I’m Having Surgery Today

Last Updated on: March 17th, 2017

This is a picture of one of my doctor's examining rooms.

This is a picture of an examination room at my doctor’s office.


I had other plans for a post today, but felt like I had to tell you all what’s going on, just in case.

You see, I’m having surgery today.

No, I’m not joking.

I’ve been keeping records, too, of what’s been going on, and so today’s post is a bit different from my regular posts. Most of you aren’t my Facebook friends (though I will accept friend requests if you should ask) 😉 and so I wanted to fill you in on what’s been happening with me.

It’s kinda funny how I’ve been talking about planning for 2014 and have high hopes for it being a productive year, and then all of a sudden, my plans end up changing. Well, maybe “funny” isn’t the best word to use. Surgery is never “funny.”

Many of you may find this post boring, but I’d rather you be informed than not, since I’m not sure how I’m going to be feeling afterwards. I may not even be turning my computer on for days. Some of you might not notice anything is wrong with my blog (I’m running scheduled posts) but in case no comments appear, you’ll know why. I’m grateful to all of you who leave comments for me, you know, and I really look forward to reading them once a post is published. I also know that it sometimes takes me a day to “approve” them, but it may take me a bit longer this week, due to having surgery.

Here’s what’s been going on with me the last few months:

Mon. August 19, 2013. Saw my family physician who referred me to Dr. W, who does operations. (My family doc does not.)

September 10, 2013. Today I met with Dr. W, who scheduled day surgery for Oct. 2, 2013.

October 2, 2013. Dr. W. removed a lump from my leg that I’d had for months that had become very painful.

October 16, 2013. Dr. W. removed my stitches, but did not have the results from the testing he ordered for the lump he removed from my leg.  He indicated that he would only call me if he had bad news. I said to him, “So no news is good news, then!” He agreed.

A week went by, and I did not hear from him. Then he called me twice in one day and again the next. (I missed his two calls the first day.) When I called his office on the second day, I was told that he wanted to see me, and so they booked me to see him the next day.

October 26, 2013. I went to see Dr. W. again, and found out that I have what is called a “granular cell tumour” . . . and I have many of them, he thinks, since I have a bunch of red marks all over my lower left leg. I have so many, in fact, that he’s not going to operate on them yet; he’s sending me to a dermatologist (skin specialist) to help decide the next course of action. There is one in the city, and two that come here from Toronto. I will be seeing whomever is available first.

Sometime in November and early December: I got a letter in the mail saying that am appointment was booked for me in April of 2014. I went back to see Dr. W. since I didn’t think my incision was healing properly, and brought this letter with me. He made a note on it for me to be seen earlier, and told me to give it to the receptionist who does the bookings. She recognized me from Bingo and I don’t thinks she likes me since she said she couldn’t get me in earlier. Even after the doc told her to! The other receptionist overheard us and said she could get me in to see a different dermatologist on December 27, 2013, if I wanted. Obviously, I did!

December 27, 2013. I went to my appointment with the specialist (dermatologist) and Dr. K. took a biopsy of one of the discoloured spots on my leg, and told me to call him in two weeks to get the results. He also told me to follow up with my family doctor to get my stitches taken out, since he is not from Thunder Bay; he only works here a few times a month (he’s based in Markham, Ontario). He also referred me to a plastic surgeon. Apparently, when Dr. W. removed the GRANULAR CELL TUMOR, he didn’t actually remove it all; he only biopsied it and that is why my leg is still red and infected-looking. Ugh. So now I’m being sent to have it all removed by Dr. T. who is a plastic surgeon. Dr. K. had to refer me to him.

December 30, 2013. I got a phone call from Dr. T’s office, who scheduled me in for a 10 am appointment on January 2, 2014.

January 2, 2014. Met with Dr. T. who told me that he would operate on my leg but that he’d have to do a skin graft, too, because the problem on my leg is on the lower part of it, closer to my ankle, where the skin is tight. He will take the skin from my left thigh to do this.

When he spoke to his receptionist, he told her to get me in ASAP. She said she had a cancellation on January 7, 2014, and so I am scheduled for surgery then. She printed out all of the paperwork and I had to sign a few consent forms. I also have to go to the hospital on Monday, January 6, 2014, to check in. Plus, she said I had to have a pre-op appointment completed. I called my family doc to make this appointment, but the earliest he could see me is January 8, 2014! Too late! Then I was told to go to a walk-in clinic. The one at the clinic where my family doctor is located does not do these kinds of appointments, according to my doctor’s receptionist. So Dr. T’s receptionist told me to go the building next to the hospital; there is one in or near the pharmacy there. By the time I got a ride there, they were closed, but a lady said I could go to any of the walk-in clinics to get one done, and she asked what area of the city I lived in. When I told her “Westfort” she indicated that Janzen’s pharmacy had a walk-in clinic. I went there, but they only run it from Monday to Wednesday, and today was Thursday. One guy there gave me a list of the walk-in clinics so that I could go tomorrow to get this done. He also informed me that I will have to pay for this pre-op appointment but that if I went to my family doctor, they could bill it through OHIP. This was news to me. I didn’t think I’d have to pay anything!

Monday, January 6, 2014. Went to hospital for pre-op appointment and to “check in” for Tuesday’s surgery.  Not looking forward to this. At all.

So there you have it. I’m hoping it all goes well, and I’ll be back in full swing again soon! I have posts scheduled for the next two Friday’s, but nothing for next Tuesday. Yet. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give you an update, and let you know that I’m fantastic and on the road to recovery!  🙂

Please don’t let this deter you from leaving me a comment, though. Unless I die, I’ll be approving them sometime. 😉

52 thoughts on “I’m Having Surgery Today

  1. I’m so sorry Lorraine. I have been so far behind reading my emails that I just got to this one tonight. I hope by now you are doing much better and all is fine. I will read some more of your posts so I can find out. Painkillers always make me sick too. I just take Advil. Gosh I hope everything is going better now.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Hey, Donna, glad you’re getting caught up!

      Nope, not doing that great. Suffered a blow today when I went to see the surgeon. If you want to really catch up, look at my Facebook picture. I just updated my status with what my wound looks like. (If you can handle some gore, that is.)

  2. says

    Hey Lorraine
    As someone who has also had a tough year, I feel for you. Hospital sucks, being sick or disabled sucks. And no one really gets it if they have not been through it.

    So my heart goes out to you. Sounds like a crazy time – again.

    Hope you are doing well

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Yup. I know you know how I feel, with all you’ve been through with your leg. I feel for you, too.

      I don’t know how long it’s going to take to heal, but I am sore as hell right now. The painkillers are making me sick, too, so I stopped taking them. Still on antibiotics, though.

      Am seeing the doc again next week, so I’ll know more then.

      So much for my happy new year. 😉

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Yeah, but now I’m feeling sick. I may be allergic to the meds they gave me. Not sure.
      Thanks for your comment, Jeevan. 🙂

  3. Glynis Jolly says

    I, for one, think that all is going to be fine after this surgery. Sure, healing is going to be difficult on you but I really do think they’ll remove the entire infected area without you losing any mobility. Keep the faith, girl.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Consultpro05! (Sorry, I forget your name…) Hugs to you, too! 😀

      Surgery sucks. But it’s necessary to get better.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      So far, so good. I’m alive! LOL But in pain. The T3s are helping, though.
      Thanks for the wishes, Yolanda. 🙂 That was very nice of you to leave a comment, and I appreciate it. 😀

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Cindy, you’re a sweetie. Thanks!
      I have been pretty stressed out lately. Sigh. Now I’m glad it’s all over. Well, most of it, anyway. I still have to find out the results on Friday or next week from my second biopsy. And then next week, I’ll be meeting with the surgeon again, to see how I’m progressing.

      Feeling that healing energy! 😉 Hugs to you for that! 🙂

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Lois; it did. As far as I can tell, anyway. I’ll know more next week when doc takes off the bandages to check my progress.
      My last thought before I went under? Lying in a hammock between two palm trees. 😉

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Roland, thanks for your comment and wishes. I’ll be keeping everyone posted. Obviously I didn’t die! 😉 But I kinda knew I wouldn’t. I appreciate your interest, too. 🙂

      Hope you took my survey…

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Unc. 😉

      I’m sure I’ll recover eventually. I just hope they figure out what the spots are on my leg…

      Will be keeping you posted!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      As it turns out, we don’t. I have no idea why that guy said we do. When I had my pre-op on Monday, I was told that we’re allowed two per year, and that she’s seen people get away with more. I guess I should be happy I’m not one of those people who are super sick and need more than two per year. That seems like a lot!

      Thanks for reading my other post, too. 🙂 That was very sweet of you – and surprised and pleased that you took the time to comment on it, too. Thank you, Bindu. 😀

  4. says

    Best of luck to you, Lorraine!! I look forward to your posts and through them, I feel as if I’ve known you for years. You have such a positive attitude that I know things will turn out for the best. It’s so nice of you to share your story with us. I will keep you in my prayers and hope to hear from you soon. Stay positive! Things don’t seem so bad, when you have a positive attitude!

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      You’re SO right. Keeping a positive attitude helps soooo much. When I had my other surgery, nine years ago (I’ll be blogging about that soon), the nurse got mad at me and told me to “check my attitude” and quit being negative because it would hinder my healing progress. So I did. I had to. (When you read about this in the future, this will make more sense…)

      I’m trying to stay positive now, too. Seeing as how I made it through past surgeries, I knew I’d make it through this one. But any type of operation is stressful, and I’ve been dealing with for a while now.

      Thanks for your wishes, Jo Ann. 🙂

  5. elainemanders says


    Thank you for giving us this update. I’ll be praying that all goes well and you’ll have a speedy recovery.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Elaine. 😀 I’m doing okay, so far. In pain, but that’s to be expected. Where they took the skin graft hurts more, which is kinda surprising to me. But the Tylenol 3s are making the pain bearable. Not comfy, but at least they take the “sting” away a bit. Too bad I couldn’t take more…

      I appreciate your comment and prayers. 🙂

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Yvonne. I’m still here, so… crossing my fingers for next week when the bandages get changed…

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks. If I ever write a non-fiction novel, I’m going to include a character who has health issues. 😉 I can describe things using firsthand experience, for sure.

      I appreciate your good wishes – and your comment. 🙂 Thank you.

  6. says

    Oh my, i am sorry to hear you still have problems with the leg and it’s gotten worse. All surgeries are tough on people, no matter how big or small… Sending you good vibes, Lorraine – everything will be ok. Get well soon! 🙂

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Susan. I hope so, too! 😉 I’ve got another appointment next week with the surgeon to remove the dressing, and I am hoping that no infection sets in. If that happens, I’ll be in trouble for sure. Trying to stay positive, though! 🙂

  7. Hi Lorraine; you have the most important thing a sense of humor. and i’m guessing that with the work they are going to do on your leg you won’t be getting around too much ithr. allow yourself to enjoy the time off of your feet. Let yourself heal. don’t worry about th comments. we love you and know you will be back at it. If you are anything like most of us bloggers you say you won’t feel like it and then at 02:00 in the morning you will be checking the website. grin I’ll be praying for you my friend. After all we still have to do that guest post for me on your site. get well soon my friend. xoxo max

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Max. 🙂

      I’ve actually started the post, too, by the way. 😉 You’ll be pleasantly surprised, I think. Um . . . I hope! 😉

      • Totally agree with Max – your sense of humor is inspiring! Speedy recoveries Lorraine. I recall (much less of an incident) getting my wisdom teeth out. I tried to stand up in the operating room and faceplanted then vomited, but it made me laugh. I went out that night and won a poker tournament, even all drugged up. Fun times definitely come from weird and goofy moments.

        • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

          Thanks for sharing your story, Greg. Too bad my painkillers are making me sick. I had to stop taking them. Now I’m having a tough time, for sure. You don’t want to know where my mind and mood are at today. I think I may have to re-read my comments, just to try to feel better.

          Glad you visited. 🙂

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks, Kim. 🙂 FYI, I just left you a long comment on your blog. 😉 Also wanted to bring to your attention two things you may find useful to your personal situation. I didn’t want to seem spammy on your blog, so I will link to them here. One is my post, Praise. . . Please?! and the other is My Self Esteem Doesn’t Define Who I Am. Not sure what’s happening with the last link; it seems like Shannon removed it somehow when she was approving a comment last week, but hopefully it will be up and working soon. I’ve asked her to look into it. If you want, I can send you this article via email. Just let me know. Okay?

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