Prostitution Paid More Than Teaching & I “Tell-All” in a Podcast Interview

Last Updated on: January 29th, 2021



Did you know…

Prostitution used to be a way of life for me?

Not anymore.

Now I write, edit, and blog.

I also help others turn their e-books into print books.

And I provide advice to others through coaching.

But prostitution earned me more money than blogging. Or teaching.


However, now my days are structured differently.

And I love them.

We All Have Skeletons

You probably have a story about your past that you’re not proud of.

In fact, almost everyone does.

But… do you own it?

Do you tell others about it, or do you keep it hidden, praying no one ever finds out?

I’m Open and Honest… and Gutsy!

I’m probably the gutsiest person I know.

Who else do you know that openly admits to being raped, doing drugs, and getting involved in prostitution?

Likely, no one.

Just me.

I’m Proud of Who I Am

I finally learned to be proud of my past.


Because it has made me who I am today.


I “Tell-All” in a Podcast Interview

I was recently interviewed by David Ralph from Join Up Dots.

The podcast is now live.

In the podcast interview, I mention:

  • that I quit school four times
  • that I was raped
  • why I thought it was my fault (19:01)
  • that I sought counselling (19:27)
  • that I turned to drugs and prostitution
  • that I got pregnant twice and had one abortion
  • that I brought my rapist to court (23:33)
  • that I gave my son to my friend to foster for a yearv (29:51)
  • that I quit teaching to return to prostitution because the money was better (begins at 30:52, ends at 33:07)
  • how and why I lost contact with my son for three years (41:52)
  • how I nearly died
  • what my big turning point was (42:12 – 47:35)
  • that I re-connected with my son
  • how re-uniting with my son changed my life
  • why life is not always about money (52:50)
  • the biggest compliment my son ever gave me (52:01)
  • how I became an author and entrepreneur

… and so much more. I also recite something special at 103:53.

Have a listen to it.

Get to know me better.

Perhaps you’ll learn how to be more courageous in your life, too.

Leave David a Review?

Afterwards, if you can, please leave David a reveiw on iTunes.

How I Pass On My Message

I use my book, Risky Issues, to help pass on my motivational message. This book is now part of the Thunder Bay Public Library, AND it’s being sold in one of the local bookstores!

BUY Risky Issues from Amazon or CreateSpace.

Me and My book


Share Your Skeletons

I’d love to know if you have the guts to share some of the skeletons in your closet.

Do so in the comments! I won’t judge you. I promise.

4 thoughts on “Prostitution Paid More Than Teaching & I “Tell-All” in a Podcast Interview

  1. Barbara Quick says

    Lorraine, I haven’t listened to the Podcast yet, but I just wanted to send you a hug and pat on the back. You are such a brave person and I would think an inspiration to many others. I fortunately never had to go through similar trials in life, but I’m so glad for you that you made it through and came into a better spot in life now!

  2. Hey lorraine; I haven’t listened yet, but I’m sure you were amazing. i heard from david this morning and he told me your show is getting a huge response. He thanked me for getting you two together. You know how much I love helping my friends and those friends i just haven’t met yet. 🙂 so am very happy. this is just a beginning. I’ll be praying that you are contacted by a publisher after this show. would love to finally get the word that letters has been published and is the international best seller it should be. blessings. you deserve the spotlight. You did the hard work to earn it. You owned your story and are now using it to help so many more. take care sweetie. xoxo max

    • says

      Max, thanks for your comment. It is great to hear that David is speaking highly of the podcast. YAY!

      Letters to Julian is still a work in progress at this point.

      I feel much better for owning my past, though!

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