I Have False Teeth – and I Love Them!

Last Updated on: June 14th, 2021

These are my false teeth. And I love them.

These are my false teeth. And I love them.


Wanna know a secret?

Yeah, thought you might… πŸ˜‰

Okay, here goes.

When I was 22, I had all of my teeth removed, and got false teeth.

Nope, I’m not kidding!

Wanna know why?

Okay, I’ll tell you. I did promise you last week that this week I’d share a personal, embarrassing story. Telling you all that I have false teeth certainly qualifies, doesn’t it?

Do I really have false teeth?

Yes, I really DO have dentures. The funny thing is that I’m pretty happy I have false teeth now.

You see, when I went to the dentist oh so long ago, my teeth were in rough shape. In fact, my dentist told me that I could undergo several root canals and keep my teeth for possibly a few more years, but that I would have to get them all removed eventually. I decided to forgo the root canals and have all of my teeth removed that year. I’m so happy I did this, too!

I underwent anesthetic for this surgery. The dentist had made a set of false teeth for me, and they were inserted into my mouth immediately after my teeth were extracted. I woke up with what felt like a mouthful of marbles, and I was in major pain. However, the surgeon gave me a very limited amount of Tylenol 3s for it.

At the time, I was dating C. He was a wonderful guy who was in love with me. He literally worshipped me, and put me on a metaphorical pedestal. He’d never, ever hurt me; he was a total sweetheart. I’m telling you this because when I ran out of painkillers, he took me to the hospital, to the emergency room, so that I could get some more. My face was badly bruised – a normal consequence of having so much surgery done in my mouth. I can still remember the triage nurse glaring daggers at C, asking him in a stern voice, β€œWhat did you do to her?”

I laughed when I heard this, and had to explain that C did nothing and was simply trying to take care of me!

This memory makes me smile to this day. It probably always will. I found it kinda humorous. Don’t you? πŸ˜‰

*For a real good laugh, take a look at this pic of “redneck” dentures. (I know the guy who posts this stuff, and this picture is hilarious.)

After the surgery; after getting false teeth

It took a long time for my mouth to heal. As the bones in my gums settled, my dentures rubbed them the wrong way. I had to continually go to the dentist’s office so the dentist could shave down the parts of my dentures that were irritating my mouth.

The great thing about getting dentures was that my confidence was boosted. I had previously had an overbite, and when the dentist created my false teeth, he lined them up so that I would have a perfect smile. The pain that I had experienced in my jaw from my rotten teeth was also gone. I felt so much better once my mouth was completely healed and the dentures β€œfit” me properly.

As it turned out, getting my teeth removed was one of the best decisions I have ever made.Β The only drawback is that dentures don’t last forever. I am now on my third set of lower ones, and fourth set of upper ones. The last time I needed a replacement, only the upper set of teeth was covered by my dental plan.

I still have to brush my teeth. I also use mouthwash.

My views on mouthwash

I think that mouthwash aids greatly in our oral hygiene. I never used mouthwash as a child since my parents only bought Crest toothpaste. My brushing habits were poor; I’d only brush before bedtime, and sometimes not even then. I can recall placing my toothbrush under running water when my mom told me she was going to check to see if I brushed my teeth. I fooled her a couple of times but then she started checking my breath when she got suspicious. I rarely flossed, except the day before a dental appointment. I thought I could fool the dentist! In the end, I paid for the neglect of my teeth with root canals and, ultimately, the removal of all of my teeth.

Will my son need dentures?

When I had a child of my own, I brushed his teeth constantly, from the time he started growing them! I also bought mouthwash for him to use once he was old enough. My son has beautiful teeth and a great smile. When I took him to the dentist, he never had cavities. He still has a nice mouthful and is cavity-free.

2017 UPDATE: My son is 27 and still has great teeth. He did have a few problems with his gums late in 2013. For Christmas that year, one of his gifts was a paid trip to the dentist to get them looked at and assessed. He wasn’t flossing, and his past use of chewing tobacco contributed to his slowly receding gums, but he was told that if he flosses regularly and continues to take care of his teeth, he should be fine. Now he flosses regularly, too, in addition to using mouthwash and brushing his teeth. If he continues doing these things, he won’t need dentures. Phew!

A Funny Memory about What My Son Said about My False Teeth

Shortly after I got my first set of false teeth, my son and I went out for dinner with my family. I didn’t realize what an impact my new teeth had on my son until our meal was finished and my four-year-old opted for the Jell-O, offering me some. I politely declined. His response: β€œHow come? False teeth?” He knew I was having trouble chewing, but the fact that I could easily swallow this dessert didn’t dawn on him, in his innocence. My mother and I still laugh when we remember this occasion!

Do any of you have false teeth? (Are you willing to admit it?) Share stories of your pearly whites in the comment section! And smile with pride. Β πŸ˜€

This is me smiling while wearing my false teeth.

Yes, this is my smile. πŸ™‚

678 thoughts on “I Have False Teeth – and I Love Them!

  1. Michael Child says

    I’m 34 and seriously pondering getting all of my teeth ripped out and replaced with full dentures. A lifetime of neglect, a broken jaw at age 15, drink, drugs, and I was lucky to have the teeth I did. Then last year I had this wretched plague and over the last 12 months I’ve had numerous teeth grind to stumps, blacken, and be de-crowned, and ones that look ok and seemed perfectly fine have SNAPPED without any warning, nor real pain, nor blood, which is possibly associated with the plague.

    I am at the point now that I cannot smile at my own parents, afraid to smile in front of the ladies in case I put them off, and afraid to EAT in case of more snapping.

    I’ve sought advice from friends, getting mixed responses of ‘save them’ vs ‘get them all ripped out’ and will try contact a professional come monday

  2. Jools says

    Hi, Lorraine,

    Great post! I’ve bookmarked it. It’s really refreshing to read a post about dentures which isn’t tilted towards buying dental implants over dentures – at any cost! I’m 57 and I’m going to need a partial lower denture soon. I just had a front lower tooth erupt last week, which was giving me a lot of pain. I had it removed yesterday and so the pain has gone, but a rather embarrassing gap has appeared. One silver lining is that my remaining lower front teeth have been bent back for years and in a way I’ll be glad to be shot of them. They will all need removing at some point.

    The trouble is I have an overbite and my dentist seems unsure how to proceed with fitting a denture. It’s almost as if he wants to kick the can down the road to avoid addressing the problem. I can’t believe though that I’m the first with an overbite to require a denture.

    Your teeth look very attractive – both inside and outside your mouth! Kudos to you for writing this post. One question I have is about the bone loss associated with topoth extraction. Does this change or diminish the shape and size of your jaw/chin? Although looking at your photo, you don’t seem to have suffered any problem.



    • says

      Jools, I had an overbite and my dentist was able to correct it when he made my dentures. He is retired now, but his name is Dr. LeCocq and he lives in Thunder Bay. He hs a daughter named Leanne. Maybe your dentist can try looking him up and contacting him for some advice.

    • Debbie park says

      Had my top teeth removed 10years ago was in a lot of pain afterwards for about 6weeks but was in pain before that and was always having to go dentist anyway when my month settled down and gums had shrunk my new teeth was great. I had always had wonky teeth but my false ones r lovely and straight and white, best thing I did.

    • Rachel says

      Hi Lorraine I’m due to get 10 teeth out on the 20th of February, I’ve been so worried about it but reading this post & the comments has put my mind at ease a little bit. I am getting the top dentures fitted first then the lower ones a few weeks later. I am having the 4 front teeth in between my canines taken out plus a few back ones, my front lower teeth are staying in but they are removing a few back ones one of which is my chewing tooth so I’m worried about eating until I get my bottom set fitted. I already struggle with eating partly due to losing my appetite after being in Hospital for emergency back surgery in 2017 & partly from toothache as I have some holes in my teeth. I have a few concerns about g the dentures like being able to talk properly, will I drool a lot? Do you need to take them out during the night or can you sleep with them in? My Dad had some made but he never wears them as he said they are uncomfortable, I’m worried I’ll feel the same way. Do they move around in your mouth if you don’t use a fixing gel? Thank you for taking the time to read this, any advice would be greatly appreciate.

      • says

        Rachel, you’re not going to drool. Relax. YOU WILL BE FINE!

        You will have to stick to soft foods for a week or two but you will LOVE your new teeth after the procedure is done! I love my teeth and can eat anything now, even raw carrots. πŸ™‚

        I don’t take my teeth out unless I develop a sore in my mouth (it happens about every three to six months). I only take them out to brush them and I rinse my mouth out with mouthwash when I am doing that, too.

        My mom hates her lower plate and never wears them because they hurt her. She only wears her upper plate. My advice is to keep going to the dentist to get them adjusted so you can get used to wearing them all the time. Don’t fall into the trap of not wearing them… like my mom and your dad did.

        Good luck and keep me posted!

  3. says

    My grandmother is looking to get dentures. Thanks for sharing your story about your dentures and the benefits of them. She’s hoping to find a good professional who can help her with this.

  4. Kevin says

    Hi Lorraine!

    I think my transition to dentures is now complete.

    About a month or so ago I had my permanent dentures fitted. They fitted very well from the start and have needed minimal adjustment. They are also less bulky than my immediates. So I found them easy to adapt to.

    Before being fitted with my new teeth I had decided that I would stop using an adhesive. But I haven’t. An adhesive makes my dentures more stable, helps to stop food particles working their way under my plates, the lower one particularly, and gives me peace of mind and more confidence. Also, I don’t need to rinse my dentures after each meal. So I just put them in when I get up and take them out when I go to bed. The trade-off is that it takes longer to clean my gums and dentures at the end of the day but I think it is worth it.

    I can’t say that I can eat raw carrots with ease with my dentures like you but I can eat most things, even if I have to cut things up small sometimes. There are also some hard or sticky foods I avoid. Overall though, I manage pretty well.

    Am I happy now that I have made the transition to full dentures? Yes, I am. There is nothing worse than bad, painful ugly teeth. I now have attractive, even white teeth that I can be proud of and no longer feel inhibited to smile. I am completely free from pain. Now that my diabetes is under control I feel healthier than I have for many years. After the initial expense of getting dentures (mainly the cost of the extractions as well as two sets of teeth) the cost of maintaining my dentures should be reasonable as my new dentures will not need to be replaced for quite a number of years. So I too can say “I wear false teeth and I love them”.

    Thank you for your advice and encouragement.



    • says

      Kevin, thanks for the update on your situation. It is so good to know that you have adjusted to your dentures… finally! Hooray!

      Your experiences with your transition are valuable and I am so glad you shared them here so you can help others realize they are not alone in their struggles.

      I’m sure you will continue to love your dentures for years to come!

      Congratulations on having a nice smile now. πŸ™‚

      Take care!

  5. My father is thinking about getting a partial denture set this year. It is good to know that mouthwash can help him keep his mouth cleaner while he has the dentures. It is also good to hear that you really like having the dentures.

  6. Kevin says

    Hi Lorraine!

    I just thought that I would give you an update. Since I last wrote things have gone down hill a bit. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which has taken a few months to get under control. It explains a number of things: why my gum desease was so pernicious and why I have lost quite so much bone in my jaws. My dentist says my gums look as if I have been toothless for years as I have quite narrow shallow ridges. One thing I now know is before my diagnosis my teeth were beyond saving.

    I have had a hard reline line so my dentures are fitting well. I worry about putting too much pressure on my gums when eating as I do not want to lose more underlying bone so I am still favouring a less demanding diet, although I can eat most things. I have also taken to using an adhesive, Poligrip. I did not think I would but my dentures are more stable, eating is more efficient and less food works its way under my plates. Cleaning my dentures at the end of the day is more of an effort. Still my dentures look great. I can smile without embarrassment and I have no pain.

    Later this year when my dentures become loose again I will have a permanent set made. Then the transition will be complete.

    • says


      Thanks for the update!

      I am glad you are still loving your new teeth and the benefits you are reaping as a result.

      Too bad about the Diabetes, but at least now you know what’s going on and can deal with it.
      I also have Type 2 Diabetes and I take Metformin (a prescription pill) for it, to help control it. I also have started walking and eating healthier foods.

      Many people have Diabetes and you are not alone, just like you are not alone with having dentures.

      My eyes have gotten a bit worse because I am getting older, and so I just got new glasses about six months ago and they have bifocals built into them. They are called progressive bifocal lenses. While other people just think I wear regular glasses, I know they are different… and more like “old people’s glasses.” I don’t like getting older or that I feel like I am falling apart… but aging is a part of life, and I must learn to accept it.

      Please let me know how you are doing once you get your permanent set made, and thanks for keeping me updated. I love hearing from you!

      • Kevin says

        Hi Lorriane!

        Thanks for the encouragement.

        So we are more similar than I had thought originally: dentures, diabetes and poor eye sight. In my case I have had poor eyesight all my life and had glasses well before I went to primary school so I cannot remember a time when I did not have to wear strong corrective lenses for severe hypermetropia.

        I will keep you posted.


  7. Kevin says

    Hi Lorraine,

    Thanks for the reply and the encouragement. I am certainly not at the stage where I can eat raw carrots. My bite is still not at all as strong as I would like it to be. So I am still quite selective in what I eat and cut things up quite small. I certainly look forward to the day harder foods are no problem.

    For all that I am very pleased with progress so far.

    • says

      Kevin, your gums will take a long time to heal, but they WILL harden up over time. You WILL be able to munch on raw carrots ONE DAY.
      And when you do, think of me. (lol)

      I’m proud of you for how far you have come!
      Thanks for the update and take care!

  8. Kevin says

    Hi Lorraine!

    Just to let you know of my progress. My gums have healed real well. The dentist said that it looked as if I had my extractions much longer ago than three months. I have lost a lot of bone but my gums seem to be a good shape to support dentures. I have also had my dentures relined again so they fit real well. I am very pleased with them. My eating ability is improving and I am managing an incresing amount of different foods. My taste has returned too. After the initial discomfort and frustrations things have gone better than I could have expected. It is so good to be free of pain and have teeth that I can be proud of. So far I am very pleased with my dentures and have no regrets that I opted to have all my teeth out. I hope it continues that way. Probably in the next three months I will have a hard reline and then some months after that I will get my permanents. I am looking forward to that. Thanks for all your encouragement.

    • says

      Kevin, that’s fantastic! I appreciate the update.

      See, I told you… you had nothing to worry about! I knew you would heal and things would improve!

      It’s still good to hear, though. Your experience will likely help others… if they end up reading your story! So thanks, again, for sharing your experiences!

      Let me know when you get to the point where you can eat raw carrots. (You’ll get there. I did. I can chew ANYTHING now!)

  9. Kevin says

    Hi Lorraine!

    Just to let you know of progress. My back teeth were extracted in early July and last Thursday week all the front ones came out and immediate dentures fitted. So I have been wearing false teeth for a little over a week.

    I did not expect the first few weeks to be easy and the first few days certainly haven’t. Some aches from the extractions (not too bad) and some sore spots. I am salivating like mad at the moment and my dentures still feel quite strange and bulky. I am wearing them 24/7 to get used to them as quickly as possible. I am consciously keeping them in place when I speak but speaking with them has not been too much of a problem. My bite is nonexistent so I can only manage the softest food. So eating is the real issue which I need to overcome.

    On the plus side my teeth look really great. I could not be happier with them. For the first time in my life I have the even, white teeth I always wanted. I also have no regrets that I have had my natural teeth out. I feel it has liberated me from years of discomfort, pain and ill health. So I have a=every encouragement to master my dentures which I feel sure I will.

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement.

    • says

      Kevin, it’s great that you love your new teeth. I knew you would. πŸ˜‰

      It’s tough to eat right now, but as you heal, you will be able to tolerate harder foods. Hang in there. Healing is temporary. πŸ™‚

      My biggest problem was learning how to speak without my teeth flying out of my mouth. I’m happy you’re adjusting to speaking!

      Keep me in the loop and let me know how you are doing!

      • Kevin says

        Hi Lorraine!

        Can I ask you a question? Do you use a denture adhesive? I was determined not to rely on an adhesive when I got my dentures but I was wondering whether it would help me to adapt to my new dentures if I used an adhesive, particularly learning to eat with my dentures and speaking with more confidence. What I do not want to become is dependent on an adhesive for all time..

        • says

          No, never. πŸ™‚ I just got used to how they feel. I didn’t want to use one because I didn’t want “glue” in my mouth! Plus, it seemed like too much work for little benefit. I simply learned how to handle my new teeth in my mouth… and you will, too. Give it time!

          • Kevin says

            Hi Lorraine!

            Last week I had my first soft reline. It is amazing how much the shape of my gums have changed, particularly the lower gums, in a little over a month. For the first time since the extractions I have been completely comfortable with my dentures with no soreness, swelling, burning sensations or pain which is quite a relief. In fact it has been quite a hard time. Eating has improved a little but I am still on very undemanding food as my bite and ability to chew into my food is still pretty pathetic. Mouthfuls are small and meal times take much longer. I find my dentures have reduced my sense of taste quite markedly, which is unfortunate. Maybe my sense of taste will return, I don’t know. Also, I wish bits of food did not work their way under the plates, although I have become quite adept at cleaning my lower denture and gums with my tongue. I don’t know about you but I find it easier to sleep with my dentures in, even though I dribble quite a lot. On the positive side, I am very pleased the way my denture teeth look and how quick and easy it is at the start of the day to give them and my mouth a clean.

            • says

              Kevin, I also sleep with my dentures in. I only take them out once a day, to brush them when I rinse my mouth out with mouthwash.
              Your sense of taste will improve. It’s just a matter of time.
              Yeah, I hate getting small pieces of food under my dentures. So painful!!! I usually use my tongue, too, but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I have to take them right out of my mouth to remove the culprit! This is really embarrassing to do in restaurants, so I usually go to the bathroom to do it, although I have become quite adept at covering my actions (and teeth) with a napkin while I do this!
              I’m glad to hear you are doing better. Life will only get better and better from now on!!!
              Thanks for the update!

  10. matt says

    I just wanted to say that im 22,and im in need of getting dentures for teeth, ive been looking around online for peoples thoughts on it,but alot of them werent given straight answers,reading this post makes me feel more confident about getting them, im going through aspen dental,they seem to be affordable,and have payment plans too. My questions are mainly,do you actually need to take them out at night,do you need to take them out to clean them or can you brush them like regular teeth and do you feel like you are wearing dentures or do they feel like youre teeth were never gone?

    • says

      Matt, I don’t take my teeth out at night at all. I just take them out to brush them (and I use mouthwash in my mouth when I do this).
      It feels like my teeth were never gone. I’ve adjusted to my dentures and I feel like they are my real teeth now. πŸ™‚

      Good luck. I think I was 22 when I had all my teeth removed! You’ll be happy if you get dentures, trust me.

  11. Happy NYer says

    I have false teeth and I absolutely love them. I was plagued by gum disease and kept losing teeth. I was told I was not a candidate for implants. Some doctors said yes – others insisted no and said the only way to cure gum disease was for the teeth to go and that implants act like teeth. I decided on dentures. Rec’d a top denture first and they matched my lower perfectly. Then the lower teeth started to go one by one. I had paid $3,500 for my top denture and the removal of 10 teeth — all I had left on top. Now I needed full dentures and was financially challenged. I ended up going to a dental school at the local college. Cost was $720 for the dentures, $350 because they had to do 2 corrective surgeries to even out my ridge and $800 to remove my remaining 8 teeth. I opted for pretty white BL2 – after all if I was getting a full set why not get them white.

    My teeth are stunning. And even with getting white teeth no one really knew that I had new teeth – just lots of compliments on how good I looked. That’s how you know they did a great job.

    It takes longer at a dental school and I was fortunate because I had my prior uppers. But it was so worth it. They took a lot of care with me and used all premium materials. Even the surgery that was performed was done by an oral surgeon and the supervising dentist was a prosthodontist.

    If you are having financial issues, check out your local dental school – you also can pay as you go.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your story! And congratulations on your new smile! πŸ™‚

      I have advised others to check out their local dental schools and colleges. I’m happy you did this and that it helped you! Way to go! πŸ™‚

  12. Kevin says

    Hi Lorraine!
    I am 27 and I have bad teeth. It’s my fault really as I haven’t looked after them and I haven’t been to a dentist since I was a young teen. My teeth are now starting to give me trouble. Some ache and some are just crumbling away and my gums bleed so I need to have them dealt with even though I’m terrified at the prospect. I know I will need some extractions but I’m thinking that I would prefer them all out and just get used to full dentures rather than saving some teeth and having partials knowing that this is just a start to getting full dentures eventually. What would you do in my position?

    Thanks. Great blog.


    • says

      Kevin, if you know you are going to have to get a full set of dentures eventually, just do it now. The sooner the better!
      I was told the same thing… that I could go through ten root canals and then, five years later, I’d have to get dentures anyway. So why put off the inevitable? Just do it and get it over with!

      • Kevin says

        Lorraine: Thanks for the reply. Although it is not what dentists advise, I’m sure you are correct. Having had bad teeth and gums yourself and knowing what a curse that is, is there anything about wearing dentures you regret?

          • Kevin says

            Thanks. I am sure you are right (whatever dentists say). I know the first few months after extractions and dentures are a trial but once your gums have healed dentures are much better than bad teeth and gums. That’s what my dad says. Your confirmation is greatly appraciated. I will take your advice.

            • Kevin says

              Hi Lorraine!

              I have taken the plunge and made an appointment with a dental practice that specialises in making dentures so I will see how I get on.

                • Kevin says

                  Hi Lorraine!

                  I am on that way now. I had the appointment. The dentist wants to save some of my front bottom teeth (I think four) and make a bridge so that this can anchor a bottom partial. I am not sure that I want this but now is not the time to make a fuss. All the rest of my teeth will come out. All my back teeth are coming out on Thursday so wish me luck. After the gums heal the top front ones will come out too and dentures will be fitted. I think that will be in a month to six weeks time.

    • Carol says

      I had a partial and it pinched my cheek! I got a second partial, and it never stayed put. Eventually, I gave up and stopped using itdespite how awful I looked.

      I am 71 and have had the same upper denture for 20+ years (yes, I use adhesive — Fixodent powder).

      Today I had my remaining lower teeth extracted and have an immediate lower denture. I am anticipating this to be a success story because I am determined to make it work! (Did that sound like Tim Gubn on “Project Runway”?? LOL! I also have a great dentist, which helps!

      As for eating, I can grind up my food in one of those small food processors made for making baby food until my gums are healed and I can use adhesive.

      Today .. and for the next few days, it’s Boost, Ensure, and lukewarm coffee .. and I am fine with that!

      Don’t read the negatives on other websites. Your own mindset controls 90% of your success! Go for it and have realistic goals.

      Wising you all the best!

  13. Ayel says

    I had my top Molar extracted 4 months ago. I was given an option to have it root canaled but unfortunately, 2 of my dentists that I consulted either is hesitant or won’t do it at all. I decided to have it extracted (I thought it was causing a lot of trouble in my sinus but I was wrong). Now I’ve regretted the decision and was depressed. I am wearing partials now, though it is quite a struggle to accept, I still cant find my confidence back. Thank you for your story. I hope to find my self-esteem again. πŸ™

    • says

      Ayel, don’t worry so much. They are just teeth. Your teeth do not define who you are!
      You are much more! And your confidence WILL return. Just give it some time!
      You will be fine!

  14. Nicole says

    Im 21 and had a retainer with dentures on it because im ashamed that my friends will know im wearing one. Last week, a couple of my friends saw it and im so embarassed by it. I dont know what to do. πŸ™

    • says

      Nicole, don’t be embarrassed. It’s a temporary thing. And your friends will LOVE your teeth when it is removed! They will be jealous of your beautiful smile!

  15. ben says

    hi.. Lorraine..i going to have put 3 of my teeth and i’m so scared that i going to look ugly…..i hate myself so much…the other day i want to my dentist and she say that i might have to do dental implant or get dentures?? i don’t know what to do?

  16. Chantal says

    Lorraine you are just amazing and an inspiration. My teeth are all coming out on Monday but I have read so much positive stuff on here that I’m not afraid. Probably the speech worries me a bit but I plan to master that quickly. Thank you for the great comments. Looking forward to my new great smile πŸ™‚

      • Chantal says

        Well, it’s done and dusted and not HALF as bad as I thought it would be. Seriously, if anyone is in doubt, or scared, please don’t be. If you have loose teeth, gum disease, broken teeth or need dentures for any reason, do it! Struggling with bad teeth is a health risk and now I feel so much better that my mouth is clean. I had mine done on Monday this week and today I was at work selling medical equipment. I LOVE my new smile and SO thankful to my amazing dentist who was fantastic and supportive all the way. He’s my new hero!

  17. Hi Lorraine
    Thanks for sharing your story. So many people are scared to admit that they have false teeth. And there are others that are afraid to get them. They can make the world of difference to your life.

  18. Ben says

    hey Lorraine is ben.. i’m so sad that two of my teeth going to come out and i’m going to look ugly… i want to my dentist and he say i might loss some of my teeth and she told me that i might need dental implant.. i’m so scared that it might cost alot of money for dental implant!!!

    • says

      Ben, check your local colleges and universities. They might have a free program for you, via their dental hygienist programs. I know they offer free services in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, through Confederation College. Perhaps you can save some money that way!

      • Ben says

        oh ok… i very need someone help me because my dentist give me a dental implant dentist e-mail and i e-amil him but no one e-amil me back….. i hate my teeth so bad that i wish i never go through like this and i going to lose my front teeth because my nephew accident kick me in the face and i don’t know what to do now!!! oh Lorraine do u know any website for dental implant that don’t cost alot of money because i don’t have that much money and i live in a poor city!!! well thanks for listen to me!!! u help me alot!!!

  19. Sam Michael says

    Good Advices. I live in Alexandria and get my dental checkups regularly from . Dr. Charles Varipapa, DDS. He is the best.

  20. Jeanne says

    About time I found a site that gives me hope about getting dentures. I have spent a fortune on my teeth..remaining 10 on top..fortunately all my front teeth.. are caps. I knew dentures were inevitable but reading other posts got me freaked out…like I will never eat again .they will never fit right and so on….went to 3 different dentists to make sure they could not be fixed and outcome is same..too far gone..tired.of pain and missing teeth. My front tooth is severely accessed and was told to.remove asap…but why spend 1200 on a snap on tooth when I will still need dentures. It’s a genetic thing because I go to dentist every 6 months..
    My question is my oral surgeon said if you do top and bottom they can align better but cost is high to do all they same time..and I would like to keep lower fronts as long as possible..I have no lower back teeth
    Does anyone know can the tops be aligned good with my old bottoms?
    Also my biggest worry is not being able to chew with no lower back teeth and dentures on top

    • says

      Jeanne, I’d advise you to spend the money and simply get all your teeth removed and get a full set of dentures. I have NO TEETH, only dentures, and I LOVE them.

      My mom, however, uses only her top/upper set of dentures as her bottom/lower ones are too painful to wear. Over time, her gums have hardened and she can chew almost anything, including steak! (She cannot, obviously, eat raw broccoli or carrots.)

      I hope this helps you make a decision.

      Good luck!

      • says

        I am 24 and got all my top teeth removed in June and just got my dentures last month at first I didn’t like them but now I’m getting used to them I’m slowly starting to eat food with them I can now smile and I feel alot better

    • Cheryl says

      I been going Thur this since sept had all my bottoms pulled already had upper I was missing all my back bottom teeth they still to this day can not get my bottom denture to work it’s was to big sticks out makes me look like monkey they are doing something wrong tom I go again they discoverd I have over bite and the bottoms should sit back more ! These are wax and my third try in any suggestions what they may be doing wrong !Thanks

  21. sam says

    Glad this page was here to read. Gives me some hope. I am a grinder and my teeth are at the gum level now. 7 root canals and not crowns due to grinding. Veterans Admin states it is not worth the money to repair my teeth. alas for 10 years the VA has been saying that.
    I am going to have my teeth pulled if the VA will do it as they are slow. Takes months for a appointment.
    But I feel better after reading your blog. Thank you What a blessing.

  22. Andrew R says

    This post is awesome! I myself am 28 and have been fitted with immediate upper denture for about 4 months now and bottom teeth extracted and placed with immediate denture for about 9 days. I don’t regret it one bit. I had not been to a dentist for about 10 years maybe more, and my brushing habits and dental hygiene weren’t nearly where they should have been for about 5 years. I suffer from anxiety and depression and was bed ridden for a while with nothing positive in my life which contributed to a lot of it. I am also an addict of alcohol and xanax (been good for 6 months) and that definitely played a huge role in them decaying rapidly. My mom always told me you need to go to a dentist and your never going to get girls if you have decayed teeth. Believe it or not i did lol but they didn’t really get horrible until beginning of this year when my xanax and alcohol tolerance hit new levels and I was just constantly zoomed off both combined constantly. It’s been hard adapting to life without both but i’m proud to say my anxiety has been greatly reduced after knowing I can smile, even after I got the top done I knew how bad the bottom teeth were still and couldn’t crack a smile at all worrying I’d show bottom teeth. I smile constantly now, and have even had absolutely no issues with speaking or eating. Best decision I’ve made in my life even though i was told the bottom could have been saved. I spent less for complete dentures and will not have to return for future visits that cost just as much as root canals and crowns. The extraction was actually really fun and the laughing gas made the side conversations of the ddm and his assistant extremely funny and an experience to tell. everyone reacts differently to the procedures involved but I can sure say it has gotten my confidence back

  23. Erica says

    I know this post is old and hopefully I still get a response, I am 26 years old and have been having teeth problems, for the last 5 years I had 6 cavities filled…then The next time I went back to the dentist to
    Check for cavities I had 18 cavities which also all got filled… Last time I went they said I have 17 cavities now πŸ™ that I have to get filled but haven’t yet…I don’t know what to do… This is so ridiculous I mean how much of my actual tooth structure will be left by the time they are done??? Maybe I’m
    Being dramatic I don’t know.. But I don’t see how having over 40 cavities is normal, I’m worried about the future of my teeth too, there gonna drill and fill then what next I have crowns and root canals and then just lose them anyways? I really am at a loss of anyone has advice please give it to me thanks !

    • Cheryl says

      This is what happened to me root canals every time I went dentist cavities I took care my teeth faithfully dentist every six months ! I also had. Crowns then lower partial upper denture my last six teeth at bottom had its toll they kept filing them partial making the tooth it hooked to break one at time! Well over three months I believe I went had the rest pulled! Got sick it! Still waiting have not started my impressions due to fact I just went two weeks ago had tissue cut out for denture to fit properly! Good Luck What ever you choose! Some us just get cavities and it can be from other things ! She one dentist tried talk me out it! My mouth my decision!

  24. Theresa Noel says

    Really loved reading your story! It is such an amazing thing to be proud of your smile and I can feel that you are extremely happy with yours, through your writing. I’m sure you’d agree that your self-esteem was elevated when you had your false teeth made, Lorraine. Thanks for sharing such a happy story.

        • Cheryl says

          Well next Friday Ia am getting the last of my 7 teeth pulled one has already broke off at the gums do do to much pressure on it from my partial ! I Believe my dentist at that time also knew it needed a filling replaced! I have no choice but to wait three months to get my bottoms! And it really bothers me now more then ever cause of a comment from a friend which is no longer a friend of mine how I can go to work looking like that! I have to work no choice! I will be taking that Friday the day of sat and Sunday off only! I work with the public I have no choice! Afraid loosing weight I just lost weight last few months! My self esteem right now is very low! I do have uppers but will get new ones along with my lowers! There really is not anyone to talk to about this just getting it off my chest! People can be cruel and she’s one of them! Thanks for listening ! Cheryl Also any ideas what I can eat? Can I eat ice cream or have to wait!

          • WENDY ROSS says

            Hi Cheryl my story much the same I just had all mine pulled on Tues and I had trouble keeping the new teeth in and I work with the public and I won’t go in public without them and I’m scared and angry that I did this I’m still swollen and my gums still hurt in spots where the dentures rub me wrong and my jaws are so tight I can’t eat or drink I am getting protein shakes down that’s it I have tried scrambled eggs but it was still hard to get them down

      • WENDY ROSS says

        Hi my name is Wendy and I just had all mine pulled on sept 19 and I’m scared and angry that I did it I’m 52 and all my teeth were slowly breaking right down to the gum so I had to but the first set of dentures were put in right after but after hrs of trying to wear I couldn’t stand the pain then I started gagging I had trouble swallowing so now they are out um still swollen and certain spots on my gums from the dentures still hurt so I’m afraid now that I won’t put the teeth back in and I look horrible without teeth doesn’t even look like me even though I’m still swollen it doesn’t matter I hate that I look bad and feel bad

        • says

          Give it two weeks for the swelling to go down. The pain will disappear too… eventually.

          Go see your dentist and ask him to shave down your dentures so they won’t hurt you.

          You will need to do this about 10 times in the coming 6-9 weeks.

          Then all will be fine!

          • Ali says

            Thank you for posting this, i don’t feel so alone anymore. I’m a single mom in my late 30’s, I’ve always had issues with my teeth. As a child I was never been a fan of the dentist, in my early teens I dealt with years of painful braces. In my late teens I was put on daily blood thinners that resulted in constant bleeding from my gums no matter how much I brushed or flossed my gums still bled. Fast Forward to today, I haven’t had dental insurance or been to a dentist in 11+ years. My teeth are a mess, I’ve got broken teeth, cavities, you name it my mouth is a mess. I can’t stand the pain anymore, so I’m going to seriously look into having my teeth pulled and get dentures. I’m scared, mainly because I can handle pain, except if it’s tooth/mouth pain.

            • says

              Ali, the pain is temporary. Your new teeth and great smile will be FOREVER! πŸ™‚

              Do it. Get dentures. The sooner the better, from the sounds of it…

        • Cheryl says

          I just had mine done last Friday lowers all pulled! I was sick and discusted I done this I had no choice! My partial was leaning on my last few teeth breaking them ! One by one loosing a tooth! Before I went one broke off the partial broke the tooth! I always took care my teeth but sometimes it can be useless! I have been back to work three days later after! Cashier talking to customers everyday! Self check out only! You still have to talk! I hide my mouth sometimes! I know if I open my mouth to wide you can tell! I also got the Cindy Brady lisp!’I came to grips with myself it is what it is! You don’t like way I look it’s only temporary! I am starving Hungary! I gave all my food to my daughter! My choice I did this! But in time I will have my Nice Teeth Back! White not slanted nor stained! Good Luck it’s gets better day by day! Do those warm salt water riinces! They help!

        • Cheryl says

          I had them done very mixed emotions about it! What people think how I look I can go on! Nothing to eat but very hungry as I am not getting mine until like Dec! I did Go back work three days later did not know how my coworkers look at me BUT I have to work no one has said word a few know said they can’t tell! But I know u can if I open to much! I enteract with customers EVERYDAY ! They treat me the same ! But I will have my Beautiful Smile Back Soon! Pearly Whites! While New Upper Too! It gets better Day by day! Good Luck!

      • RD says

        Interesting story as I’ve been asking people who I know have full dentures what they think. Some say (especially any Dentist you ask) do not do it. I understand that. It’s about the same as asking the person who mows your lawn if you should cover it in concrete to get rid of the weeds. Once your teeth are out of your mouth, they are out of your wallet. Many who have full dentures feel they are great.

        My teeth are terrible, Those I have left anyway. I am 60. I have always had buck teeth and a terrible overbite. In my mid 20’s I had most of my bottom teeth removed surgically. They were rotted to the gum line and I went to the hospital for that. (I live in Canada btw, so it cost me nothing). The one molar I had left in the bottom became abscessed and I eventually pulled it out with my fingers a few months ago. So I have 7 teeth left on the bottom. They are the front teeth and are horrible. Shrunken gums, ground down (I grind my teeth in my sleep), crooked and I find I have been sucking on them lately unconsciously which makes me look worse and distorts the shape of my face.

        Since I’ve basically been using my bottom gums to eat since my 20’s I have no problem eating. Even nuts. All of my upper teeth aside from two are still there. Not that great though. Why my bottom teeth rotted out and not my uppers after all these years is anyone’s guess, but you take what life throws you I guess.

        Shoot ahead 40 years. Now I am an elected official. Deputy Mayor actually for the past 4 years, and returned for the upcoming 4 years just last week. I have to do a lot of public speaking and go to a lot of meetings. I have to be on TV quite often. It’s absolutely embarrassing to be in a position like that with a mouth full of scraggly teeth which I have to hide all the time. If someone makes me laugh, I am immediately embarrassed because I think they have seen the state my teeth are in.

        As a Councillor, I have a good plan, and what that doesn’t cover I have no problem paying for, but I cannot afford the 20K plus deal where they use implants or magnets whatever. So I am right on the edge of having the buggers all pulled out. The question I have for anyone out here, is how did you adjust and how long did it take? When I close my mouth, my upper molars are so close to my bottom gums you couldn’t slide a cigarette paper between there. Will I be able to chew at all after all these years with no lowers in the back? Are they going to flop around and “clack?” Will I be able to speak properly so I don’t look like a fool on the late night news and sound like I’m half in the bag?

        Like you, if I had have done this years ago, I would likely be fine now, but I couldn’t afford it then. And I’ve been quite comfortable with my toothless self until lately. Up here, I can have all my teeth removed for about 300.00. A full set of dentures from the Denturist (not the Dentist – I’ve been told to stay away from them for that) is about a grand. And ceramic at that, not plastic.

        I’m just about ready to do it, so any input, pro or con, would be very helpful towards me making a decision.

        Thanks in advance.


        • says

          RD, I’m sorry you’ve had such bad luck with your teeth. However, it seems like you have adjusted well, and so I’m sure you’ll adjust to whatever you decide to do next.

          I cannot speak to the issue of implants, since I don’t have any, nor anyone who does.

          Perhaps a reader will see your comment and reply to it.

          In the meantime, I suggest you speak to your dentist about this.

          Good luck!

          • Rick says

            Hi Lorraine,

            Just a follow up. After a visit with my dentist and a panoramic x-ray, which revealed a wisdom tooth that had never came in, and a cyst attached to it, I needed to go to the hospital to have it removed. I decided since they were putting me under for the procedure that I would have all of my teeth removed at the same time.

            I went to my denturist and had immediate dentures made, which were in my mouth when I woke up from surgery. I had very little pain. Didn’t even use the Tylenol they gave me. Not much swelling either.

            I have had very little trouble with my dentures. They fit pretty good but I need past of course at least for the lowers, and now after only two months I am able to eat just about anything providing I cut hard things like steak into smaller pieces before I put it in my mouth.

            I am very pleased with the outcome, and honestly wish I had have had them all taken out years ago. Yes, it was pricey. The dentures were 2800.00 and the surgery 1500.00, but considering I hadn’t spent more than 500.00 on my teeth in 50 odd years I’m still further ahead.

            My confidence level has improved. I find my self smiling more and not trying to hide my teeth when I speak. All in all, I am very happy. It was partially your blog and the comments on here that made me make the decision to do this, and I just wanted to thank you. Are dentures perfect. No they are not, but they are certainly better than what God gave me, and the bonus is that I will never have a toothache or need to go to the dentist again.

            All the best.

            • says

              Rick, I know how you feel. I am super happy with my dentures, too!

              I am also more confident and I am glad you are as well!

              This is great to hear! πŸ™‚

      • Gina says

        I could not figure out how to leave a comment so I’m replying lol. I hope it’s not too late to add to this. I am 30, soon to be 31. My boyfriend and I have just moved from Georgia all the way to Texas! My birthday present to myself is getting my teeth fixed. I am not sure how many teeth Will have to be pulled but I know it’s plenty, and they will have to put me under because of panic and anxiety. Since I am new to this neighborhood I don’t know anybody that could check in on me. My bf will be with me the first day, but how long would you suggest having someone be with you after surgery? I’m scared of being by myself afterwards ?

  25. Rachel says

    Losing teeth because of a texter and scared. They were perfect teeth and a lady pulled into the highway, texting, and I was the one she hit.
    Dentists are going back and forth with me about root canals. One says root canals on accident teeth do not work. Another says dentures will ruin my life. It would be partial upper and maybe partial lower.
    I have been in so much pain I cannot think straight.

    • says

      Rachel, first of all, dentures will NOT ruin your life!

      I have had dentures since I was 22. I’m 45 now. I am FINE, and I love my teeth!

      Get another opinion. Don’t go for the root canals. They will not last, and they will be painful.

      This was what my dentist told me: I could get a bunch of root canals done but I would have to get false teeth a few years later.

      He then said I could just opt to get the false teeth now. (This was when I was 22.)

      I chose to do this, and avoid the root canals. (I’ve had root canals in the past, and they were painful.)

      So I think you should see another dentist or a denturist.

      Find someone you like, and get false teeth. Get all of them pulled out, if you can, too. Get a complete set of both uppers and lowers. That is what I have, and I am HAPPY with them!

      Good luck! (And soooo sorry to hear about that accident. I hope the person texting/driving gets charged!)

      • Kris. says

        I am 30 with false teeth mine are bad how not pretty and I need a partial asap. I am waiting on my next check to go finally get a set of new teeth it’s so embarrassing and her story gives me much high hope and one day, soon I can be that confident once again !!

      • Rach says

        I am 21 and am in so much pain from decayed tooth. Front teeth at that, it’s so embarrassing, how much did it cost or what should I do financially to afford dentures and tooth removals?

        • says

          Rach, there are a few things you can do.
          1. Contact your local college. Many colleges offer free services if they have a dental program, because students in training need to practice on real people. Offer to become one of these people in exchange for free services.
          2. Go to a dentist and ask about a payment plan.
          3. Seek government support.
          4. See if any local businesses will sponsor you by providing funds to you.
          5. Ask your dentist for more suggestions.

          I hope this helps. Good luck!

      • Colleen says

        Hi I don’t know if I am doing this right or not I go on Wednesday to get the bottom 9 taken out and I am scared I am terrified of what my new teeth might look like and if I can enjoy life again

        • says

          Colleen, of course you will be able to enjoy life! Why wouldn’t you?

          It’s just teeth, for crying out loud… not the end of the world.

          You will be fine, once the pain subsides. πŸ™‚

          I was. So were millions of others.

          But I get it. I know it’s scary. I was terrified, too. But I lived through it, and so will you.
          Stay positive!

        • Cheryl says

          You will be fine I just had my last 7 out couple months or more ago now I just can’t get my dentures as my gum line bones are not going into place as they should! So I need another procedure to shave the bone down this will be Dec 1 hopefully I can move on! But I went out later with my daughter that night to do some things the day I had them all pulled ! You will be fine ! Good Luck !


  26. Tracy says

    Thank-you for your story. Upper extractions and immediate full upper in 48 hours. Picked up my “new teeth” today to take with me to the oral surgeon. They look nice, although the teeth seem small. We shall see once they are in. Not looking forward to the adjustment to my new teeth; however, your story has given me hope that all will be fine with time.

      • vickie krasowski says

        Lorraine, Thanks so much for your positive postings and encouragement. I am terrified on a few levels. First I am on state medical and they will only pay for one set of dentures, therefore I have been advised not to get immediate temporary ones but to wait till my mouth heals for the permanent ones & I read that that could be up to 12 weeks!!!! With NO teeth at all . I would not even want to leave my house .Also I am afraid that the teeth will be incorrect for my small mouth : like the teeth themselves being too large or just not appropriate for my face. I am not afraid of the surgery, I am afraid that the dentures will be wrong for me and I will not adjust to them. BTW I am a woman 65 yrs old and need to get this done soon. How do the makers of the dentures know what is right for me. Also it is diifficult taking xrays because I gag easily. Any anwers would surely help. Thanks again Vickie

        • says

          I would stick to the advice of your dentist, Vickie. Don’t worry about things that have not even happened yet! I’m sure you’ll be fine with even one set of dentures. My mom wears only the top ones, and she eats just fine.

          I know a guy who has no teeth and no dentures, too. He can eat pork chops, and pretty much any other foods (but not raw carrots).

          Good luck. You’ll be fine. You’ll adjust to your dentures. We all do!

          • Cheryl says

            Hi Tracy I have had my upper denture for like 15 years I love it and a partial on bottom I always took care my teeth but it runs in family my mother had dentures at 18! My last seven teeth on bottom is full fillings partial making them crooked! So every time I go dentist one or the other needs filling or replaced filling! I have state back up medical as I work while disabled so they are paying for new dentures and getting bottoms pulled Sept 16 I will not get temp as my insurance will not pay for that! My friend just today told me how people going see I have no lower teeth it will be about three months no lower teeth he did say I have good bone structure! Question is will I look funny? Will my chin sink in? Now I am worried cause her comment! Thanks Cheryl

        • says

          Hey Vickie I’m 23 and got most of my teeth removed back in June and I have state medical insurance and I won’t start my denture process until October you will be fine people really don’t notice that I don’t have teeth and I still eat a whole lot of foods

          • vickie Krasowski says

            Kim….Thanks for understanding my message…Wow 4 months without any teeth ! For me it’s not so much about being able to eat it is more of an appearance thing. I only hope my gums heal quicker than 4 months..I admire you for your courage and confidence.. I have very little of both at the moment,,,But I am hoping I will see this through soon and bravely. Thanks again so much for the encouragement

      • Joan says

        I had alll my teeth pulled on monday. In so much pain, cannot eat anything, help, is so much pain normal? I have tried to eat, everything comes back up. I feel like a rugby player with gums on both sides. How long before it feels better. It feels like i will never eat again!

        • says

          Joan, what you are going through is TOTALLY normal. I was in pain for about two weeks. Bad pain!

          I think I lost about 20 pounds during that time, too. Eating hurt so much!

          But… you WILL get better. You will heal each day!

          My suggestion is to take multi-vitamins until you can eat normally again.
          In the meantime, eat soft foods like scrambled eggs and tuna sandwiches dunked in soup. These are high in protein and will help you heal faster.

          Eat anything soft, so you don’t have to chew!

          I hope this helps.

          Let me know, please, if it does.

          Good luck, too!


        • Tracy Hunter says

          I had all 28 of my teeth pulled two weeks ago and got an immediate set of dentures. The first 5 days were the toughest of my entire life. I had never been so low in all my life. Part of it is because I had to undergo the surgical extraction of 28 teeth with only local anesthetic. I could not afford general anesthesia or sedation. My new teeth are pretty however they don’t fit well as I’m still very swollen. I’m optimistic about this though and can’t wait to be fully healed! For anyone new to dentures and post multiple extractions I highly recommend the Boost nutritional drinks. They have tons of protein in them as well as loads of vitamins and minerals to keep you nourished on your liquid diet! Oh and I am 35. I was worried about dentures so young but ultimately I had no choice. My self confidence can only improve from here!

  27. Tracey says

    Hi your answers have been very helpful. I have an extremely loose tooth which I know has to be removed. I have had gum disease for many years and had expensive treatment, but the abscesses just keep coming back. I have had two back teeth removed thus far, but to be honest I’m fed up with sore gums, stinky breath and crowded teeth that the floss gets stuck in-between the teeth. My question to you is, I am thinking of getting all my teeth removed and getting dentures, if so can I get a temporary plate straight after extractions? as I definitely don’t want to be walking around without teeth! I could possibly just have my four front bottom teeth removed and four top and get partial dentures? what would you think is the more cost effective in the end?

    • says

      Tracey, I would see what your dentist recommends for you. It all depends on the health of your other teeth. Some people only need partials. Some need a full extraction and so therefore need full dentures.

      My personal opinion is to speak to a professional who can assess your situation.

      Good luck!

    • roger j. leveillee says

      I also wear dentures: in 2014 I had 16 teeth left. I went to a denture clinic. I was told that my teeth were too strong. so I got a pair of pliers and a steak knife. I started to work on my teeth. at last one of my lower front teeth cracked. I went to the clinic and she pulled that tooth. she said if there was anything else. I said that I wanted full dentures. she wrote the order and sent me to their oral surgeon. he said that he would do the extractions. 1/16/15 she did the impressions. on 1/21/ 15 I picked up my dentures, on 1/23/15 I went to the oral surgeon and he pulled the rest of my teeth and put my dentures in. a year later I got my permanent dentures. I took desperate steps to reach my goal, but it was worth it. it was the best thing I did for myself. roger Woonsocket, rhode island usa

      • Roger J Leveillee says

        it will be 5 years in january that i got my dentures. it has been a wonderful experience. not having to worry about what to eat. i had partials and was told i could not add any more teeth to them. if anyone is thinking about getting dentures, do not hesitate, it will be the best choice you will make.

  28. S. All says

    I just happened upon this. Lorriane’s story could be mine, but I got full upper dentures and a lower partial when I was 17 and I just turned 60. I love my dentures. I have perfect, straight, white teeth with NO pain. I do not need to use any short of “glue” to hold them either.. I actually went on a search for dentures since for the first time in 33 years I am getting new dentures because my old ones simply wore out…meaning the tooth surfaces are basically gone. I must admit I am having a adjustment period with these new ones that I never had with before. Maybe it is age. I think attitude has alot to do with adjustment to dentures esp if you didn’t want them. I did. I see, Lorriane you said you have had 4 upper dentures. Did they feel different to you when you got them? was there a adjustment?

    • says

      Each set felt weird when I first got them. I adjusted to them quickly, though! Plus, the dentist had to make a few physical adjustments for me each week until they became comfortable. Now they just feel like my real teeth!

  29. Shelly says

    Thank you for sharing your story. I came across it as I’m searching for a dentist due to a tooth ache tonight. I absolutely HATE the IDEA of going to the dentist. I am scared to death of the cost. I hate the smell and sounds. I hate the pain and healing time that follows a dentist appointment as much as I hate the procedures themselves, but at least some dentists give you laughing gas DURING the procedures. And I have extreme, unrealistic anxiety about being judged for my far from perfect oral health habits and for letting my problems go for so long.
    Some of my earliest memories of the dentist include a very rude dentist that made me feel like I was “naughty” for gagging during a dental exam. I hated getting “judged” during an exam and having it declared that I did or did not have a cavity and feeling compared to my siblings who were also getting checkups. Then, around the age of 10, I had trauma to my 2 front, top teeth that caused me to loose the bone that holds your teeth in place. I had several surgeries to do bone grafts which helped but I had unstable front teeth which also had gotten longer than normal in the process and I had terrible “buck teeth” for several years. I had 2 sets of braces, several appliances to correct my bite and widen my jaw, and a gum graft on my lower gums. By the time I finished high school, I had a very nice smile, which I still hid from everyone out of habit from being extremely self conscious. After several years out of braces, I ended up with one crooked tooth on the bottom and a small space on top, but they weren’t too bad. Then, when my second child was small, he was having a fit one night from being overly tired and away from home, and he threw his head back and hit me straight in the mouth! those front teeth were knocked loose! I pushed them back in place and avoided eating much for a few days and they firmed up but within a couple years I bit into a sandwich and a front tooth snapped and I was sure it was going to fall right out of my mouth. I was 25. I found a dentist and talked about all my options. Both front teeth were broken up inside my gums, and had been for a while. (toddler temper tantrum I’m sure) Implants weren’t an option because I did not have the bone to support it. Bridges damage surrounding teeth and have to be replaced every 10 years or so and are expensive. Every option was expensive, temporary and would end up looking unnatural. We opted to go with a full set of upper dentures, and the day after I turned 26, I had all my upper teeth pulled and got the fixture. EVERYTHING I hated about my teeth, color, size, shape etc, I was able to fix. I basically told the dentist exactly what I wanted and got it. Actually, the first set that was made, before any teeth were pulled, were longer looking than I wanted and I told them to re do them-and they did! That’s been 12 years. It was a difficult adjustment. I remember crying because I couldn’t eat an M&M several weeks after getting dentures. I thought it would never feel “normal.” But, after several adjustments to make sure they didn’t rub wrong, and one full realignment, I feel pretty great about them. I LOVE my smile so much more than I ever did growing up. Sometimes I get angry that I went through so much as a child to save those teeth just to get them pulled later, but I wouldn’t change that decision.
    BUT, all the extreme drama with the dentist has left me with extreme fears and anxieties. I’m sure I could use a readjustment or even new uppers. And I KNOW I have multiple cavities and problems with my bottom teeth and I am so scared to even go to the dentist. I went once in the 12 years since I got dentures and the tooth they fixed just kept hurting after and felt like they hadn’t done a thing. I don’t live in the same state as I did when I got the dentures in the first place and I am fearful that when I find a dentist, the amount of work I need done will never be affordable and either they’ll tell me I’m ridiculous for considering dentures or they’ll give me bottom dentures and then I’ll end up looking like one of those horror stories you hear about when someone looses all their bone structure in their face because of getting dentures young.
    I am in pain and am pretty sure I have an exposed nerve. My husband says “just go.” My head says “just go” but my fear says “you’ll waste money and regret it,” and “it won’t do any good.” I am also fearful of picking the “wrong” dentist.
    Of course, there’s many horror stories about dentures online. Thanks for posting a positive one.
    And thanks for letting me tell my story. Very few people get to hear it!

      • Sunnie says

        Hi, I am 44. Just got full top denture in March. I HATE it. H.a.t.e. it. The denture is beautiful, but I hate it in my mouth. The dentist fired me. Because I kePT going back, because it was too big, I could not talk or eat, they flop around. Now there is spit and sit bubbles up there , it is on my nerves so bad. I go to new dentist Monday morning. I hope he can help me. I have tried ever type of adhesive there is. I feel like I have a mouth full of poo! My nerves are so bad from this, I chew constantly.
        I feel like the roof of my mouth has been chopped up in a meat grinder.
        Please help me, give me some advice. I search day and night for advice.
        The old dentist told me he would throw these away if the didn’t fit. He didn’t keep his word, he done 4 realigns. Still not good.
        Please help
        Thanks so much

  30. liz says

    Hi, I can’t tell you how much better I feel after reading all these comments and how positive you are. I am about to have some teeth pulled and will require partials top and bottom on the right of my jaw, thanks to a massive jawbone infection that needs to be scraped out on Tuesday. I won’t get dentures for a while as this has to heal. I am just wondering if you can keep them in at night, rather than plopping them into a glass of water at the side of the bed. A bit of a passion killer :/ You may have posted about this so apologies if I’ve missed it. Thanks so much for all your work and help on one of those ‘touchy’ subjects that are difficult for everyone. It really helps : )

    • says

      Liz, I never take my teeth out. Not even at night. I just brush them when they’re dirty, and rinse my mouth with mouthwash once a day.

      Good luck with your procedure!

      I’m glad you feel better. πŸ™‚

  31. stephen says

    Well I got my new teeth today and I love them but it’s been a long wait 3 months.
    I have a question for you what is the best thing to use to hold my new teeth in place

    • says

      Stephen, good for you!

      I’m not sure… I don’t use any type of glue or anything in my mouth for my teeth. The uppers are suctioned in and the lowers just kind of sit there. I’ve learned to control their place in my mouth. You will, too, I think, in time.

  32. Stephanie says

    I’m 27 years old and I went to the dentist yesterday and they told me the most affordable way to fix my teeth are to extract all my teeth on the top and put 4 implants in and use dentures that way.. but first I have to use the removable ones until my gums heal and heal around the implant post… I’m extremely scared and nervous.. I already did the impressions yesterday and I am going to do the procedure on Wednesday 6/15 I’m extremely scared, embarrassed, nervous… Cuz I’m only 27 amd have to get dentures.. and on top of it all I’m having to stay awake for the whole procedure!!! I’m need some positive/comforting affirmations and advice…

  33. Amy says

    I’m getting my teeth pulled and immediate denture in 2weeks. I only have 3 days off, is that enough for the swelling to go down? Will I be able to talk normally? I work in retail so I’m really worried. Do you use denture paste? What kind is best? Can you tell that I’m very nervous!! Please reply!


    • says

      Amy, be glad you have those three days off! You will need them! I don’t know if this enough time, to tell you the truth, but you will be okay. You will have to get used to your new teeth and talking may be a challenge for the first little while. But you will adjust.

      No, you don’t need paste.

      You’ll live.

      I did. So have millions of others!

    • Kimberly says

      I just had all my top teeth pulled on Monday. I was awake for the whole procedure . They gave me to different pain meds I feel a little bit of pain in the front of my mouth. Idk if it’s my gums trying to heal or what. I go back to work tomorrow I can’t wait until my gums heal so I can start the process to get my dentures.

      • says

        Kimberly, I cannot believe you were awake for the whole procedure! Wow! That’s amazing!

        It’s going to take time for your mouth to heal. Yes, you’re going to be in pain for a bit… like a week or two (or maybe three).

        You’re going to love it when you get your new teeth, trust me. Your confidence will soar! You’ll look great, too, with your new smile. πŸ™‚

        Good luck!

  34. PAgyrl says

    I am so happy to have found your page! Your encouraging words and positive outlook are so helpful to me. I had my teeth removed and dentures put in two weeks ago. While I am happy to have straight, white teeth for the first time in my life, I found myself getting a little depressed about not being able to chew anything. I realize that these things take time, but it does feel like I may never eat normally again. What I wouldn’t give for a grilled hamburger!! I guess that will come sometime in the future. The positives so far, being able to swish icy water around in my mouth and have no pain, the bad taste I always had is gone, knowing I will never have another toothache. So as I continue on in this journey, I want to thank you for putting yourself out there to help all of us going through this. πŸ™‚

    • says

      It’s wonderful to hear that you love your new look! I am sure you will have much more confidence now!

      As for eating? Give it time. You’re only two weeks in. Your mouth needs to heal!

      Try eating small bites and really focus on tasting and savoring your food. Remember that your pain is TEMPORARY. I can eat raw carrots now. I sure couldn’t at first! πŸ˜‰

    • Don Barone says

      Hi PA I also had all (13 remaining) teeth removed on Friday May 20th and so it has been 10 days and like you I wonder if I will ever feel normal again. The pain is mostly gone thanks to the Hydrogen peroxide mouth baths I have been giving myself but a very annoying problem has developed. The tongue seems to be riding over the teeth on the left side of my mouth and is irritating the bottom of my tongue. I revisited the denturist today and mentioned this and he got out his tiny electric sander and sanded it a bit but it is still driving me crazy, Apparently my next appointment is June 9th when I get apparently a liner that will solidify the fit in my mouth. I had been without teeth where it is irritating me and I keep telling myself that is the problem but I am not sure. Sure would like to go back about 60 years and this time I would definitely remember to brush after every meal πŸ™


      • says

        Don, we cannot go back in time, even though we sometimes wish we could! I’m sorry to hear you’re having so many problems. Things will get better. Hang in there!

        Thanks, too, for replying to PAgyrl. πŸ™‚

  35. Keri klein says

    I broke a toothpick off in between 2 and 3 on my right upper jaw. I then lost 1 2 3 and 4 and my canine has had a mass of junk above it in my. I went to the dentist and she ground down all my teeth and capped them and gave me a plastic partial. I’ve been nothing but sick this entire time and never stopped complaining about it. When I was at the dentist after she had done all the work and took all my money she sent me away. The nurse while I was in the chair told me all my teeth are loose. The dentist told me it’s not my teeth it is my sinus. So I went to EMT he refused to see me. I’ve gone to every specialist and they want lots if money and I believe that they will keep taking my money and I will still lose my teeth anyway. thus has been prolonged for too long and I want to get on with my life. They won’t pull them and they want money and I gave it all to that dentist who has ignored my pleas.

    • says

      Keri, go see a different dentist! You can even check out your local college or university and seek advice from the professor teaching the dental program.

      Good luck!

  36. Pat says

    Lorraine,I am having all pulled and dentures,yes I am very nervous. The worst part for me will be going back to work,I was only allowed to take off 12 days,so hoping I look somewhat normal by then. How long were you off work? I work in a hospital and I deal with ALOT of people,I am very worried about slipping dentures,lisping and looking weird. Any advice? Thanks.

    • says

      Pat, you will be okay. And you will love your new look, too!

      Advice? When your mouth heals, and you start to feel pain, go to your dentist right away. They will make adjustments to your dentures and alleviate you of the sores forming in your mouth. Expect to do this each week. Sorry to say, but that is how it will be for the first little bit. But once all is said and done, you will totally be able to eat anything you want, and they won’t fall out, either. πŸ™‚

  37. Help says

    Hello, I don’t know if you can answer these questions for me. I wore braces as an adult, which caused an excessive open bite / overbite… I can’t chew, only a few teeth touch. It’s getting worse and worse by the day; and I look terrible. My jaw has moved so much. I lost bone, facial structure, everything. I would have never gotten braces if I knew this was going to happen. The orthodontist just keeps saying to go have jaw surgery and blows me off. Even if I had jaw surgery, which I cannot afford, I am going to lose my teeth anyway because of the damage. If I get all my teeth pulled and dentures, will they be able to place them so I can bite and not have this crazy look anymore? I just want my teeth to meet and be able to smile again. I’m used to not eating foods I enjoy anymore. That’s not even an issue at this point. I just want to function, have my face look normal again and smile. Will I look the same, just with dentures, or will they be able to place the dentures in a different position. I hope this makes sense and you can answer or assist in any way.

  38. Sarah says

    I have to get all my top teeth pulled in 2 in a half months. They are refusing to give me dentures same day as surgery, they say i have to wait 6 to 8 weeks. I have exstremely low self esteem and i have no self confidence. Im afraid of what this is going to do to me mentally and emotionally. Because the dentist says i can go back to work 3 days after surgery. I have a feeling i will lose my job cause i will refuse to return til i have teeth. I am also exstremely afraid of the pain because i have a very low tolerance to pain. Its BS that they only give tylenol 3 for the pain when tylenol 3 wont even get rid of a headache for me. I know it will be worth it in the end because toothaches suck,i practically live off oragel. But im so afraid,part of me dosen’t want to go through with it. If i lose my job im screwed. Im also worried about eating, others i know who have dentures told me i will lose tons of weight til i get used to dentures because i will be starving my body only eating jello and other soft foods. Yeah it will be nice to lose a few pouds but if i lose to much i will look like a walking skeleton. Idk just scared,dont know what to do, im not mentally prepared for this ?

    • says

      Sarah, I would suggest talking to a different dentist and relaying your fears to him. See if they can find a solution for you. Tell them that I had my dentures fitted in my mouth the same day as I had all of my teeth extracted.

      I’m sure that if you ask around, someone else will help you!

      As for the pain? Yes, it’s going to hurt for about 2 weeks. There is no getting around that. But it’s temporary! And you will LOVE the way your mouth feels afterwards! No more pain in your jaw, no more pain in your mouth, no more pain PERIOD. It’s great!

      Your eating habits will change over time, as you heal. You will eventually get to the point where you can eat anything. However, for the first 2 weeks or so, you should plan on having soft foods. Stews, soups, pasta, steamed veggies, mushy cereal, bananas, etc.

      Just remember, you are going to look great and feel great when all is said and done. I promise!

  39. Jack says

    Well, here goes. I am a 41 year old man and I’ve had truly terrible teeth since I was about 10. When I was a kid, many of my teeth came in funny (grew over each other, crooked, etc). We were on public assistance at the time and my Mom couldn’t afford to have anything really done for me. I also had a really bad experience with a dentist when I was around 12 ( I’m pretty sure he was related to dr. Mengele). I’ve had most of my rear teeth on the bottom/top removed, I have more cavities and chipped teeth than I can count, and I’ve also been wearing a “flipper” top front tooth since I was 21. I have so very many problems with my teeth that I just don’t know what to do. I would love to be able to truly smile (something I haven’t done since I was in my early teens) and not be in pain. I have a hole between 2 of my top teeth such that, after I’m done eating, I have to stick a toothpick up there to clean out the hole. Not what I pictured myself doing at 41.

    I have 2 main concerns regarding getting my teeth removed. First, the cost. I’ve read about implants, partial implants, and dentures. Other than just regular dentures, I honestly don’t know how people afford these procedures. They seem prohibitively expensive considering that many insurance companies don’t cover them. Secondly, I’m concerned about getting my teeth pulled and bacteria being released into my system. I’ve heard that this can happen when rotten (god I hate that word) teeth are removed. Maybe I’m just being paranoid. Anyway, sorry for such a long post and thanks for your original blog piece. It’s good to know I’m not the only one going through this.

    • says

      Jack, you don’t need to worry about bacteria being released into your system when your teeth are removed… you need to worry about it NOW!!!
      Bacteria fester in your mouth. They travel everywhere! You ingest them each time you swallow.

      You should find a way to get your teeth fixed sooner than later.

      To help with the cost, contact your local dentists and ask them if they know of anyone who would help you pay for dentures. Also contact your local community colleges and universities, as the students in the dental program often do pro bono work under the instruction of a certified dentist.

      Good luck!

  40. Roo says

    Omg I’m so glad I found this. I went to the dentist yesterday he told me he needs to pull out all my top teeth. He said I will have same as u temp set so I leave with teeth the day of surgery lol …. I got out called my husband and cried my eyes out πŸ™ …. truth is I’ve hated my smile my whole life I got a huge gap in front. Dentist said he can fix it with denture.. I’m truly gutted and sad and scared … just don’t want to end up looking like a horse with giant teeth …. thanks everyone I appreciated reading ur comments x wish Me luck x.

    • says

      Roo, you’re going to be so happy with your smile when all is said and done!!!

      I’m glad this post helped you, too. πŸ™‚

      Move forward with hope!

  41. Ruth Kangas says

    Hi, My husband is having two root tips removed on Monday,he does not like to go to the dentist or oral surgery.He has dentures but they do not fit right,what will help him deal with this

    • says

      Hmm. I am not sure, Ruth. Maybe he should take a couple of painkillers a few hours before he goes. That will cut down his pain and his anxiety levels, too.
      Meditation might also work!

  42. Kimberly says

    I’m 23 years old and getting all my top teeth pulled out soon I’m a little nervous about all the pain I’ll be in and having to go around with no top teeth until I get my dentures.

    • Melissa says

      The pain that you have after u have them taken out is nothing compared to a bad tooth ache from a rotten tooth… im in the process of getting all my teeth pulled one side at a time. .. after I had my fourth son at 28… teeth just started breaking and decaying from the inside out. ..I still don’t know why. ..I guess maybe from lack of some vitamins or because of gum disease… it sucks but I’ll deal with a little pain from the healing over a bad tooth ache any day. Good luck… just make sure you get what they call dry socket.. thats the only time you would get severe pain.

      • Kimberly says

        My top teeth are really bad I only have my son after I had him a lot of my teeth started falling out and decaying I know how those bad tooth aches feels and I did not like them I just want to be able to smile and feel better about myself I hate how I look right now with my bad teeth good luck melissa and thank you

  43. Mischante Sandoval says

    Lorai new I am so glad I came across your article! I am a 33 y/o female and have had my remaining 28 teeth pulled between the middle of December 2015 and finally the last 2 on April 15 2016. Although I am thankful that I no longer have painful cavities or broken teeth I am not going to pretend that being a woman without any teeth is not hard emotionally or taken its toll on my self esteem. My dentures will be completed on April 29th and I’m telling you that day can’t come fast enough! I have been a bit nervous since I went in and had my first bite test done on Friday. The wax molds were huge and made my bottom lip stick out in addition I could not close my mouth all the way and I have developed a few bumps below the extraction sites of my lower gums which really hurt when placing the wax molds. I’m really nervous that I’m going to end up with these huge teeth that cause my mouth to look full and ridiculous. I go back to the dentist this coming Friday to try on my dentures via the teeth being placed in a temporary wax mold that fits my mouth and I’m excited and scared too. God I hope they get my bite right and I don’t end up looking like a barracuda! It’s so embarrassing talking with this lisp and I look really different without teeth when I do speak. Thank you for being a shining light on this topic. I have only heard negative feedback about being too young, ect from dentists since my real journey began in December.

  44. Casey says

    I’m actually 21 and have a disease in the bone of the roof of my mouth. Sadly, all the teeth must be removed from the top and I’m getting dentures pretty soon. I’m pretty terrified, though. Any advice to deal with the emotional part of it all?

    • says

      Casey, yes. Think about how happy you will be. Think about how happy I am with MY teeth!

      You have nothing to fear, really. My dad had all his teeth out at age 16 when he was hit in the mouth with a hockey puck. And he is now 74.

      You can live a good life with false teeth, you know. Just like people who wear glasses can get contacts. No big deal.


    • Brandi says

      Hey, Lorraine! I’m really encouraged by reading your story. I’m 25 years old and am about to have the rest of my (rotten) teeth extracted. I’m so ready to be able to smile again and not wake up every day or night in pain! My dad had to have dentures at a young age as well. Is there anything you can’t eat?

      • says

        Brandi, I can eat anything now. But tough things to eat include nuts, chips, raw carrots, and anything that can get under the plates. Ouch! Eating such things in private is a good idea, because you can then take your teeth out and remove the painful pieces! LOL

        So watch what you eat in public!

        You’ll be fine. It will take adjusting, but no foods are off limits, really.

        Good luck!

    • Michelle says

      I’m 43 and have just been told all my teeth need to come out as have gum disease and broken decayed teeth and I’m terrified also as don’t know how long it will take and am also terrified my dentures might fall out

      • says

        Michelle, I’m sorry to hear about your teeth. But getting dentures will solve your problems, and they won’t fall out! They will take some getting used to, though.

        Good luck!

  45. Julie says

    Hi Lorraine and thank you for been so brave to share your story.I am 54 and always had a mega phobia with dentist.Got a top partial and appointment for hospital end of this month hopefully they will agree to take them all out! I have zero confidence cannot eat very well and always in pain.I know everybody is different but how long before you get use to the bottom set? Will my dentist make denture or hospital?I am so scared at the moment but in pain look really gaunt and fed up that i cannot enjoy food at the moment.Any advice would be truely appreciated.Thank you Jules x

  46. says

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories, it’s what brought me to the conclusion that I must have this done!
    I am now 2-weeks post-op, had 22 teeth removed, and my immediate denture placed. I know that I’m a pretty impatient person, but want to know if what I’m going through is considered ‘normal’.
    I love my dentist, he’s doing a great job of taking care of me. I do ask him questions, but want to hear from others.
    He has me coming in every few days, to make adjustments, check healing progress, etc. My lower gums are healing very fast, the top is good, as he says.
    He doesn’t want to do a soft reline yet, until the gums are more healed, so he did give me some Sea-Bonds, and they work ok for a few hours, but get loose again. Is this normal?
    I still can’t chew, I have no confidence. I realize I’m still adjusting, and my mouth is changing, but frankly, I’m kinda starving, and have been losing a pound a day since I had this done. Is this normal? I expect that there will be foods that will be tough, probably forever, but seriously, I need to be able to eat food, that I can actually chew, rather than just swallow. How long until you were able to actually chew your foods? Will I ever feel confident that my teeth aren’t so loose that they’re falling out, while I’m trying to practice chewing? What are good foods to practice on? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
    I absolutely LOVE that I’ve done this for myself, my self-confidence is coming back, and I LOVE my smile now!

    • says

      Jennifer, I lost about 20 pounds while I was healing, too. So, yes, this is NORMAL!

      It’s going to take a while for you to adjust. But you will. Trust me!

      I had to learn how to speak and how to laugh without my teeth falling out when I first got them, too. This is also very normal! And yes, a bit embarrassing, but you will adjust. Just practice talking when you are alone. That way, if they do fall out, no one will see. And practicing these things will make you adapt faster.

      I wish I had someone to tell me these things when I had all of MY teeth out!

      Luckily, you have me. πŸ˜‰

      I am sure your smile looks great, too. Mine sure does! πŸ™‚

      And I’m no longer shy or insecure about my looks.

      Oh, btw, I am on my third set of lowers and fourth set of uppers. I’ve had my teeth for about 22.5 years now. They don’t last forever, you know. And with each new set, I had to go to the dentist/denturist every week for an adjustment. Sometimes twice a week. But eventually, the visits will dwindle, and you’ll go every two weeks, then every three, then once a month, then once every two months, etc. You will know when you need an adjustment, too, as your mouth will start to become sore, and will get worse if you DON’T go get your teeth adjusted or shaved down. The tiniest little speck on your dentures will need to be shaved off, but the pain will go away once this is done.

      Been there, done that, many times. Yep, it’s a pain in the butt, but it has to be done.

      Good luck, and if you have any other questions, just ask!

      As for eating? Eat whatever you can comfortably chew. Stews are good to eat. Any soft foods, too. Stay away from raw carrots until you are healed, though! Unless you are a sucker for punishment. πŸ˜‰

      Try foods like pastas, tuna sandwiches, cooked veggies, etc. Soft foods with substance are best to avoid losing weight. Unless you can stand to lose a few! LOL Like me. πŸ˜‰

      Anything else, let me know. OK?

  47. Tracy says

    Hi Lorrain,

    I just wanted to say thank you. I am going in to get the rest of my upper teeth (I have already had all of my back teeth removed) removed a week from today, and will have the remaining lower teeth removed next year (insurance reasons, or I’d do it all at once). Researching this has left me a little nervous. All I seem to come across is people saying that they wish they has never done it, and all the complications that come with dentures. I have had issues with my teeth, it seems like forever, and I am in constant pain from them. It’s gotten to the point that I’m actually kind of used to it, and don’t remember ever NOT being in pain of one sort or another. I just can’t imagine that I will regret this discussion, but then, I don’t have the experience so I was starting to get a bit anxious about this. Although I have never once regretted having my back teeth removed, so I think I just need to quit researching and go back to being excited to have this done! Hahaha!

    • says

      Tracy, yes, be excited! Look at it as having a brand-new “you”!

      Once you are healed, you’ll be soooo happy you made the decision to get dentures. I know I am!!!

    • Dear Lorrain:
      I have had some sort of upper partial since I was 18, alas it keeps getting bigger as I lose more teeth and now worry about losting my bottoms. too. I get extremely anxious that I might have even more bone loss than I have had already. I hope this has not happened to you. Your smile looks great! Do you know of any books that provide some inspiration on such matters? Thanks so much for your help! CP

      • says

        I had all of my teeth removed the same day, so I cannot relate to your situation.

        Perhaps you should ask your dentist, as they will have access to the types of books (or other resources) you are seeking.

        Good luck!

  48. Paula Locke says

    I was searching about dentures and if it hurts getting them I have horrible teeth I have a huge fear of the dentist that keeps me from going I have panic attacks even thinking about going. Your story brought tears to my eyes because I have dreamed for years to be able to smile I now have a abscess and my face is swollen I have always just dealt with the pain and its sever pain as I’m sure you know I would love to be able to eat anything and talk to people Im a stay at home mom thank god because I’m to embarrassed to work with people I just found out my insurance covers dentures now and I pray I can get the courage up to go to a dentist alot of it is because I’m embarrassed of how my teeth look and that I will be judged this is something I have been dealing with for years I just wish I had the courage that you did I am also afraid of the pain I know that sounds silly because I’m sure the pain I feel now daily is alot worse than if I got my teeth fixed having the problems I have has effected every aspect of my self esteem who I am my life and my children’s life I have phone conference instead of going into school I haven’t kissed my husband in years and the list just goes on and on I’m scared to death I can’t even begin to tell you the fear I have ivthink I was 12 the last time I went to a dentist now I’m in my mid 30s your story has given me hope and I thank you for posting it I hope one day sooner then later I can be saying the same thi ng as you

    • Ella says

      Paula, I don’t usually respond to comments but I really felt a connection reading your post and thought telling you how I was able to overcome some of my own fears might help you.
      First: finding the right dentist. There are dentist that understand the fear is real and will help make a plan that is best for you. And it’s very important to know when you make an appointment with a dentist it doesn’t mean you’ve signed a contract for life. If your “gut” tells you (not your fear) not to trust this person then don’t, just say “Sorry I need to leave” I unfortunately didn’t trust my instinct once and it was a nightmare. But don’t give up you’ll find the right dentist.
      Second: getting in the right frame of mind to see it through from start to finish. Your a mother, use that to your advantage. Mothers can see and do things that she is unable to do for herself when she knows it’s what’s best for her children. If one of your children was living with the pain and embarrassment you are right now, I have no doubt you’d do everything you could to help them find they’re way back. I’m sure your husband and children feel the intense sadness you carry and see the pain your in, its got to weigh heavy on their hearts. What an awesome opportunity for you to show your children being afraid is not a bad thing but pushing through the fear and conquering it is always the best policy, they will have a front seat to watching your courage and strength turn into self esteem and confidence. It’ll be life changing for all of you. By taking care of yourself will teach them to take care of themselves. Show them no matter how dim their Star might get, some hard work dusting it off always brings the sparkle back. Looking at it that way hopefully helps you overcome your fear.
      Good luck!! Ella

  49. Janey says

    Hi Lorraine

    I am thinking about getting both upper and lower but haven’t decided yet. I had 4 teeth extracted a year ago and still have 8 (could be 9) more to go. I really don’t like the partial with the wire going across my remaining teeth (which still have to be redone due to cavities). I would need a partial for all the molars that are/will be missing top and bottom and right and left side. I am a little worried about the bone loss and sunken look. I am not worried about age I have an 18 old with healthy teeth which makes me super happy.

    I do enjoy reading everyone’s post, its good to get as much as info as I can so I can make the right decision for me.

  50. Brandon Roberts says

    My dad has some pretty bad teeth, and he wants to fix his smile as much as he can. He heard that he could consider getting dentures, but he wasn’t sure if that was going to be a good idea or not. That being said, I really appreciate you sharing your awesome experience with dentures and how you like them so much. I’ll make sure I show this to my dad right away so he can feel more comfortable with getting some. Thanks a ton for the help.

  51. Wendy Cartright says

    Wow, this is such an awesome story! It must have taken some courage to tell it. I am so glad that false teeth were able to help you smile confidently again. There is no shame in that. Thank you for sharing!

  52. Tammy McNatt says

    Lorraine I can’t thank you enough for your posts! Long story short I always tried to take care of my teeth! As a teen I needed braces and the dentist my parents took me tt never said one thing!!! I found out years later. I have a very pronounced overbite and I am a grinder and I have TMJ? after battling for years with bad teeth and costly root canals that I ended up losing I had no other choice except dentures. My parents both were in dentures in their 40’s! I am 51.I’m in the process of extractions. I had several pulled 2 weeks ago and today some more! On the 9th I have 7 scheduled and then a week later my final 3! I love my dentist yet he doesn’t do the immediate dentures! I have to wait 10-12 weeks! I have cried and done everything right to try and save my teeth. He wants them to heal before fitting my dentures! Will my boyfriend know it when we kids! I want to be like you and keep mine in! Will they fix !y bite or will I grind them? I have been really sad about having to give up my teeth…yet excited to smile again. You are such a inspiration!

  53. Frankie says

    Is it possible to use a temp denture right after having your teeth removed? Wouldn’t the gums need to heal first before using a denture.

    • says

      I had my dentures inserted immediately after all of my teeth were extracted.

      I healed WITH my dentures in my mouth.

      Sure, I was in pain for a while, but I managed.

      Now, I’m super-happy I had all of my teeth removed!

      • Kathy says

        I’ve been told they don’t have your dentures ready when they pull your teeth. You have to wait weeks up to a couple months to get them. If I could leave with dentures at the time my teeth were pulled, I’d do it.

        • says

          They had mine all ready for me! They put them in right after they extracted my teeth, too!

          So, don’t believe everything you hear. You are being misinformed, Kathy.

  54. ZA says

    Hello Lorraine, I hope you reply back to this comment because it would mean so much to me. I have to get dentures at only 22 years old. I have had a tough life of abuse and depression, this being what takes the cake as the hardest challenge yet.

    I am frightened about getting dentures because I am afraid of how it will change my life. I do not want my face to deform or my face to reabsorb so much that dentures won’t fit… but I am convinced these are horror stories that happen very rarely or not at all.

    I am going to college and taking this step to better my life, but it isn’t easy. I found a job and worked there for five years, so have been taking great responsibility in my life since all the depression in my life started. I always wonder what could of been if I could have good natural teeth. I am also slightly afraid of what potential girlfriends would think. It is hard to think of what to say if and when someone realizes I have dentures instead of real teeth because I am going to run a fundraiser (only way I will ever be able to afford this procedure.)


  55. T says

    I’m 29 and had my full extraction done yesterday. Although I’m swollen, still in some pain and working through the lisp, I’m happy. I was certainly scared going into it and figured I would be self conscious being under 30 with false teeth, but if it wasn’t for the swelling I’d be confident enough to go back to work tomorrow.

    I wasn’t brought up with a good oral hygiene routine and ended up with the choice of a half dozen root canals, which my dentist said would only delay the inevitable, or to go for the full dentures and not be in constant pain anymore. My teeth were always too big for my mouth which left them over lapped and crooked. I can’t wait for the swelling to go down so I can take some pictures with my son and actually smile! His oral hygiene routine is strict and well monitored because I don’t want this for him. It was far too late for my natural teeth to become a nice smile but he will learn from my mistakes.
    For the first time in my life I have a beautiful smile and that confidence over rides the fears I had going into this. Its only day 2 but I am so much happier and better off than I imagined I would be at this stage.

    I went through a lot of message boards and videos while making this decision and I just wanted to share.

  56. Vivien says

    Hi, I am 38 and about to get a full upper denture and a partial lower one. I have had trouble with my teeth since my early childhood with my two upper front teeth snapping in half when I was 17 and bit into a slice of pizza! I am so happy that I will be getting rid of my teeth at last and looking forward to my denture adventure! Thank you for sharing your story x

  57. Dawna Darlene Rodgers says

    So I’m 22 I am having bad tooth pain. Like its between the teeth. I feel like they are gonna be pulled. I’ve already had 3 pulled and gonna have another 2 pulled. But I also have 15 cavities. Should I just have them all pulled and get dentures? My mother and father, and grandmother all have dentures. I’m afraid to get them but I don’t wanna be in pain. My next appointment is coming up but I had to wait like 5 months to get this one appointment. I’d love to have my teeth but with how much pain I’m in its tempting to get dentures. They hurt so bad I put orajel on them but it wears off in 2 mins. Then I’m in pain again. I found using a baggie of ice with a towel around it helps the pain on one side but not the other. I’m just really worried! Help plz.

    • says

      Dawna, I’d suggest talking to your dentist to see what he or she thinks, but it’s my opinion that dentures are the solution! Good luck! Let me know how things go!

  58. Kyle Ross says

    That’s an incredible story, and I’m glad your dentures worked out so well for you! My dad’s teeth are in really bad shape, and the dentist has brought up the prospect of getting dentures a few times now, but I think he’s concerned that he won’t like them. I’ll definitely tell him your story and the confidence that your dentures give you, and maybe he can experience the same. Thanks for the great post!

  59. Callum says

    Hi Lorraine!

    Thank you for all your efforts to counter the propaganda about dentures. I think it is important that people should know that dentures can be an excellent alternative to natural teeth,

    I always knew that it was only a matter of time before I would lose all my teeth. I never looked after them and did not want to. I wanted them out before they started being a painful problem. Fortunately I found dentist out of the country who was happy to pull all my teeth. That was five years ago when I was twenty-five. I have never regretted the decision,

    The pros about dentures that dentists never tell you about:

    Your teeth look great, You can have the teeth you always wanted. Mine are even and white. So dentures improve appearance and always will if you have periodic replacements or relines.

    Getting dentures is the most cost effective dental treatment you will ever get. Yes there is the expense of the extractions and a temporary denture. After that the maintenance costs are much less. Just a periodic reline; I have had one. And a replecement after seven or more years; I am still on my first set of permanent dentures.

    They are .easy to keep clean.

    You feel much better and healthier once bad teeth and gums are eliminated.

    There are no nasty dental appointments and no more pain from bad teeth.

    A good set of dentures is comfortable to wear.

    Now for the cons:

    Your gums will shrink. Actuallythis is an advantage and makes possible dentures that are not bulky and ones that rest on well rounded firm gums. After the first six months to a year the shrinkage is imperceptible so dentures stay stable and secure for quite a long time before a reline is necessary.

    Your eating will be compromised. Yes, you have to learn to eat with your new dentures and it takes time. And yes there are some foods that may be too hard or chewy to eat with dentures. I find I can eat most things and I have not found my enjoyment of food has been compromised.

    Dentures are less stable that natural teeth. Of course, you can take them out whenever you want. You will learn to control your lower denture and overall your dentures should be stable. Certainly I have never found I needed an adhesive.

    You will still have to visit a dentist. Yes, but not for any expensive or painful treatment.

    Overall there is no doubt in my mind that for many people dentures would be a much better option that battling with bad teeth and gums. Certainly, I am very glad I made the transition to dentures and wish I had made them earlier.

    Keep on with your good work!

  60. Candace says

    I am so glad I came across your story, Lorraine! And every single comment from everyone has been so very helpful. I’m 40, and I have had rotten teeth since I was a kid. Didn’t help matters that I had a dentist at the age of 6 that was a little too teeth-yanking happy and hated small kids. Hello dentist-phobia. Thanks to him, I ended up with double teeth in the back (I had a tooth right in the middle of the roof of my mouth) and a seriously wonky crooked canine tooth that makes me look like Snagglepuss. I have always hated my teeth to the point I never really smile, but smirk instead to cover the snaggletooth. By the age of 17 things got worse, as the snaggletooth caused a cyst in the roof of my mouth that went part way into my sinus passage. As well as rotting pretty much all the upper teeth behind it, and several teeth in the front. I haven’t eaten on both sides of my mouth. Ever. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Every dentist I got the nerve to see (because I had prescription Ativan or Xanax that got me through it) usually played stupid upon coming across the cyst in my mouth (“We have no clue what it is. Maybe it’s cancer”) and refused to work on me until I went to the Dr. Well, the Drs had no damn clue either. Did I mention the cyst would sometimes flare up, swell with infection, then explode in a rancid fury ? Last Dr I had would recoil in disgust from me and my mouth. Let me tell ya, that works wonders for your self esteem….NOT. So let’s throw some depression in there. Especially when you’re with a man that asks you to not breathe in his general direction because your mouth smells like death and you haven’t been kissed in so long you think you’ve forgotten how. Back in 2011 I was hospitalized due to my intestines exploding and going septic…and the pain was so horrible something slightly miraculous happened where I lost my fear of pain, and almost completely lost my fear of Drs and Dentists and ‘procedures’ being done to me. When I was well enough, and since my hospital bill was such that I was paid up for all medical procedures for an entire year, I decided it was high time to figure my mouth problems once a for all. I finally found a dentist that identified what the whole cyst thing was about (and it wasn’t rare or uncommon, imagine my shock), and since it fell into the category of EarsNoseThroat specialist, I found that my medical could actually remove it (free, because I got free medical for a year) as opposed to spending thousands at an oral surgeon. So, that got dealt with. Took 3 months to recover. Then I started going to my dentist and systematically having all the rotten back teeth removed. After that, I spent probably a year where I did nothing to improve my mouth because my depression got bad again (and I was drinking far too heavily to care). In 2013 I was hospitalized yet again (alcohol this time), and it took another year of getting my head straight (sober) before I looked in the mirror one day and did NOT care much for what I saw. Because I had no back teeth, and I’d lost alot of weight from not drinking, the right side of my face looked like a skull. I said enough was enough, I want dentures, Of course, finding a dentist that didn’t try forcing me to keep all my rotten teeth was hard, and almost every single one was against dentures. I finally got my usual dentist to see how serious I was, and this past April 29 I had what remained of my back upper teeth pulled (only 3). I go in for impressions on the 8th of next month, and I really don’t understand why it is TAKING SO LONG. I was already pretty skinny before, but after only being able to chew on one inch of front teeth (incidentally, my dog knocked out one of my front teeth back in June, so I can’t chew on the temp tooth there) I have lost more weight to the point it’s begun to freak me out. No matter how much I manage to eat (and I usually give up because it takes so darn long to chew on 1 inch of teeth), it’s not gotten better and now the people around me are asking if I’m ill (as in cancer ill) or if I’m anorexic. And always, people are constantly trying to shove food down my throat which is leading to a food aversion, which is sooooo not cool. I have explained multiple times to the same persons (and we’re talking family, here….I’m too self conscious to want to go out much anymore) that it’s hard to eat, that this is part and parcel of getting dentures. It wasn’t until I talked to my brother last night who recently saw pictures of me that my father had taken when he came to visit 2 weeks ago that I faltered and now I don’t feel like I’m not holding myself together very well anymore in this quest for dentures. Our other brother is calling me ‘Skeletor’ behind my back, and the brother with whom I talked to told me I looked like my mother before she died, when she lost alot of weight. I spent 2 hours looking in the mirror an even went so far as to take selfies of myself in different angles (and I have never ever taken a selfie, ever) and things just got worse from there. My face looks like a skull. Now, I am not ill, this is from not being able to eat a whole lot. And I wish the people I’m related to, married to, gave birth too could be a little more positive and not so cruel. So I got online this morning instead of curling up in a ball and crying, and here I am. I want to say thank you for this thread, thank you in advance for my long winded and TMI post (I really have no one to talk to about dentures or self confidence issues due to awful teeth), and thank you for those of you who liken dentures to glasses, cuz I never thought of it that way. A question: anyone else with the weight loss that looked frightening? And please someone tell me that dentures are going to fill my face out, because I don’t want to look at myself anymore. I’m terrified I’ll get my dentures and they’ll make me look worse, if that’s even possible. I don’t care if they hurt my mouth for as long as I live, either, I just want to stop feeling miserable about my mouth, and eating actual food would be nice. Being able to chew with my whole mouth will be amazing. πŸ™‚

  61. Thanks for sharing your story of getting dentures! I am really glad that the dentures worked out so well for you– your teeth look absolutely great in your photos! In fact, I think that my mom needs to read about your experience– she has a lot of teeth that are badly damaged, and I know she is in a lot of pain. However, if she had them removed and got dentures, then I think she could be a lot happier like you!

  62. Becky says

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. You can tell how many people it helped by the comments since you posted in 2014. I’m 48 and have had at least 15 root canals, 2 bridges, 20 crowns, and on my 2nd implant. My upper 4part bridge is a continuous source of pain. I’m now considering having it removed & getting a partial. I wish I had taken better care of my teeth growing up & enjoyed sugar less. The TMJ doesn’t help either.

  63. Rachid says

    Hi Lorraine,

    Let me just thank you for sharing your experience with us, you just opened a door to so many people to share their experience too!!!

    Today I had five teeth removed 4 bottom and one on top, I had a denture fitted for both jaws, I struggling a bit but deep inside I know it’s all worth it.
    I am even considering remove all of them and have a full denture.

    Over the years I lost so many teeth add to this gum disease and loose teeth I think this will end all this disaster.

    Thanks again Lorraine

  64. says

    This is so interesting to me! I had always assumed that dentures were a last resort solution for seniors, but it’s great to see that’s not the case. I’m so glad you’re happy with your results! I’m encouraging my aunt to see a denturist for her own teeth, and she’s reluctant. Maybe if I show her your article she’ll realize the potential benefits.

  65. says

    Interesting to hear, I remember when I was younger I had several cavities. I remember thinking if only I could just get rid of all my teeth and put in fake ones. Hearing that you still have to brush and take care of them is too bad, but at least there is no more pain. How long would you say a pair of dentures last?

    • says

      Yvon, dentures usually last between 3 and 5 years, depending on how you care for them.

      I am 43 and am on my 4th upper pair and 3rd lower pair. My lowers, however, should be replaced, as the back teeth are worn down quite a bit.

  66. Gary says

    When I was 13 years old I was hit in the mouth with a cricket ball which loosened my two front teeth and resulted in a very bad abscess. I was taken to hospital and had these teeth removed with a small plastic denture fitted (not what you want at 13 !!). The dentures rubbed the adjoining teeth until they were filled and then eventually taken out. This process continued for some years The dentist eventually advised me to have all my top teeth removed which I did at 25. My first set of dentures fitted quite well and lasted me until I was 40. I am now 60 years of age and my second set are in need of replacing. I have been this morning for my impression. I am nervous because my second set have served me so well but are now well worn. I had a metal strengthening band inserted in them and this was the best thing I could have done. I have asked for a similar insert in my new set. Wearing dentures has, over the years, become second nature to me and I would not deter anyone who is thinking about having them instead of looking at stained and rotting real ones and enduring endless toothache.
    My new set will be ready three weeks today and I’m quite looking forward to having them. Thank you for allowing my to share my own personal experiences.

  67. Well I have never heard of a story like this! I’m not sure if this counts as “embarrassing” as you seem to be so proud of telling it! However, I totally understand what you mean. I have a close friend who may be in a similar situation as you were, and dentures might be the option. Strangely enough I doubt the thought of dentures as a solution has even crossed his mind at all! Anyway, thanks for the story! I’ll forward it on to him.

  68. DoloresB says

    I think this is good for people to read, because people often cringe at the idea of dentures. Dentures should be more like glasses. They are a device to help not hurt, so I think it’s reasonable to believe that dentures should be well accepted.

  69. Emma Trueman says

    Hi Lorraine
    Have only just seen this post! I don’t really have a question just my story really! I live in the UK and I’m an oh-so-young 44 year old I had all my teeth removed on 24th April 2015 and after nearly 7 weeks of no teeth get my new dentures tomorrow (unless you are private patient in UK you do have to wait under the NHS to get dentures but as I’m not rich I went down the NHS route) have had several fittings last weeks was in wax and the dentist has done a fabulous job. I am a little scared though as I’ve heard real horror stories about having dentures and have had no teeth now for 7 weeks!
    I had all my teeth removed in hospital under sedation and have had a few problems with pain etc and remaining bone fragments which are now all sorted. I gag really badly so I’m really worried now I won’t get used to having teeth again!!
    I loved your blog post and wish I’d found it before my op! I think unlike most people I couldn’t wait to get my teeth out they were soooooo painful and all breaking I have a condition where my immune system attacks other parts of my body so having my teeth removed was a godsend I cannot tell you the pain I had prior to the removal!
    I hope the gagging isn’t too bad and loved your story!

    • says

      Emma, thanks for reading and sharing your story. Too bad you read it after the fact! But, hey, it’s good you are taking care of yourself. I’m sure the gagging won’t last forever.

      Good luck!

  70. Pete Larry says

    How much adhesive do you use (assuming you use any at all)? I find it very helpful, both in terms of comfort as well as function, but can never quite make it through a whole day; usually by dinner time the bottoms are starting to come loose.

  71. Angelica says

    Hi. I’m 19 and would like to remove my teeth but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. I have an overbite and multiple cavities. And it will take a lot of work and years to fix my teeth. Do you think I should get fake teeth too?
    And is there anything bad about getting fake teeth?
    How much did it cost you to remove and get the teeth?

    • says

      Angelica, when I had my teeth removed, I was on government assistance and so the costs were all covered. I had an overbite, too. The dentist corrected it when I he made my new teeth.

      I suggest you read through the post and the comments here for more information.

      Good luck!

  72. Marianne Rodgers says

    Hi Eva,
    I am so very, very glad, thrilled, you are getting proper help. I do hope you heal. I really would like to know the biological dentist you are going to, but I respect your privacy. Lorraine is right if you have more than one biological dentist in your area. Maybe you have already checked this out though.

    I just returned from a conventional hematologist/oncologist. He was very cruel. He told me I have a complicated medical background, as if I did not know that already. He asked about how I was doing, and when I attempted to tell him, he did not want to hear. He told me he would only treat my blood clot problems and all but told me to leave. I get that all the time. Something like, “I take care of your big toe, if your little toe hurts, don’t ask me, and leave my office.” It is a cruel world out there. I used to have money, but losing my treatment, and subsequently my engineering job changed all that. My quality of life is now ZERO. I am so very happy if anything I said helps you avoid the pitfalls I have inadvertently fallen into.

    I was extremely alarmed when I read your first post, so responded as quickly as I could. That was not a very well written post.

    Please do keep us informed of your situation. Long-term health and being able to wear beautiful dentures is so important.

    God bless and be with you each and every step of the way, and may you heal.

    Just curious. Did you get the book?

    Kind Regards,

    Marianne Rodgers

  73. Eva says

    Dear Lorraine and Marianne,
    Fortunately I have been to see a highly reputed biological dentist in my area with whom I will slowly have teeth extracted a few at a time. His recommendations make total sense to me, since his focus will be on improving my jaw alignment and cleaning up the bone complications from all the root canals, as section by section we let things heal. It will cost way more than doing it all at once, but considering my health challenges, I think this is the way to go.
    I will update you as I make progress. Thank you so much. The information has been invaluable!

    • says

      Eva, this sounds very painful. I would STILL go to another dentist for yet ANOTHER opinion.

      ONCE YOU HAR THE SAME THING from at least two or three dentists, I think that will be your answer.

      Good luck!

  74. eva says

    Thank you so much for your courage and for all the upbeat kindness you extend to your visitors. I think I could be part of your club: I inherited a really lousy set of teeth, ate too much sugar when I was younger, and now, at 63, I’ve had all of my teeth crowned and more than half of them have root canals. I have major health issues, not surprising after all this dentistry. Reading this entire page tells me that maybe I ought to have gotten dentures a long time ago. My Dad had his at 35. I’ve always known I could be facing that same fate–in my mind, a terrible one!

    Last week one of my bridges, lower front, broke off leaving rotten stubs–the dentist magically glued it back on temporarily–and if I go with the plan the dentist offered I’m facing $13,000 worth of work, including implants, more extractions, and a new lower front bridge. I’ve been practically comatose since receiving this news. So depressing! There’s never an end to this! And no one I know has this level of dental problems so they don’t really understand. At my age and with my financial situation, this new dental expense is devastating. I could go with the cheapest rendition of their solution, extracting the stubs and getting yet another root canal, and a “temporary” stay plate, OR….I could perhaps switch gears? I am so, so sick of the ongoing and never-ending pain and expense of getting my teeth fixed. Whenever I have mentioned dentures, my friends, dentist, and endodontist, have all discouraged me from getting them. “You want to keep your own teeth.” Even when they’re mostly all dead?

    Unfortunately, my problem is not my smile. I love my smile. It’s pretty much my best feature. The crowns are top of the line. Would the denturist get it right, make teeth that will be recognizably me?

    I’m so grateful to discover this page and that dentures might be the wisest next step, maybe starting with the lowers. Or maybe it’s better to do them all at once? The pain and adjustment period sound yucky but I’ve been through such hell already with my teeth, could it be that much worse? It might improve my health!

    I have to admit that my pride and my sensuality have me in a great deal of fear about this: I love fully tasting my food, speaking without a lisp, and kissing! The thought of introducing a lover to my toothless situation freaks me out. Yes, people in their sixties kiss and use computers! πŸ˜‰ And not having the full-on experience of kissing unless I take the dentures out is pretty abhorrent; time perhaps for celibacy? Also, does anyone have the problem of dry mouth? This condition has encouraged gumline decay. Do you know if it’s more difficult to have successful dentures with this condition?

    Another question: there seems to be a discrepancy between what you’ve said is best–to have the temporary plates go in immediately after extraction–and the opinion of others, to let it all heal first. Is your thinking on this still the same?

    Your words of encouragement have given so many a new perspective. Your bright and optimistic attitude are a great gift to your readers. Thank you for this forum for us to express ourselves and for your beautiful service!

    • says

      Eva, I think it’s best if you speak to your dentist and let him/her address your questions. The only thing I can say is that it’s best to get them done all at once. πŸ™‚

      I’m glad my experience helped and comforted you! πŸ™‚

    • says


      This just came in from a reader who was unable to leave this comment on my blog.


      I want to reply to eva, but I can’t make it work. Eva is in very, very big trouble. If she has a dentist who is trying to get her to keep her teeth at this point, with all those root canals, he/she just does not know what he/she is doing or only wants the money. I rather think the dentist just does not understand the situation eva is in. She needs help. I am still suffering severely without my pretty 27 teeth that had no cavities that I had pulled improperly. I am the living dead. Boy, I wish I had healthy gums. Money is a very big problem for me. Eva is right that she should have had her teeth pulled properly much younger. Uninformed dentists are trained to save teeth at all costs. WRONG! My life-time dentist advised e to get that root canal that finally infected all my gums. I am here as a witness. If she can come up with that money she needs a dentist who will really help her. She does not realize it, but healthy gums are what is most important. You know, and I know, that dentures are BEAUTIFUL! but if your gums cannot heal because of infection and disease, then even just getting them pulled is a bad idea, like what happened to me. I did have very pretty teeth, but I have a vry diseased mouth. You become the living dead. There is a dentist that can and will help her. It will cost, but why not pay for a cure, not for continued infected gums and jaw bone, and severe illness. I need much more than $13K for help, but I do not have the money. If I had known, even at her age what I needed, I could have been saved so much pain and suffering 24/7. But, I kept my teeth too long and I only had one root canal. I am still so very sick. I know one man who spent $50k for bone grafts, root canals, implants, etc. They all failed. If he had just had a dentist who was not determined to make him keep his teeth, and he had his infections treated properly, he would be OK today. Poor man, he is very sick, and he has no teeth. At least give eva this information so she can become informed and maybe get well. http://www.amazon.com/Stealth-Killer-Spirochetosis-Missing-Labyrinth/dp/0976379783/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1430897486&sr=1-2 The kindle download is less than $10.00 Dr. Nordquist web site is at http://www.yelp.com/biz/william-d-nordquist-dmd-san-diego She could call his office and ask for advice This could literally save her life. Also see this site http://www.healthyrootcanal.org/alternativerootcanaltreatments.html Even though I cannot currently solve my torture, if one person can be helped, it will make me feel I have done my job as a human being and as a Christian, a servant of Jesus Christ. I do know of a dentist in Tijuana Mexico who is well trained. If I had had the $12k needed for his treatment, I might be OK today. But if I were her I would ask Dr. Nordquist for his advice about this dentist in Tijuana. Dr. Nordquist will know, I am pretty sure. Maybe Dr. Nordquist can tell her a proper dentist in her area. The dentist in Tijuana is at http://www.biologicaldent.com/contac_us.html Lagos has a good reputation in the dental world who know about him. I can give her more information. You have wait a while to see him because he is so busy, but as I understand it, he is good. I wish I could have gone to him in the first place.

      Another video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt3v8u-kyzA There are actually a lot of dentists who could help eva, but all want so much money. If I can communicate with eva I can give her much information that she can study to become informed and giver her the ability to make better decisions regarding her health. I wish her the very best and I wish her good health. I a an engineer and was making good money at her age. I just wish I had been more informed. I did not have any of this information at her age.

      Marianne Rodgers

  75. Marianne Rodgers says

    Hi Tammy,

    So sorry you have to lose your teeth. You mentioned being so tired. You will be able to eat. Just be creative with your blender as long as you need to. Be sure to post again if it takes an inordinate amount of time to heal as that would indicate a more serious medical problem. I am going through that now. I would give anything just to have a healthy set of gums. Dentures themselves, are quite beautiful.

  76. Tammy says


    I am so glad that I found your site. I am almost 46 and should have had dentures done a few years ago already. I have decaying and rotten teeth all over my mouth. We have spent so much money on my teeth already that I could have gotten implants trying to save them. I am in tears now knowing what has to be done. One of my front teeth just cracked and is about to break. I also think that my teeth are making me ill. I am fatigued and just feel horrible. Not to mention the depression and anxiety that I have developed from this. I am absolutely terrified to get dentures. I do not want to do it. I do not have any other options my dentist said that my teeth are not savable. Where I go they are awesome caring people so I am not worried about that. The way they do it is to pull and you have to wait 3 months before they will fit you for dentures. I have already gone from a size 16 to a size 6 in less than 3 years because of my depression. How am I going to eat and what am I going to eat with no teeth for 3 months. I want to feel better and look better. I do not want my teeth to kill me.

    • Mary says

      Even without any teeth for those 3 months you can eat. First couple of weeks you will need to eat soft food but then you can start eating whatever you want. I had to wait 6 months to get mine. I could eat crispy tacos, potato chips, etc anything I wanted. It’s all worth it I promise you.

  77. Faith says

    Hi Lorraine,
    I have been looking up information on getting dentures. My teeth are in real bad shape and I have not gone to the dentist ever only when I’ve had a problem with my teeth. I never brushed or flossed either, well sometimes but not enough. Well the truth is, I’m afraid to get my teeth out, afraid to be without teeth and afraid to get dentures. Its been months since I saw the dentist and told me that all my teeth have to come out. I’m glad I saw your page and I read tons of comments. I feel ready to make my appointment and start the process of getting dentures. I hate not being able to smile and talk to people. I will try to look on the bright side and I hope everything works out. I’m still a little nervous….Wish me luck πŸ™

  78. Marianne says

    I hope I have given the right impression. Los Algodones is a wonderful place. I forget if there are 80 or 800 dentists there. I could not go back for help, just too far away and too expensive on a social security pension. The problem is not all the dentists in Los Algodones, it is my infection. Many Americans and Canadians, especially, and many Europeans get wonderful dental care, at about a 70% discount there. For conventional dentistry, caps, fillings etc. I hate to say implants and root canals because my problems very possibly started with a root canal in my early 50s that kept hurting for over 6 months. It was my USA dentists who did the root canal and would not listen to me when I said I was having problems. I had always thought if I kept up my dental care, which I did at great expense, I would be fine as I got older, at least for dental problems. Not true!!! That root canal in my early 50s, I believe led to symptoms which I am sure you could not believe about 4 years after the root canal. As you know, it is not always the best health choice to keep your teeth. I have a difficult time believing my symptoms myself, except I have been through and am still living through them. 24/7 torture. Doctors will not listen or talk to dentists, and dentists will not listen or talk to doctors, at least here in the good ‘ol USA. I have a conventional strong scientific education, biology, chemistry, math, computer science, accounting. I took my degree with a BS in computer science major and a business minor because I needed a well-paying job to support my family. I could have easily taken a minor in all the other subjects along with my computer science degree. I only needed 1 or 2 classes to complete a major in all those other subjects. I received my degree actually on my 40th birthday while having 4 little ones in toe.

    Los Algodones is a wonderful place, even to get dentures, they made mine. It is my infection and the lack of proper medical care for Lyme disease and all chronic illnesses in the US, Canada, much of Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and much of the world. Modern medicine is great treating acute illnesses, broken bones, heart surgery, etc. Get Lyme disease, the great mimicking disease, or some other autoimmune disease and you are out of luck and are treated like a criminal.

    Los Algodones is a great place for “normal” dental work. Fancy dental work that you could not otherwise afford. So many Canadians were there. I went there because my friends with “normal” health had such great experiences and have beautiful teeth. I had to talk my dentist in Los Algodones into taking out my teeth. It was my attempt to get rid of my oral infection. At least the glue, puss, or whatever it is no longer has teeth to stick to. I don’t know what will happen, but it was not the fault of my Los Algodones dentist.

    Look up Yolanda Foster and her battle with Lyme, and her battle to make the world aware of Lyme. All Yolanda’s money has, so far, not helped her much. Also look up a very long but happy story of Canadian, Christa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So2K68r8pOY Christa and Justin now have a wonderful little boy, and Christa is doing very well, except a year or so ago she was still getting headaches. I WAS doing very well, but had my Lyme treatment devastatingly jerked. Mexico, as far as I can tell still does not do LANAP. That is one treatment I wish I had known about. I only very recently found out about it. Dumb USA dentists, they could have suggested it

  79. Marianne says

    I posted here before when I had 27 teeth, with no cavities, out on December 10, 2014. I was wearing the dentures, still with pain, but thought all would heal. I went to Los Algodones, in Mexico because of the cost. I met so many denture wearers there, eating steaks!!! However, I have Lyme disease, and the infection I was hoping to get rid of did not go away. I can no longer wear the dentures and the infection is as bad as ever, but I do not think it is worse. It feels like my gums are balloons, difficult to talk even. I took NSAIDs for pain, and now have a very sick gut that is not healing. I have lost 10 pounds and it is difficult to eat, not because of lack of teeth. It is because, as even before I had my teeth taken out, it is difficult to get food past the infection and I take baking soda to try to keep my stomach and intestines from being so acid, and burning so bad. If there is someone else out there whose main problem is infection, probably periodontal disease, think twice. At least I do not have a glue sticking to my teeth that I cannot remove, since I have no teeth. Maxillofacial surgeons, dentists of all kinds, doctors have never given me any help with this. I have met other people with this problem. Lose teeth, the infection is clear. It is torture 24/7. When I got back from Mexico, reacted to oxicodone, like having a heart attack, I went to the ER and was told to go to a hospital where maxillofacial surgeons work. I am not lying, going to that hospital was the worst thing I ever did. The treatment was totally abusive. I have read on this post of people with broken teeth, puss of all kinds, and when they had their teeth pulled, their infections went away and they seemingly have done well with dentures. I would give anything to be able to wear dentures, but at this point I do not think it will ever happen. I have recently learned of LANAP gum treatment. The cost, as I understand it is about $6k, a lot of money, which I do not have. I am guessing now, but I think I would have had to have it done every year to get rid of the infection. If you have the money, it may be worth looking into LANAP if you have gum infection. If your infection is like mine, you may be sent away, money or not. If you are interested at all in Lyme and the abuse patients receive, look up Yolanda Foster on the web. Actually, I do not think Yolanda has the oral connection yet, or does not know about it. Modern medicine is criminal!!! My Lyme treatment was working, I felt “normal,” for 4-5 years. But modern medicine, and conventional doctors decided I did not need treatment so took it away. It took less than 6 months for me to lose my well-paying computer science engineering job, and the degeneration has continued for over 5 years. On treatment, I had no dental problems, or oral infection. I could go on and on about this, but this is enough for now. Just remember you have a criminal medical community out there and if you need treatment that does not fit in one of their pigeon holes, you will be abused. In the name of “do no harm,” doctors will let you suffer and die.

  80. Caroline Danvers says

    Wow Lorraine, what a great story, and I have to say how impressed I am at your positivity! I will be joining you as a denture wearer. I have to admit that I am a little nervous, but at the same time, your story has given me some hope. I do hope that the dentures work as well for me as they have for you, because I would prefer to avoid needing to get implants. Just one question for you, out of curiosity, how long from your first surgery did it take for you to feel “normal” again? Thanks again for opening up and sharing, especially when the subject is potentially embarrassing.

      • Shalee says

        Hi I have questions I have appointment April 6 and my teeth are awww ful broken chip gone I have 17 teeth that are bad and when I found this web site it really encourage me to go ahead and get false teeth everyone stories and information Thank you all so now I am ready just to take the lil teeth I do have out and get dentures I am 32 years old but I miss my smile and being able to talk with confadence to others I wanted to know after my teeth are pulled can they all get pulled at once what best way to get it done and I also wanted to know is how soon can I get my false teeth hoe long will I be with out any teeth I mean it porbally will not look as bad as it dose now but I am in school so am concern about walking around with no teeth

        • says

          Shalee, most places will fit you with dentures beforehand, so you shouldn’t be without teeth at all. I had mine put in right after my surgery — they put them in while I was still knocked out.

          Ask your dentist to do the same!

  81. Jackson Willis says

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having dentures regardless of age. There aren’t very many things you can do to improve dental health, but sometimes, you just run out of options and need help. Dentures are there when you need that help. Because of that, I think it’s extremely important to let yourself get the help you need. I know that I wouldn’t want to walk around with bad teeth, trying to make good impressions, get jobs, and just live a normal life. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way too, so getting this kind of help can be really important.

  82. Traci says

    To mj
    I have dentures top and bottom but there only temporary ones until I get the permanent ones. I never heard of flexible dentures either did they say how much they cost? Just curious. I am getting my new permanent ones in a few months and I can wait but I do have implants on the bottoms but the top I just have temporarily ones. I will do some research on the flexible ones and try to find out but if you find out please let us know


  83. MJ says

    Hi Lorraine,
    I’ve been toying with pursuing freelance writing, though while doing research, I was so blessed to find your candid, personal reflection re your denture experience.
    I am faced with making that same decision, which I do not take lightly.

    .I’ve heard, it is much better to have dentures placed at time of teeth being removed, so your gums will form to the shape of the dentures as they heal, making the fit tighter.

    . Opinion’s re “Flexible” dentures.

    Would love to hear from anyone having experience with Flexible dentures, good or not..
    Many thanks…

  84. Mattie says

    Thanks for posting your story, Lorraine. I found it because I was searching for information about dating someone who has missing teeth.

    I’m 53 and I just met an online date in person. I noticed right away that his jawline looked different than it did on the website. I now realize he’s probably missing his bottom teeth. I liked the way he looked on the website, with a longer jawline.

    But when he asked me if he looked like his picture, I lied and said “Yes,” because, at the time I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was different about it and/or I didn’t want to say “Your face is shorter.”

    The ironic thing is, after a year-long separation from my husband of 22 years, my divorce was just finalized a few months ago. Prior to separating, one of the things that bothered me about my ex was that when he got a full set of false teeth a couple of years ago, he rarely wore them around the house because they hurt. We were already on the rocks, had been for most of our marriage, but it still irritated me that he wouldn’t try to look more attractive to me and I told him so. Bottom line, though, the false teeth issue is not what caused me to leave him, our deep incompatibility did.

    Anyway, so here I am meeting someone I might really like and he has teeth issues too. We have our second date this weekend. I’m thinking I’ll just ask him point blank: “Are you missing your bottom teeth?” And if he says yes, “Why don’t you replace them?”

    At least then I’ll know what’s up with his teeth and jaw line.

    What do you think about me taking a point-blank approach with him?

    • says

      Mattie, honesty is the best policy, always. Just reassure him that you still think he is good-looking! You know how insecure men can be… and not admit it. LOL

      A direct approach is great. Go for it! πŸ™‚

  85. Sandra Moyle says

    Thank you, Lorraine, for honestly addressing the fears many of us have about dentures. My dentist is recommending that I get a full upper denture. I am an effective public speaker and I make my living speaking in front of large groups of people every week. I’d like to hear how dentures affect speech. Is there a long time and/or permanent change?

    • says

      Sandra, I can speak fine now, although I did have to practice for a week or so! πŸ˜‰

      Nope, no permanent change! You’ll be fine, trust me. πŸ™‚

  86. Jenn says

    My teeth started going bad as soon as my dental insurance ran out and from that point, all I could afford were extractions. This left me at 30 with 17 teeth left in my mouth and my front two rotting away and visibly brown. I was constantly aware of how awful my smile was and it made me not smile anymore. Last week, I had my remaining teeth pulled and a full set of dentures put in right away. The pain and discomfort from healing and the dentures have often made me question my decision over the last week. After reading your story, I feel so much better! I frequently worry that people can tell my teeth are fake, but after seeing how great your smile looks… I don’t think I’ll be worrying about that again! Thank you for sharing your story!

      • H says

        Thank you so much for this: my boyfriend is 26 and about to start this process (as a result of an accident he was in as a teen that severely damaged his teeth, and now the root canals/crowns and remaining natural teeth are starting to fail, break, and get infected quite frequently, causing pain and potential antibiotic resistance). It is a tough place to be in not only financially, but emotionally, as someone his age typically does not need this kind of procedure done. We know that it will be a huge improvement both medically and cosmetically, but of course it has been tough and embarrassing for him to come to terms with. He has several people in his family with dentures, but all of them were at least 50 when they got them, so while they might be able to share with him the physical experience of “what to expect,” he hasn’t had anyone to talk with about the unique experience of getting dentures at a young age.

        What is it like getting used to eating with them? That is one of the things he has been worried about. He knows that, theoretically, it is easier to eat with a full set of teeth, but he has also gotten used to eating with/around his missing teeth and knows that at least those are real, they can bite and pull. How drastically do your eating capabilities change once you have dentures? Do they pull off easily with any tough/hard/chewy food, or does it just take some getting used to?

        How long does it take to recover from the procedure? What you describe sounds really painful and long lasting, but I have also known people who were back at work the next day, claiming to just be a little sore. I would imagine it would depend on the case, so are there any indications beforehand of how intense the recovery process will be?

        How long does a set usually last? You were 22 when you got them and have a 24 year old son, so I am guessing you have probably had them for at least 20 years by this point. How often do they need to be replaced, and why?

        Finally, when you were in your 20s, were people who didn’t know you before getting the dentures able to tell that you had them? And if so, what responses did you deal with? What was the biggest social hurdle you faced as a result of having dentures at a young age? What advice would you give to someone who is about to have this done?

        Sorry to bombard with questions. There just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot out there for young people who need dentures, and while my boyfriend knows that it is the necessary next step and things will ultimately be better, he is understandably nervous, embarrassed, and wondering what to do from here. I am here for him 100% but also have not been there and do not know what it is like, so thank you for sharing your story.

        • says

          H, here are some answers for you:
          1. No one knew I had dentures unless I told them.
          2. It took me a few weeks to heal.
          3. I can eat anything now.
          4. They need to be replaced every 3-7 years, depending on how well you take care of them… and if you grind your teeth.

          I hope this helps!

  87. Shekinah says

    Thanks so much for your blog! ! Your smile is beautiful. So, I’m 35 years old & needing to have my teeth pulled & replaced with dentures. Now unlike some even though I had cavities my teeth were always so white & my smile was the most attractive thing about me. So, with that being said I’m having a lot of emotions run through my head, URGH!! The dentist recommended that I wait the 6-8 weeks. I just don’t know what to do!? But, my teeth crumble that’s how bad they are (the one’s that haven’t fallen out) so this needs to be done, just need to build my confidence up!

  88. Jennifer says

    Hanna I would give anything to to have been be able to afford implants or veneers! But in my situation dentures were more affordable!

  89. Hanna says

    I’m 18 years old, I’ve had horrible teeth,seems like my whole life. My dentist says this is due to weak teeth. I’ve had two root canals on the same tooth and I have two crowns. My dentist now wants to crown more. I’m so afraid of having dentures I would rather have all my teeth surgically drilled in then to have dentures. I guess why I’m really writing is to ask, why didn’t you get implants or venners, why did you so quickly pull them out.

    • says

      Hanna, I was told that my teeth were so bad that I’d need ten root canals to fix them… temporarily, as I’d have to get them pulled out about five years later. I hated getting root canals, so I simply told my dentist to just go ahead and take them all out now.

      That was when I was 22. I’m 43 now, and still consider getting false teeth one of the best moves I have ever made. πŸ™‚

  90. Hectorwilberforce says

    My teeth are a load of crap. I’m 27 and have coeliac disease so for years when it was undiagnosed I wasn’t getting any nutrients absorbed into my body. I have dreadful teeth which are falling out of my head, tons of fillings done when I was 15-16, and some since then. I have good oral hygiene, brush my gums, teeth, use mouthwash and it makes no difference. Eating is a just a painful experience and bits of my teeth sometimes break off. What a joke. Obviously I have a hideous smile and can’t smile at all, so I look miserable all the time. I really think in a few years I will have all the teeth pulled and dentures fitted.

    • says

      Hector, I think it’s best if you get your teeth looked at sooner than later. Dentures surely will improve the quality of your life! I know they helped me with my confidence. Plus, I was no longer in pain from having rotten teeth!

      Best of luck to you!

  91. kaleigh Morgenstern says

    Hi. My name is Kay. I’m 25 and I need to get top dentures. My appointment to start pulling all the back teeth (which there are only about 5) is at the end of the month. I have a front tooth that is about to break soon. I’m nervous I won’t get dentures in time before it breaks. I’m nervous of the actual pulling, the healing, like how long will I be out of work? How long will it actually be painful? Are they noticeable? Do they slip Out when you talk? Do thwy affect your speech? ? Ive got so many questions and worries. I’m just ready to get the whole process over! I know when it’s all said and done I’ll feel so much better about myself! But until then I can’t help but worry!!

    • says

      Kay, it’s natural to worry and have questions. Your dentist should be able to answer them for you. Just make sure you keep your appointments! You’ll be okay.

      Read through the comments on this post to find out more about the various experiences of others, okay? You’ll find all the answers to your questions there!

  92. Jennifer says

    I had my bottom ones done on Monday and I now have three sore spots that are turning into ulcers! The bone graft filled wounds are healing nicely and not really hurting but my god the ulcers hurt so bad! Using lots of orajel! Waiting for the bendzodent to come in the mail lol! Still completly happy with the results this just cannot wait for it to be completly healed so that I can go have the posts put in to make the snap in!

    • says

      Jennifer, rinse your mouth with warm salt water every few hours. That will help combat further infection, plus help to alleviate some of the pain.

      Orajel is awesome, but it’s only a pain reliever; it’s not good for treating infections. You’ll need antibiotics for that.

  93. Traci says

    I have an update on my surgery that I got done on Monday morning 23 February 2015. I already had my top dentures done and I was having issues with keeping them in because I only had 6 teeth on the bottom and the reason for my top dentures not staying was because I had no back teeth to hold the top dentures in. Now, I have the bottom dentures and being that I just got them they are a little flimsy which was expected but most of all I am extremely happy with my dentures. I am trying to get used to them and I actually talk pretty normal which is surprising to me but I am happy with them I also got the implants snap in ones so in a few months I will be able to snap them right and the top dentures should stay in great. I am so excited and I can’t wait. I am so glad I did this I feel pretty confident with what I did and yes the financial part will take a while to pay off but it’s so worth it. Lorraine thank you again for putting this blog out here for people to see we are very blessed to have you and everyone as a support group. I say to anyone that needs dentures to look into getting implants at least for the bottom ones if you can afford it of course it doesn’t always work for everyone.

    I am going to pay this off but I know it will be well worth it. This was definitely well worth it.

    Again thank you for listening you guys are the best


  94. Megan Earl says

    Oh I’m so happy that you’re satisfied with your fake teeth! I’ve actually been considering getting dentures for a while now. As you said, I think it would be a real confidence boost. Having beautiful teeth can make a huge difference on a person’s face. How long was your mouth sore after you got them?

  95. Jennifer says

    Hi! Your story sounds somewhat like mine! I had my top dentures done at 25 when they told me that I had so much infection if I didn’t do something about it my daughter would grow up without a mother!! Now I am 33 and I just had my last 6 bottom rotten highly Infected teeth pulled and a bottom denture put in this morning! Trying to deal with the pain with Tylenol 3 also! Wondering how long it will take my loving man to take me to the emergency room for better pain meds lol!! My poor child was not as lucky as yours she had to have all her teeth capped by age 4 and now the adult teeth are coming in deteriating quickly. I am at a loss on her teeth but trying my hardest to keep her from every going through what I have been through! So I have a question how long did it take you to get used to your bottom ones? I am going back in 6 months to have post magnetics put in to hold them in better place for the rest of my life!

    • says

      Jennifer, I don’t think it took me very long to get used to my bottom dentures. A couple of weeks? A month? Not long, anyway.

      Good luck with your new teeth! Tell your daughter to brush at least three times a day and floss at least once a day, before bed, then rinse her mouth out with mouthwash after she flosses to rid herself of the remaining particles of crap in her mouth.

  96. michelle says

    Thank – You for this site! Very informative. I am 44 years old and now going to the dentist for the first time since 1989!! I have done a lot of research about this and I now feel O.K. with going to the dentist. (does not hurt that my husband of 18 years is fully supporting my decision!) I have decided to go to Affordable Dentures in St. Charles Mo. I have my first appointment with them on Tues. Feb 24th. I went to a local dentist last week on the 11th of Feb. : The cost that they quoted me was RIDICULOUS ($11,785)!! WITH MY INSURANCE! I am going to have all of my teeth removed at my local Oral Dental Surgery Center..24 teeth… cost with insurance; including being knocked out for the surgery….$987.50 and Affordable Dentures is going to make my Temporary Denture before hand so the Oral Surgeon can place them right after my surgery. After 3 days I am supposed to go back to Affordable Dentures and have my gums examined and get a full check up. Once my gums have healed I am supposed to return to Affordable Dentures to have my Permanent Dentures made. I have chosen to go with the ULTRA Package that they offer… the best ones they offer. They are supposed to be “picture perfect porcelain teeth”. And yes they do have the LAB on site, so I can check them out as they make them for me. The cost for my teeth from Affordable Dentures is $1,710.00 start to finish, (temporary dentures too) all check ups and follow up alignments included. so I am looking at a total of $2,697.50. Way crazy better than trying to save BAD teeth “fixed” for a few more years as my local Dentist wanted too. thanks for reading my story ….. Wish Me Luck as I start my New Smile journey next Tuesday!!!! Michelle

    • Peggy says

      Hi Michelle,
      Some insurance companies won’t cover much for dental but they will pay if you go to a hospital or surgeon to have teeth removed. I guess they figure if you have to be knocked out and monitered by an anesthesiologist it is considered a medical procedure and not dental. I never knew this till after my surgery so mine ended up costing $7,000 before insurance and my insurance only covers $1000. My implants were $2000 per post and my dentures (including temporary and permanent) are only $1500. After talking with others who have had the implants, I am finding out that I still got off pretty cheap. I know I spent over $10,000 trying to save my uppers and that was total waste. Thanks to our family genetics the constant dental visits were really not an option for me. The only thing it accomplished was giving me a complete phobia about dentists! When I had the uppers removed, I waited 8 weeks until my gums healed before I got dentures…with the bottoms, my dentist popped in the temporaries immedietly after removal. I have to say, the temporary plate does help protect my gums and my stiches so the pain hasn’t been unbearable. Day six after my surgery and feeling more comfortable every day. After all the suffering I’ve done because of my former bad teeth the discomfort is nothing! My only regret is that I hadn’t done it sooner. I have many years of family pictures that I refused to smile in….never again!! πŸ™‚

  97. Tre shepard says


    I am 20 year old male from Nova Scotia its 6:30 AM on Feb 20 2015 and my surgery is today at 1:30 PM for full mouth teeth extraction.

    Not only am I scared and going half nuts I have NO friends now to talk to, I have a boyfriend but am scared this will affect him to and that’s killing me.

    I’m not getting immediate dentures for a few reasons so I’m not sure how long I have to go being “toothless” before I can get my dentures.

    Wish me luck everyone thank you for reading.

  98. maria says

    I have a phobia regarding dental work due to having a drunk dentist as a child, my teeth becoming loose due to anorexia. Now 25 years later I need extractions done and I am double scared as I have high blood pressure and had a stroke 8 years ago. I am terrified of having dentures, but its comforted me to read some people are happy with them. On the one hand I want dentures, but am terrified of the process and I don’t know if there is anything extra risky about extractions and high bp, I do take medication for high bp. Any words of wisdom?

  99. Peggy says

    After a lifetime of dental nightmares, I had all my uppers surgically removed when I was 27. I absolutely LOVE my upper dentures and have never had a problem with them nor do I use any adhesives. I am now 49 and yesterday, I finally had the courage to go back to the dentist and have my lowers removed. I found a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry and who has taken seminars on dealing with people who have dental phobias. I can not begin to explain how wonderful this dental experience has been compared to all my past visits with other dentists. My first visit I actually began my morning by throwing up in anticipation of my visit…then when I was explaining to the Dr. and his staff about my irrational fear, the tears were in a steady flow (and the dentist hadn’t even touched me!) That was just the consultation visit…once we decided to go ahead with the extractions, my new dentist gave me a prescription for Valium to help me relax the day of my appointment and told me to “bring the loudest music I could find”. So, yesterday morning I went Ipod in hand and still terrified. I was wide awake for the entire process of having 11 teeth pulled and two posts implanted for my future dentures. I thought I would be toothless for the next 8 weeks until my gums and jaw healed but my dentist had made a temporary lower denture to wear while I heal. I was a little leery about popping dentures onto my gums which are now full of stitches but he gave me a couple of prescriptions and a wonderful product called “Dental Gel”. The Dental Gel contains aloe to sooth the gums and also a product that keeps your mouth from smelling like rotting flesh. He told me the dentures would also act as a compression dressing for my gums. The prescriptions were for antibiotics because my gums were infected, 800 mgs. of Ibuprofen to help with pain and to reduce the swelling, and also a prescription for Hydrocodone to take in between the scheduled ibuprofen to manage any additional pain. I woke up this morning with very little discomfort and have not had to take any of the Hydrocodone! I still expect the bruising to show up in the next couple of days but I can honestly say (given all past dental experiences) that this was the best thing I have ever done! I opted for the more expensive option of denture implants because I have heard the horror stories of peoples teeth “flapping” when they talk and because I want to be able to eat anything I want. My dentist says that my final plate will snap to my gums. I am beyond happy with my current temporary plate and can’t wait for the permanent one ( in 4 to 6 months when I am completely healed). For the first time in a long time, I am no longer embarrassed to smile. Granted…my surgery was just yesterday but I can not describe how happy I am right now. I am also now in love with the Dental Gel and will always have some on hand in case of any sore spots with uppers or lowers.

    • says

      Peggy, I’ve not heard of Dental Gel before, but it sounds like it’s working for you!

      Congratulations on your new set of bottoms, and thanks for sharing your story. I’m sure it’ll help others as much as mine did. πŸ™‚

      Keep on smiling!

    • Traci says

      Peggy I’m actually getting the implants on Monday and the rest of my bottom ones pulled too. Can you actually talk with the bottom ones in too I’m getting the same exact thing as yiu. Thank you for the info i will ask my dentist to give me that too

      • says

        Not sure if Peggy’s reply went through as I got an email with her reply in it.

        It said:

        Hi Traci, the first day of my surgery, my lips and tounge were so numb I was having a lot if trouble talking. Once the numbness wore off, I haven’t had any problems speaking. My teeth were pulled on Monday and it is now Thursday…my gums and jaw are pretty tender today but that’s to be expected with a mouth full of stitches. The discomfort is easily managed with the Tylenol and ibuprofen. People are amazed by my new smile and no one can tell they are false teeth. These are just my temporaries and I expect my permanent ones to be even better! After a lifetime of dental pain and misery, I still say this is the best thing I have EVER done! If your dentist doesn’t have the dental gel, you can order it online. I Googled it and the cost was about 17 dollars for a four ounce tube. Definitely worth it! Kind of acts as a cushion for the stitches, soothes the gums and keeps your mouth from smelling like rotting flesh. And No, I am not a salesman for dental products…I’m just really impressed with the product! It’s called “Dental Gel super relief formula with Oxygene”. I think it’s made by Oxyfresh.

  100. Steve says

    “My dentist recommends holding on to as many of my own teeth as possible but often I just wish they were gone – less pain and expense.”

    You are so right! Dentists are always finding reasons to retain this tooth or that. You have to be determined. I had the option of having some teeth out and the insertion of partila dentures but I said I just wanted them all out and I succeeded. That was years ago now and I have been a satisfied full denture wearer since then.

  101. Leanne Dancey-Ball says

    So refreshing to hear a good denture story. Though a lot older than you (57) I have had a lifetime of dramas with my teeth. I have always looked after them well and regularly gone to the dentist. Just had another 5 out yesterday – already had a partial top plate and now have a partial bottom plate to replace front four extracted and give me some chewing teeth at the back. I was happy with the top on when I got used to it and now expect the same from the bottom on plus the false ones look sooooo much better than my teeth ever did. My dentist recommends holding on to as many of my own teeth as possible but often I just wish they were gone – less pain and expense.

    • says

      Leanne, it’s funny how dentists recommend that… I’m not sure why they do. In my opinion, it’s better to just get false teeth and neer have to worry again about the real ones.


      Good luck with yours!

  102. Marie says

    I’m getting my teeth removed in a few weeks & scared too. I personally would not go to a place called “Affordable Dentures”. Are they made on site? If not, you need to find out where they are made. There could be some major issues depending on where they are made & who will be making them. I don’t know where you live, but I suggest Spodak Dental in Delray Beach, FL. They have an “A” plus rating with the BBB. Also read the patient reviews, which are all 5 stars. Look online for the video of the interview that was on the news. It was with Dr. Craig Spodak. He explains possible problems that could arise depending on where the dentures are made.

  103. Darin says

    Pushing 40 and am thankful to find you all as a bit of a “support group”. I went today for a consultation at Affordable Dentures. After seeing some reviews, I am very opprehensive about using a “chain” outfit, although I know they have more payment options. Have kind of looked at Advantage and Aspen too,but not sure what to do next. I definitely want to do this, and soon, but not sure who to trust. Self concious, confused and yes,slightly depressed. Any input?

  104. Oneoakgirl says

    I’m going to the dentist next week to make a plan on getting full dentures. I’m 57 years old and have had bad teeth for so long. My teeth just crumble. I’ve had crowns and root canals so many times and they never take. When I was 6, I’d go to the dentist and he would just drill and drill and drill. I had a mouth full of big old fillings that just started to fall out leaving big holes. I’ve been watching videos for several days about life with dentures and I am so ready! Thanks for sharing your story – it helps alleviate the fear. I can’t wait to flash that big smile!

  105. lynz says

    I am 29 and had 7 of my upper teeth pulled out today while I was awake and a plate fitted straightaway. I am now in a lot of pain and cried when I got home but I am hoping it will be worth it. I wasn’t taken to the dentist when I was younger. I didn’t go till I was 24 and had a bad experience and a bad dentist who made me feel so small and ashamed of myself. My mum passed her fear onto me. My two front teeth had a massive gap and where uneven my other teeth slowly started to fall out and I’ve been living off soft food and avoiding eating in public for the last year or so. I have no self-confidence. When people speak to me my hand is in front of my mouth and there are no photos of me smiling. Last year I met my partner and we are getting married in May. I decided I needed to smile and not worry on our wedding day. I went to meet my new dentist in November. He is lovely and puts me at ease. I still have panic attacks in the chair but I’m a lot better. I came home this afternoon in a lot of pain but also so downhearted about losing so many teeth. I just hope when my mouth heals it will be worth it. Reading everyone post those as made me feel so much better not alone or ashamed of what I have had to have done.

  106. Kareen Sha'ron says

    I have an overbite. I have already gotten most of my top teeth pulled except for 6 and my dentist is telling me that I should get invisilign braces and get partial dentures. I really don’t want to because I have a overbite, one a huge gap(space) between my two top teeth and one of my top front tooth is crooked. she is saying that those 6 teeth are healthy, but I would rather just get dentures rather than pay 4000 for invisalign and then pay for partial dentures. Does anyone have any suggestions. I really just want to get the 6 top teeth pulled and get dentures. Is there anyone that can help me makethis decision?????? Also will the dentures look crazy because I have an overbite with my own teeth. HELP. I don’t know what to do. I am 36 and I just want to smile. Tired of smiling with my lips. Tired of looking at pictures and I am the only one that cant show my teeth.

    • Kimberly Atkins says

      My advice to you is to keep your own teeth as long as you can. IF you have the money. I’m not putting dentures down, I have them on top. But they are not your own teeth, and they will never feel like your own teeth or eat like your own teeth, you know what I mean? I’m just saying THERE’S NOTHING LIKE YOUR OWN TEETH, so keep them as long as you can, if your financially able to do so. Good luck to you!

    • Kimberly Atkins says

      I can only tell you what I wish I had done. I has some major problems with my top teeth. I had 3 different teeth that needed a root canal and crowns. It was going to cost me almost $4,000 to fix. I didn’t have dental insurance. Plus my teeth have always had this grayish tint to them. It had something to do with some kind of drug my mother had to take when she was pregnant with me. I think it was an antibiotic. Anyway, I never smiled because I thought my teeth were ugly and I hated them! I just couldn’t see spending $4,000 on the dental work knowing that their would be even more dental work to come every year. Soooo, I had all of my top teeth removed by an oral surgeon long before they were ready to come out! and I did it knowing that all of my other teeth were still healthy. All but just those 3 teeth. Now, I will tell you that one of those teeth were in the front. Well, I like my top denture, it’s pretty and I can smile with confidence now. But to be HONEST, if I could go back in time, I would spend the money to get my natural teeth fixed and keep them as long as I possibly could. Even knowing that there was nothing the dentist could do about the grey tint of my teeth. There is just nothing like your natural teeth. Sure, you’ll get use to your dentures, but it’s not the same. But that’s just me and how I feel about it. So I say YES! Keep your natural teeth as long as you can, as long as it’s not effecting your health or your happiness.

  107. Pete Larry says

    In order to max out my dental insurance, I needed to have half my teeth pulled in 2014 and the other half in 2015. Had my first round of extractions right before Christmas and yanked the rest last Friday. They gave me my dentures the same day. Today is Sunday. They look great but they don’t fit as snugly as I would like, plus of course there’s some pain. I’m not sure how much of the pain is due to the procedure itself and how much is due to the dentures. I have a follow-up appointment on Monday and I will go over all that with my Dentist, who’s done a great job and whom I completely trust. He did mention we would probably need to make some adjustments, although I have to wonder how you can possibly adjust the darn things; they look pretty finished!

    Anyway, my question concerns food: What kind of foods are people with full dentures typically able/not able to eat? I would guess there are certain things that simply can never again be enjoyed. Right now I can’t imagine eating an apple, for example, or corn on the cob, and forget about something like beef jerky! If people would share their experiences in this area, I would appreciate it.

    • says

      Hi Pete. It might not seem like it now, because you are in pain, but once the pain is gone, you’ll be able to eat anything you want. It might feel a bit awkward at first, and it might take a tad bit longer to chew, but YOU WILL be able to eat beef jerky, raw carrots, popcorn, etc. I do!

      • Pete Larry says

        Wow. That would be great. I almost don’t want to get my hopes up, though. Not many things I love better than a crisp gala apple.

        Thanks for the reply. And thanks for this blog, too, by the way. It’s good to read all the different accounts of what people went through and are going through. Helpful, comforting, and, in this instance, encouraging.

      • michelle says

        I have a appointment with Affordable Dentures in St. Charles Mo. On Tuesday Feb. 23. I am going to have all of my teeth removed (23) and I so Scared. I have been told that I will not be “knocked out” just given pills to make me not care about the extractions. I am so terrified of the Dentist. They have told me that it is not painful ; yet I am still scared. I want reassurance that I am not going to be freaking out during the removal of my teeth.

    • Kimberly Atkins says

      Lorraine is right about that…..if you feel like you could eat it, then you probably can! I can eat corn on the cob, steak, jerky, popcorn. I was told not to eat really hard things like peanut brittle though. If you do, you take a chance on breaking your dentures. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $1000 laying around to spend on another top denture!

  108. Stella says

    I am finally taking the steps to a better smile and a better healthier mouth. However I am getting all of my teeth removed next week and I am freaking out a little. I’m 46 yrs old and currently working in retail. I’m a little worried about how I’m going to deal with co-workers and customers after this procedure. I will be taking a week off afterwatds, and hope that will be enough time for recovery.
    Thank you for having this blog. I feel this is a very personal issue and I really don’t want to talk to anyone about it.

    • says

      Stella, you’ll be fine if you’re taking a week off. When you return to work, if you DO have any issues, I am sure that if you simply explain your situation to others, they’ll be more forgiving! Stop stressing!

      It’s better to be open and honest with others, even if it’s hard to… people really, really appreciate honesty. Trust me on that.

  109. Traci says

    My question is has anyone had both done and did anyone get the implants with it. When you first got them how was the bottom ones. It seems cost effective to get implants then without bc I heard so many different stories. I wanted suggestions

      • Traci says

        My question is how did you feel when got your bottom teeth done did you talk different? I already got my top dentures and I’m more nervous for my bottom teeth to get pulled I only have 6 teeth left on the bottom

        • says

          Traci, I used to have a bit of a lisp before I got my false teeth. Now I don’t. So yeah, I talked differently — better!

          I will admit, though, that they took some getting used to… but, as with anything new, there will be a period of adjustment. Hang in there! You’ll be OK!

    • janna says

      I had 24 teeth removed -upper and lower. 6 implants – 4 on top and 2 on lower. I had severe peridontal disease – was told at age 14 would have dentures by age 30 but I just had it done at age 51. I was knocked out completely. Oral surgeon did the extractions, bone grafts and implants were covered by gum tissue until healed. I was given immediate dentures which were/are a pain but I think thats my dental tech’s inexperience combined with mine. Its a whole new world.
      I had implants uncovered 3 weeks ago – initial surgery of extractions was done Oct 8 – so its been about 4 months.
      Last week we did impressions after posts were placed into the implants. We still have to do wax try ins and get the perm set before final fitting. I would be extremely depressed at this point IF I didnt have implants but I think that is because I was treated differently and had a different thought process than others who just knew they had to adjust to dentures without implants. Everyone I know that has them seems to do well – those without implants and those with them. I think the mental part is the most important part of the process. Its going to be challenging either way – its tough but it can be done. Just keep positive and know that deep down no one that really loves you will criticize your decision. Best Wishes.

  110. Traci says

    Last May I had my teeth pulled I stil have my immediate dentures I’m ok with the uppers. Well now I need lower dentures too. However I’m going to get 2 implants snap in ones and my insurance pays for some the cost is not too bad. My worry is this how is it different then the upper dentures? I’m more nervous bc of the horror stories o have heard. I think I’m nervous bc of being able to talk bc they said they will be flimsy until the dentures will be locked in.

    Thanks for any suggestions

    If you have reassurance for lower dwn

  111. Shay says

    I wanted to say thank you for sharing your story am 32 and was not raise on good oral hygiene too so my teeth are very bad and really thinking about just getting rid of my teeth for false am missing some already I have a nice smile that I miss and very ashamed to show once againe thank you

  112. Alex Valdina says

    Hi. I am 23 years old and finally got myself to the dentist in November. Last I went to the dentist I was 18 and still never had a cavity. I became ill around that same time with neurological disease and my teeth quickly rotted out which I’m still unsure why. In November when I went to the dentist I found out my teeth can not be saved and I’m supposed to go to a prostodontist far away for dentures. I’m terrified of having my teeth extracted as I’ve never had dental work besides braces. Here it is, late January, 3:30 in the morning and I’m awake in excruciating pain unable to sleep for the third night in a row. You are the first person I have found who have me any sense of “this will be ok”. If you don’t mind, can you answer a few seemingly stupid questions? Was yours done just with numbing injections? Did you have to have antibiotics? Is that mandatory even if you don’t have infection? Was post op pain worse than the excruciating pain from exposed nerves etc(i am not weak with pain, having many tattoos and piercings but I don’t think I can handle anything worse than this but refuse to take medication)? How much did they bleedm And odd for this to be the most important to me but did anything in this process make your stomach sick (how ever they numbed you, swallowing blood, medication)? Thank you. I know it’s allot toask but iI have no where else to ask, and these things are what is holding me back. Ihave to do something. I can’t handle this pain and i look horrible.

    • says

      Alex, I’ll try to answer your questions.

      1. Post op pain was bad. Really bad. I had to take Tylenol 3s for the pain. But… pre op pain was just as bad, albeit a different kind. My jaw constantly hurt from the poison in my system… which sounds like what you are experiencing now. Gosh, I feel for you! I know that kind of pain SUCKS!

      2. I was knocked out completely for my surgery. They removed all of my teeth and inserted my dentures in one fell swoop. Each person’s situation is different, however, so I don’t know what your dentist is planning for you. But I can assure you, they will give you some type of numbing agent!

      3. I didn’t take any antibiotics.

      4. My tattoo hurt less than my post op pain did. By far!

      5. I didn’t bleed. At all. But when I went to get my stitches out, it hurt like hell.

      Yet… despite all the pain I initially went through following the surgery, having my teeth removed and getting dentures is still BY FAR the BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE. I’m truly happy now… and pain-free!

    • Kimberly Atkins says

      Dear Alex…….After reading your fears, it reminded me so much of myself not that long ago.
      About two years ago I went to a place where all they do is dentures. They put me to sleep and an oral surgeon had to remove all of my top teeth. They immediately put my temporary denture in. Yes I was in pain for a good 5 or 6 days, but they give you pain medication. And I never had to have any stiches pulled out because they used the kind that just dissolve after a while. I think what I remember being the most aggravating was the bone spurs. The little tiny tiny pieces of bone that will just appear in your gums. You can feel it when you run your tongue over your gums. Most of the time I could just take my finger nail and pull it out by myself. But then sometimes I would have these little tiny bones that I could feel under the gum but I couldn’t get them to come out. That was frustrating. I could have easily gone to the denture place and they would have taken care of it for me, but I chose not to go.
      I also got very depressed over the loss of my teeth, which I didn’t see coming. I was shocked that I was depressed because I couldn’t wait to get them out of my head, because they looked so bad. But I found out through talking with other people who had had all their teeth pulled that it’s normal to “mourn” the loss of your teeth. I eventually got passed it. I know that I’m much healthier for having this done. PLEASE Alex…….if you haven’t already done it, find a good oral surgeon, and a good denture place and just do it. You’ll be glad you did, once everything is healed up and you get all the kinks out of your dentures and they fit right. But do yourself a favor and DO NOT get the immediate dentures. The ones where they pull your teeth and pop your dentures in all in the same day. It’s a much more painful process. That’s the way I did it and I wish I had done it the old fashion way, where you get your teeth pulled then wait for your gums to heal and shrink up before you get your denture. Yes, you have to go without a denture for a while, but it’s a LOT less painful! Ask around and get some other opinions and you’ll see. I didn’t listen. Good luck to you!

  113. Gonefishin says

    I had all of my teeth removed Jan 5th. I have had such bad experiences with dentists, I was terrified. Even just going in to speak to the oral surgeon I was sobbing like a baby. I am 50 years old and have had bad teeth my whole life. They finally got so bad that I was on penicillin for 3 months and I was still swollen and infected. I had no choice because I did not want to die from all of the infection. I have a wonderful husband of 35 years, 3 kids and 6 grandkids that I want to spend a whole lot more time with. So after all my meltdowns I was put to sleep and they were all removed. Afterwards I was very pleasantly surprised. I never had much pain. At least nothing that over the counter tylenol couldn’t help, and I only had to take those for the first 24 hours. The worst thing for me has been not being able to chew. I want some meat so bad lol its Friday and on Monday it will be 3 weeks. I have been living off chicken broth with dumplings and mashed tators with gravy, and occasionally a bowl of ice cream πŸ™‚ I do not have dentures yet, in fact they have not even been made yet. The infection was so bad in my teeth/mouth that my whole face was swollen so they said I needed to wait 6 weeks after having my teeth removed, take antibiotics for the first 10 days after removal and then after the 6 weeks I could come in for impressions and get my dentures ordered. I know I will have a better life now they are gone but I will be so glad to get my dentures (I hope) lol if anyone has any tips for me and my soon to be dentures, they would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S anyone that has been putting it off because your scared. Trust me…no one is more scared than I was. I did alot of research before choosing my oral surgeon. Once I chose 3 that had the best feedback from people, I went to have several meet and greets with each of them and their staff, asked pages and pages of questions. The one that never acted like I was being ridiculous for asking so many questions, and didn’t try to rush me, always had a smile and although I didn’t take them, gave me a script for 2 Valium because he seen how stressed, scared and emotional I was…he was my pick! Great oral surgeon and great staff! So please do your research and stop putting it off. You will feel so much better! BTW sorry this is so long and thanks for sharing your stories!

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

      I appreciate you giving others the encouragement to NOT be a procrastinator when it comes to their oral health, too. πŸ™‚

      I agree!

  114. Alex F says

    I don’t know where to even start on my depression that revolves around this subject. My teeth…all holes, decay, rot, pain, misery, etc. I have trouble figuring out if the physical pain is greater than the mental pain. I do know I need to find a solution. I’ve known it for years BUT I haven’t done a thing about my problem. People have given me pats on the back and some advice and some organizations to start with. Still….zero activity on my end. It’s all my fault and I’m now too scared to live. This anxiety makes me want to hide forever or just stop existing. I know this wasn’tthe direction of your piece, but I needed to vent to someone who’s been there. Thanks for reading. your smile is gorgeous. with.

    • Kevin says

      If your teeth and gums are a complete mess there is only one solution: have them out. Dentures take time to get used to but they are a much better alternative than a mouthful of painful bad teeth. You don’t need to vent just take positive action. There are people here who will help you every step of the way.

    • Hanne says

      Alex, I have the same problem as you. So often I am in pain, and I have lost so many of my teeth in the back. I am so, so embarrassed about it, and don’t talk to anyone about it. I am terrified of dentists since I had a really bad experience when I was around 8 years old, and just the thought of going, churns my insides! My parents never really taught me how to brush my teeth properly, and I’m paying the price now. I haven’t looked after my teeth properly, and now they are a huge mess!! It didn’t help that I was in an abusive relationship for 6 years, where my teeth just got much worse, because of his abuse.
      I can’t afford to go to the dentist, not even for a check up, and I’m so scared, and I don’t know where to start. Looking in the mirror I’m so embarrassed, and I get so, so upset. Like you, Alex, I just want to hide, but that’s not possible. Hopefully we will both find the courage and a solution soon.

  115. summerbrook says

    Thanks for all these helpful links. I liked the how to brush teeth link the most. I really feel that brushing properly is important.
    dentists aurora co

  116. julie says

    I’m so glad I found this post! I am 44 and just had all 24 of my teeth pulled 5 days ago with immediate dentures. I’ve been so excited to finally have it done but now I’m feeling a little bit of depression. The pain is starting to subside but I still feel like I have a shoe in my mouth! I want to chew some soft food but it’s so awkward. I ventured out today to the convenience store and the clerk did a double take when spoke with such a lisp. Being young with dentures is more common than I thought. I go back to work tomorrow ugh…but you can bet I will be laughing and smiling for the first time in years! Thanks for your time!

    • says

      Julie, thanks for sharing. I’m sure you’ll be just fine, in time. They take a bit of getting used to, and everyone is different, so just take your time and practice talking in front of a mirror to gain your confidence back. You’ll be smiling soon! I just know it! πŸ˜€

      • Margery Youngquist says

        I started having my teeth pulled in early Oct. I went back every couple weeks to have more pulled. All my teeth were gone by the end of Nov. But, I’ve had to see the dentist 3 times to have pieces of bone that have to be dug out. This has all been a difficult experience. I still have about 6 sore places where bone is trying to push out. I go again next Monday. I dread going back. And once I do get dentures, how will I get used to the dentures~? I have been very depressed these past 3 mo. & know I’m still a long way from my mouth feeling normal. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It gives me hope (BTW, I’m 70 yrs. old & I think that adds to my depression beings how I turned 70 on Thanksgiving Day – 70 sounds old enough but having no teeth really shows how old 70 looks~!!”

        • says

          Margery, congratulations on being 70 and using a computer! Very impressive!

          As for your teeth… keep seeing your dentist, regardless of how you feel. Please. You know it’s the right thing to do.

          It’s too bad you’re having so many problems with your mouth bones. I wish you the best!

          Good luck!

          • Marianne Rodgers says

            Being 70 is not old anymore, especially if you have your health. And everybody knows how to use a computer now days. It is no exception to be 70 and use a computer. The comment about be 70 and able to use a computer is a put-down.

            • says

              Marianne, my parents are 68 and 73, and neither one of them knows how to use a computer. In no way did I mean to offend you! I think it’s fabulous that you are computer-literate. I am not a technical person by any means and it always astounds me when I see others doing things my parents or I cannot do.

              I’m sorry you felt offended.

          • Margery Youngquist says

            I finally had impressions made altho I still have sore spots that feel like bone wanting to come thru. I go tomorrow to see my impressions. What do impressions look like~? Are they “dentures” without the teeth~? Just the “gums” to see if they fit~? I don’t know what to expect. My mouth isn’t real big & I gag easily so I’m nervous.


            • says

              Margie, they are a sample of what your dentures will look like, but they are made of wax.

              They’ll feel weird, but you only need to try them for a moment! Relax!

  117. Dani says

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!
    Reading this blog post and all of the comments has really helped me come to terms with the fact that I am 33 and my dentist strongly suggested I get all my remaining upper teeth pulled and get dentures. (With my lower teeth to be done in the future)
    I’ve always had bad teeth, even as a child. and no matter how much I brushed and flossed, it never seemed to help.
    It also doesn’t help that I had several horse riding accidents when I was younger that has caused micro fractures in my teeth.

    Thank you all again for giving this girl the courage to finally make that call to her dentist and say “Gitt ‘er Dun” πŸ˜€

  118. Traci says