My 2013 Reading Accomplishments + My New Goodreads Friend, Author Lisa Jackson

Last Updated on: July 15th, 2017

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When I joined Goodreads (become friends with me by clicking this link!) in 2013,the year I bought my laptop and joined the online community, I pledged to read a lofty 25 books in a year. I think I may have forgotten to record a few, but the ones I remembered to totaled 23. (You’ll count 24 in the above picture since one is shown twice as it’s listed on Goodreads under both names used by the author.)

Naturally, this does not include the many free e-books I’ve read that were given to me when I subscribed to various sites around the internet. I think that number totaled about 50 or 60; I’m really not sure. Anyways, who cares about these? 😉

I think I’d be more impressed with myself if this post was about my 2013 Writing Accomplishments. 😉

Yes, there were quite a few of those, too. 😀

This year, I’m not sure how many books I’ll actually read. I used to read at least one per week (52 per year) before I bought my laptop. That was back in the good old year of 2012! Now, this year, I’m going to be doing more writing than reading, That’s the plan, anyway!

I think I will pledge to read one book per month this year. Writing seems to be taking up more time than reading does.

I just hope, one day, it will all be worth it.

If it’s not, I guess I can up my number to 52 again. 😉

On the plus side of things, I’m now “friends” with one of my favourite authors of all time, Lisa Jackson. The little girl in me is jumping up and down with joy over this! (I’m well aware that none of her books are on my last year’s list, too. I still want to read “Tell Me” and I’ve just finished reading “Sinister” and if I still had my Goodreads widget in my sidebar you would know this. I don’t have it anymore since it was slowing down my site.) Either way, little things like this are what gets me excited. 😀 (Just imagine how excited I was when Lisa Jackson sent me an autographed book!)

Check out my email notification:

goodreads indicator of lisa jackson friend


Lisa Jackson’s posts show up in my stream on Facebook, since I “liked” her page. And she replied to a tweet I sent her last year, too. That was pretty cool. 😀

I’m not one to fawn all over celebrities, because they’re just people like you and me, but this sure goes to show you how awesome technology really is.

I’ll get really excited when she invites me to dinner. 😉

Then I’ll be able to meet her sister, author Nancy Bush, too. And their dogs. 🙂

And if we could get Lisa Gardner to join us, that would really make my day!

Your Turn: 

Are you an avid reader? Do you fawn over celebrities? Have you ever met one of your favourite authors?

Tell me your thoughts and stories in the comments, please!


12 thoughts on “My 2013 Reading Accomplishments + My New Goodreads Friend, Author Lisa Jackson

    • says

      Yes, I suppose you are referring to Uncle Benny Woit (who played hockey for the Detroit Red Wings) and Mom’s brother, Uncle Ralph Stewart (who played hockey for the New York Islanders and the Vancouver Canucks), right?

  1. says

    Congrats, Lorraine – it’s great that you set goals and see them through 😉 Many of us set goals and don’t quite persue them as the goal list keeps on growing with time LOL

    i cannot say i am an avid read… i used to be – i remember i used to read A LOT as a kid. Now, i will almost always pick a marketing related ebook over a “regular” book. i would prefer to go to the movies. I love when someone reads to me though – not sure if that counts he-he.

    And to your second question – I am not a celebrity type of person. You would be amazed of how little i know and care about celebrities. I am not even sure if Angelina Jolie comes to my table and ask me a question, if i will manage to realize on time it’s Angelina Jolie, for pete’s sake! She will look familiar and it will bug me “where do i know this lady from?” but i will know who she is only eventually LOL

    Diana recently posted…5 Characteristics Every Successful Freelancer Has

    • says

      Diana, you make me laugh. I doubt if I’d recognize Angelina Jolie, either – unless she was with Brad Pitt! 😉

      Some people like movies better than books. You and my son are two of them! I would rather read. The book is always better than the movie, too, I think.

      It’s good that you like to be read to. I remember how my teachers in elementary school used to read to the class, and that I used to love that time of day! Thanks for bringing back that memory with your comment. 🙂

      If I don’t set goals, I don’t accomplish much. Are you the same way?

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