7 Reasons for the FITS Series on Wording Well (with results!)

Last Updated on: June 20th, 2017


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I decided to do the Freelancer In The Spotlight series for several reasons. 7, actually, to be exact.

7 Reasons Why I Created the FITS Series

You might be surprised at a few of these reasons! Be warned!

One, I wanted others to know that I wanted to offer them freelancing tips, but didn’t really have a lot to offer them from my own experience since I’m still “new” to this field.

Two, many people who subscribed to my newsletter indicated that they wanted to receive such tips.

Three, I wanted to take a break from blogging for a while and having others write posts for me seemed like a great way to do this. By inviting them to help me out, I was able to have a bit of a rest.

Four, I wanted to get some new readers to my blog and by having guests share their FITS post with their followers, that target audience was reached with minimal effort on my part.

Five, I wanted to experiment with the offer of free editing in exchange for a comment/backlink/etc. to find out who might become a future client of mine. (I’ve since revised the “requirements” for the “contest” to win free editing. Please read them, and enter the current contest… if you dare!)

Six, I wanted to strengthen the connections with other freelancers. I’m pleased that I’ve been able to feature:

Seven, I wanted to learn a few tips myself! 😉

What I Learned as a Result

In addition to the tips I picked up from the contributing freelancers, one of the things I learned as a result is that most people are happy to make a new connection.

Another is that the people I invited to be a part of the series were enthusiastic and excited at the prospect of having a “guest post” on my blog.

Reaching out to others is not difficult; it simply takes a bit of guts and a well-crafted invitation — something that is hard to say “no” to!

I also learned that I liked having a bit of a break from blogging. Sure, I had to approve the comments, but I didn’t reply to each and every one. I let the FITS do that instead!

Feedback Needed on The FITS Series

Do you like reading the FITS posts? Should I continue with them on a monthly basis? (So far, I plan to, publishing FITS posts on the first Monday of each month. Tomorrow’s featured freelancer is Deevra Norling.)

What are the types of things you still need to know about freelancing?

Tell me your thoughts on the FITS series in the comments. Ask questions, too, if you like.

I’m here to help.

But I need to how to help you.

Let me.

Give me feedback on this issue, please.



8 thoughts on “7 Reasons for the FITS Series on Wording Well (with results!)

  1. Amelia Brown says

    Thanks for the invite Lorraine. This post was very insightful. I find myself going “hmm, very interesting.” The FITS series seems to be very useful, so I would say keep at it! God bless.

  2. William Ballard says

    Thank you Lorraine for allowing me to be part of your series. It has been a true honor to share my story with your audience.

  3. Alicia Rades says

    Psh. You’re not “new” at it. If memory serves, you’ve been doing this longer than I have and I’ve been at it for four years. I don’t consider myself a newbie anymore. I’ve seen you give plenty of freelancing tips!

    That said, I still have read some of the posts in your series, and I find them helpful. 🙂

    • says

      Alicia, you’re wrong. I actually started freelancing in December 2013. And I don’t actively seek out clients that often. Somehow, they just find me!

      I’m glad you find the FITS posts helpful. 🙂

  4. Martha Gail Moore says

    Yes, I like the FITS Series and once a month seems good.

    Have you done a post on taxes? I don’t remember if you did, sorry. I know you’re in Canada and taxes are different for each country, so maybe a few guest posts from different countries would be interesting.

    Good job on everything you’ve accomplished this year, Lorraine! – Martha Gail

    • says

      Martha Gail, thanks for your feedback. The only post about taxes I’ve done is the one about CreateSpace and Taxation Information, found at http://lorrainereguly.com/createspace-and-taxation-information/.

      I’ve so far not charged any of my clients taxes, but my business will soon be registered and so I might have to charge GST, which is a Goods and Service Tax, and is calculated at a rate of 5% on the dollar. Ontario’s provincial sales tax (PST) is 8%, but I’m not sure if I have to charge that. What types of taxes do you charge, if any, in the US?

      Thanks for the compliments; it’s always nice to know my efforts are appreciated.

      Regarding the different countries, can you think of a few questions that future featured freelancers should or could answer? Other than info regarding taxes, I mean? I’d like to tailor my posts (and theirs) to meet readership needs. Since you’re one of my readers, I appreciate ALL feedback and input from you!


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