Grow Your Business (and Email List!) Using Interact Quizzes

Last Updated on: January 16th, 2019

Grow Your Business (and Email List!) Using Interact Quizzes

Interact Quizzes will help you grow your business and increase your email list subscribers!

Quizzes are fun. Everyone likes playing games, and quizzes are another form of a game if they are created properly!

Quizzes can give you some insight into:(1) who is hanging out on your site; (2) what new, potential customers look like; and (3) what their personalities, styles, or needs are.

Today we are going to talk about the power of using quizzes to build your business and your email list. You can do this easily with Interact Quizzes. I’ll even guide you on how to create your first quiz! Here are a few examples of the types of quizzes you can create:

quiz sample 1

Some Fun Facts about Using Quizzes to Grow Your Business

Quizzes are the best new way to generate new subscribers for your business.

By using them, you can grow your email list, expand your reach via social media, and earn more money!

By adding an email capture form to your quiz, about half of the people who take your quiz will opt in to become email subscribers. This will result in an increase in sales for your business. The more subscribers you have, the more you will sell! (This is especially true if you utilize email marketing properly!)

On average, 10% of people who take quizzes share their results on social media, so you’ll have an increased presence on social media. This is great because others are doing your marketing for you! Thus, it will save you some money in advertising. Plus, it’s always great to reach new audiences!

By increasing your reach, you will gain new subscribers and customers, therefore growing your business.

Here are a few more examples of the types of quizzes you can create:

quiz sample 1

Interact Quizzes

Interact Quizzes is a quiz builder that contains numerous features. It is super easy to use and has a lot of features.

You can even try it for free for two weeks!

Just click the link and then go to their pricing page to sign up for free!

some features of Interact quizzes

Features of Interact Quizzes

Whether you create an app from scratch or start with a template, Interact has all of the tools you need to begin creating successful apps to drive in high-quality leads.

Customizable Design – You can customize all colors, images, and buttons to match your website and brand.

Free Stock Images – Interact is partnered with Pixabay to provide free-to-use stock images for your apps.

Personalized Branding – Allows you to add your business logo to your app.

Opt-In Form Builder – You can customize your app opt-in form to collect contact information.

Social Share Buttons – You can share your apps on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Mobile/Device-Responsive – The apps are already optimized for every size screen.

Drop-off Graphs – Allows you to discover when your customers are dropping off to improve your apps.

Statistics Breakdown – Research how your users are answering quiz questions.

Customer Insights – See how your leads individually interact with your apps.

Facebook Pixel Tracking – Track user interactions by connecting your existing Facebook pixel.

Google Analytics Tracking – Send page views and custom events to track user interaction.

Best Features for Bloggers:

Works With Website Builders – Embed your Interact apps in LeadPages, Squarespace, Weebly, and more. (Here is how to put a quiz on your Weebly website in four steps.)

WordPress Plugin – Use our convenient Interact WordPress plugin to embed Interact apps on your website.

You can even use an announcement bar on your website!

Integrates with the Most Popular Email Marketing Platforms – Interact Quizzes integrates with the following email platforms:

  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Infusionsoft
  • Drip
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • MailerLite
  • Dotmailer
  • GetReponse
  • and more!

image of all email logos for email platforms that integrate with Interact Quizzes

After you have experimented with it, you can follow the tips offered in Best Practices for Creating Lead Generation Quizzes.

How to Create a Quiz Using Interact

Interact offers a step-by-step process for creating a quiz.

When you first start, you are brought to a screen that says, “Let’s get started! Is this your first time making a quiz?” and it gives you two boxes to choose from: Yes or No.

If you say YES, it says, “We will walk you through the setup process. Would you like to use a pre-made quiz template you can customize? Or make a quiz from scratch?”

Most people will use a template at first. After you are an experienced quiz-maker, you can create a customized one.

Then it says, “Let’s find the right templates for you. What industry are you in?” It then gives you a bunch of options to choose from. Pick your niche and continue. Your options are Automotive, Beauty, Blogging, Business, Career, Coaching, Copywriting, DIY, Entertainment, Family & Parenting, Fashion, Finance, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Marketing, Non-Profit, Photography, Software, Sports, Technology, and Travel.

You can choose whichever category you want, too, even if you are not in that niche! 🙂

The next step is to choose the type of quiz you want to create. Your options are Assessment, Personality, or Scored.

With an Assessment quiz, you test someone’s knowledge in fun ways. Each quiz question will have one correct answer. A sample question you could ask is: How much do you know about (fill in the blank)?

With a Personality quiz, you make your own version of a classic personality quiz. Each quiz-taker will see a personality type that applies to them and can be shared. A sample question you could ask is: What kind of marketing superhero are you?

With a Scored quiz, you make your own version of a scored quiz. Each answer has a score value associated with it and each quiz-taker will see receive a score that corresponds to a unique score range. A sample question you could ask is: What is your marketing IQ?

For my first quiz, I chose the category of blogging. I then chose the template that asked the question, “What Type of Writer Are You?” This is because I often write about writing… such as how to be a master writer, how to overcome writer’s block, etc.

I then played around with the colors and a few other things… and I created this quiz!

I also followed the instructions given to integrate it with MailChimp (my email service provider). I got stuck once and so had to read through this article on integrating Interact with MailChimp. But the problem was that I was using my account email to test it instead of my other email address.

I think this is very cool! Don’t you? It even has my logo in the bottom right-hand corner!

After I created this quiz, I embedded it here. Then I shared the link to my quiz on Facebook… and took my own quiz, to test it out!

Other Tutorials

I was going to do a complete tutorial on the steps I took to create my quiz, but Mindi Rosser already made one.

Plus, Judy Olbrych already made a video that clearly explains it! So did Cheryl Binnie. I have included both videos here.

And Beth Anne Schwamberger made a video that walks you through the Interact dashboard!

Beth also explains how to use quizzes in your blog or business.

How You can use Quizzes in your Blog or Business:

The following points are taken from Beth’s article on quizzes:

-If you sell baby products, create a “What kind of mom are you?” quiz. Then funnel each result into an email sequence that talks about your baby products that this type of mom would just love!

-If you sell jewelry, clothing, or accessories, you could make a “What’s your style?” quiz. Then, lead into an email sequence talking about which of your products is a good fit for them depending on their results

-Is your blog aimed at teachers? Use a quiz to show their “Classroom SuperStar Style.” Then send them to blog posts that match their inner rockstar, and show how your blog makes them better teachers.

-Do you create websites? Quiz potential customers on their brand or style or lack of! Then send them through a series showing how you can create a custom website that fits their needs or how you can create an entire brand for them, etc.

-Are you in direct sales? Find out all the ways someone is sabotaging their health or what their workout style is. Then send them into a relevant sequence that shows how you and your product can help them overcome their problem or discover great new workouts to get them out of a rut.

There are endless possibilities for how to use quizzes in your business. A well-made quiz that sends people to a fabulous email sequence is a great way to set your business apart from the rest.

Here are a few more examples of the types of quizzes you can create:

quiz sample 3

Interact Quizzes FAQs

1: Can I sign up for just one month?

Yes, Interact has two pricing options: monthly or annually.

You can pay month-to-month, in which case there is no commitment beyond 30 days.

But monthly plans do automatically renew every month if you don’t cancel.

Or you can pay 12 months in advance, getting a 40% discount. There is no commitment beyond 12 months. You choose if you want to continue.

2: How do I cancel my account?

Simply click “Cancel Account” within your Interact account. That’s it. No hoops to jump through!

3: Can you help me build my quiz?

Yes. Interact offers a strategy through an easy-to-use set of documents, we also offer one-on-one strategy calls to Growth and Pro customers. You can also watch a video on YouTube for free, or follow a quiz-building tutorial.

Try Interact Quizzes Today!

Try Interact Quizzes today and start building your business and email list while having fun! Try it for free.

Just click the link, then go to their pricing page to sign up for free!

interact logo

Note that this post contains affiliate links. All this means is that I will receive a small commission if you buy something after clicking on one of my links. 

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  1. Sona says

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    What a great description of Interact Quizzes you have done. People love to get involved when it comes to this and I can see how it can build an email list fast. Also how wonderful this is to interact with others on a fun basis. I was thinking how great this can be if it is set up to get information we want to know by a quiz. Something like “Is Facebook your number one social media place to be?” Then we can gather information and know weather or not to advertise on this platform just as an example. This is one great tool to build a brand. Thanks so much for the info! lost best friend quotes

    • says

      Sona, you CAN create your own questions with Interact Quizzes, so you CAN learn the answers to those questions!

      These quizzes are, indeed, a good tool to help you build your brand and to learn more about what your audience wants, too!

  2. Unbound B2B says

    I am doing updating my email list frequently. But I never get an idea about Interact Quizzes. Definitely, interact quizzes will help you grow your business and increase your email list subscribers! Now, I will run a campaign for this soon.

  3. This is a nice post on quizzes. I see why they can be highly beneficial for a brand, you can find out things about your audience in a way that’s more interactive for them and you can also hook them up on your products/services at the end. Aand…quizzes are fun. I must try them in the near future. Thanks for sharing.

  4. udit khanna says

    The online platform that I use to create quizzes for my business is Interact.

    Interact is a great tool because it was built with business owners in mind. You can create BuzzFeed style quizzes, run polls, and even host viral giveaways with Interact!

    And even under the free monthly plan, you’re able to encourage social engagement and direct your quiz takers!

    The next or another conclusive option to grow your business with on SERP pages organically is only through SEO with any professional. The user will definitely come visit your site when he is genuinely whenever he is in the search.

  5. Hi Lorraine; Feel like I must have been living under a rock. Had no idea of the power of quizzes. Maybe it’s because the ones on face book are never accessible with my screen reader. I tried taking your quiz. I think I missed a couple of the questions because it said I’m not a writer. 🙁 We both know that’s wrong. 🙂 Great post especially the links to other sites. Thanks for sharing, Max

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      Max, quizzes are not always made for blind people, I guess. And we both know you’re a writer! 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by, reading, and commenting. I appreciate it!

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      Cory, I’m glad you are now considering using quizzes to build your list! It’s easy to build your email list this way because everyone likes taking fun quizzes!

      Good luck to you, and thanks for your comment!

  6. Keen way to nab feedback Lorraine 😉 Quizzes rock but adding interactive elements tends to boost engagement even more. If you ask, and give readers ample opportunity to share their thoughts, you receive a goldmine of helpful information for growing your blog and business. I ask my readers tons more questions these days. Thanks much for nudging me in the quiz route for mining rocking answers. Appreciate it, Lorraine!


    • says

      Ryan, I agree! Using quizzes is a great way to get feedback and learn more about your audience!

      Of course, asking your audience questions helps too. 😉 It is always good to engage with them!

      Thanks for commenting here, Ryan, and also for sharing this post on Twitter. I appreciate THAT!

  7. Hi Lorraine,
    This is a remarkable article. In fact, I will call it an ultimate guide. I never heard of Interact Quizzes, but from your description of the tool, it is a must try as it offers an avenue to interact with others. Its a fun way to grow your list.

    Thanks for sharing Lorraine.

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    Such a nice post. Great to know about Interact Quizzes and its amazing features. After knowing the benefits of this amazing tool I am going to use on my blog. Yes, it is the best and the newest way to generate new subscribers. This tool is very effective to grow an email list. Interact Quizzes is loaded with lots of features and helpful for bloggers.

    The quiz is something that everybody loves and wants to play. This tool is totally new for me and I am really excited to use this. You have well explained the whole post and it is easy to know. The step by step guide from your side to create a Quiz using Interact is very helpful.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Best wishes,
    Praeen verma

    • says

      Praveen, I appreciate your comment and I truly hope you DO start using quizzes to build your email list!
      It really IS a great (and easy) way to get new subscribers!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading this.

      Good luck with your email growth!

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    Hello, Loraine loved your article. surely useful post for other readers who wants to expand their business. Nice article. Keep up the good work.

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      Diana, I love quizzes. I always find them on Facebook. LOL. I take the ones that are appealing to me (which is most of them)!

      I hope you try them. Good luck!

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    Hello Lorraine,
    Hope you are doing great.
    The marketing side of it is another story. A blog is just a piece of the puzzle. I enjoy email and social media marketing. but adding Interactive quizzes help a lot
    Thanks for sharing this information.

    Darleen Prangue recently posted…How to Build an SEO Friendly Website

  11. Hi Lorraine,

    What a great description of Interact Quizzes you have done. People love to get involved when it comes to this and I can see how it can build an email list fast. Also how wonderful this is to interact with others on a fun basis. I was thinking how great this can be if it is set up to get information we want to know by a quiz. Something like “Is Facebook your number one social media place to be?” Then we can gather information and know weather or not to advertise on this platform just as an example. This is one great tool to build a brand. Thanks so much for the info!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…7 Ways To Make Your Blog Load Faster

    • says

      Donna, you can create a quiz on ANY topic! That way, you can learn what you want to know about your readers!

      I’m glad you appreciate the info, and I hope you try to create a quiz of your own soon!
      I’m sure you can create a few for your audience of bloggers!

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    You always share useful post for your Blog readers. I’m Happy because I always find some uniqueness in your post.

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