are doing.

Mistake #1: They don’t survey their audience.

Mistake #2: They don’t build an email list the proper way.

Mistake #3: They build their course before validating its worth.

Mistake #4: They use the wrong type of courseware to sell their course.

Mistake #5: They don’t have a launch plan for their course.

Mistake #6: They don’t offer more than one course.

Mistake #7: They price their courses the wrong way.

There are many more mistakes made by course creators, but the good news is that they can be avoided!

If you use The Course Course to help you build YOUR course, you will avoid making these common mistakes.

You will earn more money with your course.

You’ll continue to earn money for YEARS, too!

So check out The Course Course today… and use it to help you earn thousands of dollars EACH MONTH… FOR YEARS!!!

A FREE eBOOK for You

Gina and Carlos created a free ebook for you.

Get it here.

And please tell others about this freebie!

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