A Letter To Bloggers, Authors and Writers Everywhere: For the Month of April 2013 I WILL PROMOTE YOU!

Last Updated on: April 30th, 2017

The month of April 2013 marks a new beginning for me, and maybe for you, too. I have decided to focus on promoting others this month via this blog! 

To take advantage of my willingness to do this, I need your help, as I don’t know who or what to promote!

My reason for this is three-fold:

1. To save myself from writing a bunch of blog posts since I am having some health issues with my hand and numbness in my hand.

2. To help promote you!

3. To help increase traffic for BOTH of us.

The month of April also marks the beginning of my commitment to myself, to the 30-Day Writing Challenge, and to Investing In MySelf.

As such, I am writing an open letter to anyone interested. Here it is:


I’m the Managing Editor at the blog Lorraine Reguly’s Life, and I would love to feature you
as a guest contributor on the site.

I focus on my life and my experiences, and teaching others through them, but I
always appreciate other topics and points of view as well.

Just to give you a quick background, I have built a loyal following of about 20 or more people (even though it says nearly 200 on my blog) and so I know that what you have to offer may help someone!

I am currently focusing on the promotion of others, for the upcoming month or two, as I am trying to build new and enhance my existing relationships!

To do that, we need some expert contributors like you!

You are more than welcome to visit my blog and take a look around. I am hoping that we will be a good fit for one another.

Please let me know if you are interested in guest posting on Lorraine Reguly’s Life.


Lorraine Reguly  🙂

I also invite you to read my page Guest Post Guidelines to see if you may fall into this category! Note that you do not have to have a blog in order to guest post for me!

NOTE TO WRITERS, especially NEW and UNPUBLISHED writers:

I will be featuring authors, as well, this month, and have an interview post already lined up, with (sorry, it is a secret) and will publish this interview within the next ten days, as that is what I have promised her. Watch for it! She has answered a few personal questions that most new writers have!

Also note that I generally publish only two posts per week. If you would like to see MORE, please let me know! I welcome comments! I also value your opinions!

Thanks, for reading, and for (hopefully) guesting!


I am totally serious that, for the month of April 2013, I will be promoting others!

Oh, and you’re welcome. 🙂

16 thoughts on “A Letter To Bloggers, Authors and Writers Everywhere: For the Month of April 2013 I WILL PROMOTE YOU!

  1. Peter Dean says

    Lorraine I fully empathise! I was in a car acident in January and due to a misaligned disc have lost some strength and feeling in my hands. Most of my blogging (save the odd rant) is business related. Should this be something you are interested in featuring please feel free to contat me, I have signed up for your newsletter so have provided an email address should you need it.
    Kindest regards and hope you have a speedier recovery than what is on my cards!

  2. Nice idea, Lorraine. I’ll be in touch to discuss how we can collaborate on future projects. Due to PC issues, I’ve missed the April promotional option but not to worry, we can work on something else.

  3. KnoGimmicks Social Media & Web Design™ says

    I’m down for a scheduled blog! Vice versa if you want to contribute to my blog as well.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks for the offer, but I don’t know what I would write for you! As for you writing for me, sure! Just follow the instructions! Thanks!

  4. I would be glad to participate. Will be posting a blog on limitations (disabilities) this Sunday.

    Let me know who I send the link to if interested.

    Thank you,


    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      I think you can just reply to this and post the link here. Unless you are interested in having the post published here instead? Contact me via email if you are interested!

  5. elainemanders says

    I’m willing to help anyway I can. If you’d like to schedule me for a blog, let me know and if you have a particular subject. I’m not published except for a book of commentary from 15 years ago, but I have 4 manuscripts that are screaming to get out.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      When you figure out what YOU want to do, read the Guesting page on my blog. I like it when people can follow directions.

    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says

      Thanks. Maybe someday all the good karma I am putting out there will come back to me. For now, I would just be happy with having no pain…

  6. says

    Hey, I’ve been having problems with my right arm/hand…started with bursitis in my elbow (which I’ve had treated before with accupuncture, which worked at the time), now my rotator cuff is clicking, and I have numbness/pins and needles in my right hand/fingers. I suspect it is related to my avid Internet use and keyboarding. I tried using mouse differently, even using left hand when possible. I think I’ll need to see a doctor or accupuncturist again. What do you think is causing your problem?

    I will read your “Guesting” post and get back to you. Thanks for connecting! 🙂

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