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Last Updated on: January 28th, 2020

Who Am I?

I am someone who has been through a lot… and overcame many obstacles to get to where I am today!

My Life’s Journey

When I was 15, I was devastated and had no hope.
I was raped when I was a virgin, and didn’t know how to cope.
I quit school and life no longer had any meaning.
I just wanted to get rid of the negative effects I was feeling.

I tried to find comfort by turning to food and drugs,
When all I really needed was someone who could give me warm hugs.
But no one knew what I had been through.
It was my secret, something only I knew.

I didn’t tell anyone for years what had happened to me.
When I did, I got counseling and then finally felt free.
But, by that time, I was already degrading myself as a working girl;
A prostitute who didn’t know how to change her world.

I was also a single mom, just trying to get by,
Still struggling with depression and getting high.
I tried my best to succeed in a world that was cruel and cold,
I went to university for 5 years, as my body I sold.

I obtained two degrees and continued to be abused by men.
I simply didn’t know how to start fresh again.
I moved away to teach high school English and Math for 3 and a half years and really tried,
But returned to prostitution because I always felt I had something to hide.

I was broken and damaged and hurt deep inside.
I felt worthless and alone and continually cried.
My suicidal thoughts would not disappear, regardless of what I did or said.
My depression caused me to have no energy or motivation, and to always want to stay in bed.

My life held no meaning and
I was going nowhere fast.
Any time I felt good, those feelings would not last.
My son learned what I was doing to earn money, so he disowned me and moved out.
I then smoked crack cocaine and hit rock bottom, although I wanted to choose a different route.

Finally, I realized my inner demons would always have a hold over me,
And until I dealt with my past, I would never be free.
I then quit everything and started my life anew,
Trying to forget all the shit that I had been through.

I applied different strategies and techniques to become happy again,
I learned how to cope with my depression and how to change my views about men.
I removed negativity from my life and reconnected with my son,
We rebuilt our relationship, turning it into and a solid one.

I started a freelancing business and became popular online,
I published a couple of books and learned how to make my life mine.
I reclaimed the innocence I thought I had once lost and also regained control,
I became the person I was meant to be, despite the cost, and now I am whole.

I no longer let my past define who I am or how I should be.
Instead, I control my thoughts and actions, and now I am a strong version of me.
I use my skills and knowledge to help others now,
Leading by example, and teaching them how…

How to achieve their goals, desires, their dreams, and how to cope;
How to be happy, successful, and at peace; how to go from NOPE to HOPE.
With a bit of effort, it’s possible to do anything you set your mind to,
Just look at me and all the stuff I have been through!

I used to be an awkward, emotional mess.
Now I am happier than I’ve ever been, and a success!
I have been featured on popular and famous websites, and have even saved lives of people I don’t know;
I have accomplished things people only dream of, and helped others grow.

Others are always saying, “Lorraine, you’re such an inspiration!”
That’s because, now, I have motivation.
I want to continue to help others and share my messages with the world.
I want to empower everyone, be it a man, a woman, a transgender, a boy, or a girl.

We all need someone to help us through our rough times and teach us how to grow and how to cope.
We also need to use the strategies and techniques taught in my book, FROM NOPE TO HOPE.
If you struggle in any area of your life, suffer from depression or negative thoughts, or simply want to improve your version of yourself, being the best you can be,
Then use the knowledge, the teachings, and the strategies offered by me.

Your life will become better, you will be more successful, and you will be happy… all this I guarantee.
I know, because I am living proof. I am finally a happier, fulfilled ME, enjoying my life journey, being all that I want to be.

This motivational poem was published on my author site.

In the video below:

– Who I am

– What I have been through

– How I felt less than human when I was a prostitute.

– How I overcame my suicidal thoughts!


Just watch and listen… especially to the end.

From NOPE to HOPE book cover

Book Blurb for From Nope to Hope

Deciding what to do when you are suicidal is tough.

You don’t know what to do. You don’t know who to turn to. YOU JUST WANT YOUR PAIN TO END.
You don’t necessarily want to die; you want to live a better, happier life… one worth living!

From NOPE to HOPE reveals easy-to-accomplish, actionable strategies for changing negative thoughts into positive ones AND for learning to live a happier life.

Some of these include using positive affirmations, visualization, improving your self-image, and setting goals that you can actually accomplish. These strategies (and other techniques) worked for me! I went from a suicidal mess to… a success! In this book, I share all of these with you so that you can move forward with your life and stop feeling horrible. I also provide you with Thought and Action Exercises to do, at the end of each chapter.


I know, because I did it.
You can, too!

Put my methods to work for you and let me help you transform your life!

me holding my book

Where You Can Buy From Nope to Hope

From Nope to Hope is now available in several different formats, from several different places, for several different prices!

You can get FROM NOPE TO HOPE on Amazon.

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This version is better than any of the others because it gives you a PDF you can actually write/type in! (I paid a special designer $100 to make this happen!)

The content of the book is the same regardless of where you buy it. The only difference between the various formats is that you can type in the version offered at my site, and you can write with a pen in the printed version.

Whichever version you choose to purchase, know that you’re going to get the exact same chapters and the same content!


It is a small price to pay to change your life FOREVER!

From NOPE to HOPE - final e-book cover with girl

Here’s what you get:

Table of Contents of From NOPE to HOPE

Dedication and a Note from the Author (+ A Personal Poem)
Quotes from People I Know (and Have Helped or Influenced)
Introduction, Book Structure, and Why You Should Listen to Me

Chapter 1: Why Do You Want to Kill Yourself?

Chapter 2: My Story
Chapter 3: Raj’s Story
Chapter 4: Farhan’s Story
Chapter 5: Helen’s Story

Chapter 6: Temporary and Long-Term Coping Strategies to Use
Chapter 7: Identify Your Emotions and Release Negativity from Your Life
Chapter 8: Change Your Mindset by Using Positive Affirmations
Chapter 9: Use Meditation, the Law of Attraction, and Visualization

Chapter 10: Form Healthy Habits One Step at a Time
Chapter 11: Improve Your Self-Image
Chapter 12: Alternative Treatments and Counselling
Chapter 13: Acceptance, Spirituality, and Your Will to Change

Chapter 14: Create Your Path to a Happier Life
Chapter 15: Put Your Plan into Action by Setting and Attaining Goals
Chapter 16: Assess Your Growth
Chapter 17: Conquer Procrastination
Chapter 18: How to Make Your Happiness Last
Chapter 19: What to Do If Your Suicidal Thoughts Return

Chapter 20: The After-Effects of Suicide: DK’s Story

Chapter 21: Additional Resources and Available Help

About the Author

You also get:

THOUGHT and ACTION EXERCISES at the end of each chapter, which will help you tremendously!

They are designed to make you a positive, happy person who will LOVE LIFE… despite what you’re going through right now.

And you can write/type in them, which you cannot do if you order the book from Amazon. This special PDF is ONLY AVAILABLE HERE. You can save it to all of your devices, too!


You can use the same methods as me to overcome your own problems, and live a happier life — one you WANT to live!

I promise you that if you put into practice what I tell you to do, you WILL feel better… MUCH BETTER!

You will be happier, you will be more positive, and you will look at yourself and your life and be able to deal with it all.

Give it a shot. Read the stories. Digest the information in the chapters. Do the exercises.

And love life instead of hating it!

BUY IT NOW… and change your life FOREVER!