Why Becoming an Author Can Help Your Business

Why Becoming an Author Can Help Your Business (and How to Become One, Easily!)

Why Becoming an Author Can Help Your Business

Becoming an author can help your business in many ways.

The wonderful thing about today’s digitally advanced world is that anyone can become an author. Yes, ANYONE.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, there are 3 reasons why you should consider publishing a book or an e-book (or both!). You will learn these 3 reasons in this article.

You will also see and hear proof of how becoming an author can help your business from 4 real people I know!

Plus, you will learn how to become an author within months, easily!

I will also outline the steps for how to write a book and give you additional information regarding printing and formatting your book.

You can even watch a video of the steps to becoming an author. (This is Video #2. I did a Facebook Live video about the contents of this article before this post was published. This LIVE is Video #1.)

And… you will see that becoming an author is easy if you have help (and patience) and follow these exact steps to becoming a self-published author on Amazon/KDP.

Video #1: Why Becoming an Author Can Help Your Business + How to Become One, Easily!

1: Becoming an author adds credibility (+ several other things)!

The first way that becoming an author can help your business is by adding more credibility to yourself as an expert in your business field—whatever field your entrepreneurial skills happen to lie in.

Becoming an author can help your business because adds prestige to your life and your business.

It also gives you bragging rights and allows you to truthfully say, “I am an author!”

Becoming an author can help your business in other ways, too. It can lead to other opportunities, such as creating more books, having book signings, and even creating courses based on your books, which will help you earn more money!

2: Becoming an author will help your business because you will earn extra passive income by selling your books and/or e-books!

There are three types of income: portfolio income, active income, and passive income.

Portfolio income is income from investments, dividends, interest, and capital gains.

Active income is generally defined as income earned from selling a service.

Passive income is defined as money you can earn on an ongoing basis that doesn’t require any effort except for the initial work, such as rental income, affiliate income, or book/e-book royalties.

It’s always nice to receive an email notification saying that a deposit has been made into your account! If you become an author, this will definitely help your business profits skyrocket!

3: If you don’t publish a book, you are missing out on a huge market, so becoming an author will help your business reach new customers!

A lot of people are on Amazon as readers, not as consumers of your product or your services, but you can easily convert them to consumers if you publish and sell an e-book.

Why and how?

As a business owner, you are probably already on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and you already have a bunch of people on your email list… so you are already reaching a ton of people. That’s great, but you still aren’t reaching the Amazon audience.

There are millions of people on Amazon who are readers. They like digesting stories and learning new information. (People buy books for many reasons.) If you don’t have a book to sell on there, you’re missing out!

If you publish a book that is based on something related to your business, then you can put it on Amazon and tap into that market. You can use your e-book as a funnel to take those readers from Amazon and funnel them to your website to your products, to your services, or to whatever it is that you’re offering! How? Just include some hyperlinks in your e-book and entice readers to click on them!

Amazon will even help you make sales! If you’ve ever bought anything from Amazon, you already know that Amazon recommends certain products by saying, “People who bought this also bought…”

Clearly, Amazon is THE way to go if you want to earn some extra cash and tap into a new market! Becoming an author can help your business become more profitable! Read More

How to Become a Self-Published Author on Amazon_KDP

How to Become a Self-Published Author on Amazon/KDP

How to Become a Self-Published Author on Amazon_KDP

How to become a self-published author on Amazon/KDP is the topic of this article. It contains both an infographic of the steps as well as the steps listed in text form, with a full explanation for each one.

Self-Publishing (and Becoming an Author) is Easy!

Self-publishing in today’s world is easy. ANYONE can become an author, nowadays!

Many people, however, get overwhelmed with the process, because there are many steps involved in reaching their dreams of becoming an author. That is why Wording Well offers help to those who need it!

That is also why I put together this article. It outlines the steps to becoming a self-published author and how to self-publish a book on Amazon through KDP.

This article also lists the steps in the order they need to be taken, making it easier for you to understand what is required for you to achieve your dream!

An Infographic of the Steps for How to Become a Self-Published Author on Amazon/KDP)

The following infographic lists the steps for how to self-publish a book on Amazon.

Below it, you will find a full explanation for each step, so keep reading!

infographic for How to Become a Self-Published Author on Amazon/KDP

A special thanks to the team at AirTract for creating this infographic for me!

A huge thanks to InVideo (affiliate link) for making this video for me! InVideo (normal link) is an SaaS platform that helps anyone transform their content into great videos. They help serve publishers, media companies, and brands to expand audience engagement through the power of video content.

How to Become a Self-Published Author on Amazon/KDP

1: Write a book.

This is the hardest part of the whole process. It’s time-consuming. You might suffer from writer’s block during this step. You might lack discipline while writing your book. That is why it is important to hire a coach or find an accountability partner who will help keep you focused and on target during this phase.

There are many steps involved in writing a book and the best one I have found to help you through your journey is the post from Write to Done called The Ultimate Guide to Plan and Write Your Book. It contains the following tips you can use:

Step #0: Check That People Actually Want This Book
Step #1: Get Clear About Your Book’s Eventual Format and Purpose
Step #2: Figure Out a Working Timetable
Step #3: Get Your Book’s Outline Started by Mindmapping
Step #4: Develop Your Ideas into an Outline
Step #5: Fleshing Out Your Chapters with Key Points
Step #6: Make Writing a Breeze with Your Standard Chapter Template
Step #7: Tackle Your Writing in a Sensible Order
Step #8: Staying Focused When You Sit Down to Write
Step #9: Knowing How to Write Each Sentence of Your Book
Step #10: Follow Your Working Schedule (and Get Back On Track When Needed)

Of course, if you are writing an e-book instead of a full-length novel, this step won’t take you nearly as long!

2. Edit your book.

Hire Wording Well’s editor, Lorraine Reguly, for this! (Yes, hire me to edit your book. I am a FANTASTIC editor! Just check out the testimonials I have received from some of my clients!)

Editing is a necessary component of the writing process and is essential to your book’s success.

If your book is not properly edited, you will receive bad reviews on Amazon, you will lose readers, and you will lose money. People won’t buy your book if they see negative reviews. They also won’t buy any additional books you might write.

It’s worth it to pay for an editor’s services, skills, and knowledge ONCE. By investing in an editor, you are also investing in yourself. You are proving that you are worth listening to, too. People will, therefore, be impressed with your book, the way it was written (ergo, the way it was edited), and you will gain fans for life! You will also reap additional rewards, such as great reviews on Amazon!

3: Finalize the book’s text.

If you have hired me for Step 2, this part will already be done.

If you hire a different editor, that person might suggest you rewrite some sections of your book. In that case. you will need to have your book proofread by an experienced editor or proofreader (such as myself). Do this to ensure the quality of your book is high and your words, sentences, and paragraphs are perfect (without typos, grammatically correct, and impactful).

4: Add images, if desired.

Images are easy to add to books (to both the digital and print versions).

Many authors are now adding images to their books because it’s easy to do so.

I included many images in my book, From Nope to Hope.

book cover for my book, From NOPE to HOPE
Maxwell Ivey included many pictures of his trip to New York City in his book, The Blind Blogger’s NYC Adventures. (Note that this link is an Amazon Associates affiliate link.)

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