Finally! A Diagnosis I Can Live With!

Last Updated on: April 1st, 2019

Me at Starbucks

Today’s post is a personal one, similar to the True Tales Tuesdays posts I used to write.

I’m writing it for a few reasons, the main one being to let you know that I’ve FINALLY been diagnosed!

You see, the last few months, I kinda knew that something was wrong with me. I have been really tired, for no apparent reason. I even lost interest in blogging, although I’ve been publishing at least one post per week since 2014 and two posts per week the year before that.

I also have been publishing posts a few times a month on my author site, Laying It Out There.

Not to mention, I’ve been busy writing and editing for clients, doing website work on both my site as well as another client’s site, and working on landing a HUGE ghostwriting project.

I’ve also been doing a bit in the way of guest posting, and have participated in a few podcasts (and have a few more lined up). In fact, one is a live show/interview with Barbara Ehrentreu that is going to be broadcasted on Blog Talk Radio on May 23rd, 2015, at 4 PM EST, and another is a Q & A with David Ralph that will be available on May 29th, 2015, on Join Up Dots. I’m scheduled to record another podcast, too, on June 2nd, 2015, with Drs. Rob and Janelle on Authors Talk About It, although I don’t know yet when that podcast will be available.

While you might think that all of these things, combined, is enough to cause me to be tired, you are wrong. I’m normally a very productive individual!

However, I’ve not been spending much time on my laptop lately, due to a funk I was in.

The good news is that I have a REAL reason for feeling the way I have been.

I’m not as healthy as I should be.

In fact, I’ve been dealing with a few different health issues for the past year.

Now, I have to warn you that you might want to skip the first section of this post, as I get REALLY personal with my health issues. I would like for you to read about My Second Health Issue, however, and continue reading from there.

If you’re always tired, you might have the same problem as I do, and don’t know it!

My First Health Issue

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you likely already know that I have a bad leg and that I nearly died when my appendix burst.

I’ve also dealt with numbness in my hand.

During my life, I’ve undergone a bunch of different operations in my life. The last one was in January 2014.

Since then, I’ve had some female issues. Last year, for some reason (still unknown), I had my period and bled for four-and-a-half out of six months. I underwent a slew of tests and had a biopsy done, yet all tests came back as “normal.” Two different gynocologists and my family physician couldn’t find anything wrong.

After speaking with one of female friends, I was told to ask my doctor for the Depo-Provera shot, which is generally used as a form of birth control. When I went to my doctor, he told me that he had to give me the shot on the third, fourth, or fifth day of my period. This posed a problem, as my period would not stop. UGH!

I was practically in tears when I explained to him that I needed to STOP my period. He prescribed straight Provera in the form of a pill. I took it for ten days. During that time, my period stopped. That joyous day was Friday, November 14th, 2014.

However, my period only stopped for eight days. It was back on the 22nd. On Monday the 24th, I called my doctor and went in the next day to get my first shot.

For the next two months, I had my period on and off. Fortunately, it was more “off” than “on”!

Finally, on Monday, January 19th, it stopped for good. I’m ecstatic to report that it has not returned!!!

I’ve had two more injections of Depo-Provera since then, on February 17th, 2015, and on May 14, 2015.

But… one of the side effects of this shot is weight gain.

This is something I don’t need — I’m already overweight!

My Second Health Issue

With any excessive weight gain comes feelings of fatigue.

I’ve not only gained weight, but I’ve been extremely tired for months.

However, my exhaustion, as I only recently found out, is due to an underactive thyroid, also called hypothyroidism.

The side effects of hypothyroidism are tiredness, a poor ability to tolerate cold, and weight gain.

I have all three, and have had them for some time. Month. Many months. Yet I didn’t know I had a real problem.

It wasn’t until my new gynocologist ran some bloodwork — and then ran more, confirm — that I learned that I had this problem.

Because she was set to go on maternity leave, she told me to follow up with my family doctor, which I did last Thursday when I went for my third Depo-Provera shot.

He put me on medication.


The Good-Bad News

The good news is that I’m happy to finally know what is wrong. The bad news is that the medication I’m on (levothyroxine), takes six to eight weeks to take effect.

More bad news is that there are many different dosages, and the doctor has to start at the “beginning” dose, then do more blood tests after seven weeks have passed to see if he has to alter my dosage.


There are also several side effects that I have to be on the lookout for.

Moving Forward

I’ve only been on this medication for a few days, but I’m extremely relieved that I’ve finally been diagnosed with a solvable problem. I’m not stressed out anymore now that I know I’m being treated, and I now have answers as to why I’ve been feeling like crap for the last few months.

I honestly thought I had blogging burnout!

It’s good to know that I don’t.

Share Your Thoughts

Have you ever been consistently tired every day?

Have you ever had a health issue you couldn’t resolve right away?

Have you ever just wanted to give up?

Have you ever wished your life were different?

Let’s talk in the comments.

Feel free to vent. This post is an “anything goes” post and I’d love to hear from you.

It helps knowing that I’m not alone.







30 thoughts on “Finally! A Diagnosis I Can Live With!

  1. Hi Lorraine; I treasure your friendship too. glad to hear you are going to be so much better physically. its no fun when the body won’t do what the mind wants it to when it wants it to. 🙂 I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow lord willing. we should be able to get there even given the latest batch of rain, but that doesn’t mean the doc or her staff will all be able to. thankfully none of my family or their homes are in the path of any of the flooding. but i am going in hopes of getting an update on my right shoulder. I’ve recently had to start taking tylonol to fall asleep most nights. And it causes fatigue. as for getting the date wrong, that’s something that happens. that’s why most show hosts know to remind their guests even if they are the conscientious types like you and me. 😉 I now have a file on my laptop with upcoming dates. and a couple of hosts have suggested that in addition to the as seen online page that you help me keep up to date that i should start writing a short blog post about each show or about the shows for each week as this way rss subscribers would get notified of the appearances automatically. well enjoy the shows. you have a great story and it needs to be told. and yes i love knowing that i have done a small part to get you out there. take care my friend. xoxo max

    • says

      Max, I wish the best of luck to you. It sounds like you’re dealing with quite a bit. Bad weather, pain in your shoulder, and some confusion.

      Things will get better. Keep your chin up!

  2. hi lorraine; thanks for your concern. i was sharing because his thyroid was never a problem again as long as he took his medicine. and thanks for giving me credit on the radio show referrals. i noticed that you have been on or will be on three of the shows I have done. that’s a side benefit of being my editor. you know which shows I’ve been on and can then contact them for yourself. take care my friend, max

    • says

      Max, you are one of my favourite people. You’re so kind, and are always living what you preach! I love being your editor and assitant, too, and yeah, I also like the benefits I reap as a result! LOL

      I’m grateful for all you do you, and for your friendship, too.

      Oh, and I made a mistake on the one podcast. Instead of May 23, it’s July 23. Oops!

  3. hi lorraine; well as a friend and client i’ve been following your health issues and praying for a resolution. I know that its the not knowing that is really the hardest part. You deal with concerns that it might be something they can’t fix or that it might even be in your head. or at least i have. my dad had an overactive thyroid. we thought he was dying until a doctor finally diagnosed him. they burned off the excess with radiation. then they determined that they removed too much so they had to give him the same medicine that you are on now. he would still be with us if it weren’t for having worked construction and having been exposed to lots of cancer causing chemicals. so have hope. once they get the dosage right you can live a long healthy life. blessings to you max

    • says

      Thanks, Max. I’m sure things will be better in a few months.

      Sorry to hear about your dad; I didn’t know about his thyroid. Thank you for sharing that!

      I know I’m really lucky, compared to many of the other problems that exist… which I don’t have, thankfully. So now I know it’s just time to grin and bear it.

  4. I’m glad they finally found something for you; that always helps. As for medication issues, I had that same thing when I started one of my diabetes medication. The doctor said it would take 2 to 3 weeks to start working. You just do what you can and move on with life. Good luck!

  5. Adrienne says

    Hey Lorraine,

    Bless your heart, I can’t even imagine feeling bad for months upon months. As you know, I’m down this month myself but that’s due to a recent death in the family and nothing more. Grief does weird things to us at times as well but my heart goes out to anyone who has health issues.

    I’m glad you at least now know what the problem is although it’s still going to be a while before they can get you regulated on the right medication. My Mom has had a slight issue with her thyroid for years now and I learned not too long ago my sister was diagnosed with that problem as well.

    I’m truly blessed that I don’t have any health issues at all. I intend for it to stay that way too. I try to eat right, I walk every day, I drink nothing but water and I get plenty of sleep. I keep a positive attitude and pray that will be enough.

    I hope the medication kicks in soon and you start feeling like your old self again. Glad to have you back girl.


    • says

      Adrienne, you are very lucky that you’re healthy! I’ve had various health problems for the last ten or so years and am glad that what I have now is nothing too serious, and can be treated easily, with medication.

      I am starting to drink more water, too, and am exercising a bit now as well. It is hard to change habits, but I’m trying!

      I think in a few months, I’ll be feeling much better. Fingers crossed!

      Thanks for dropping by. I always love seeing you over here.

      And again, I’m sorry for all the grief you’ve been going through lately. I’m sending more hugs your way!

  6. Tim Bonner says

    It’s fantastic that you’ve discovered a solution to your health issues Lorraine. It sounds like it’ll take a while to get the right dosage but when you do, it’ll help immensely I’m sure.

    I often feel tired and have had tests in the past. All came back negative. I put my tiredness down to lack of exercise, early mornings with the kids and being late(ish) to bed sometimes when my wife’s working late.

    I bought myself a Fitbit Surge a few weeks ago and it’s motivated me to get out and about more. That’s certainly helped. I’ve lost over a stone in weight so far. Now all I need to do is find a few extra hours in the day to fit things in.

    • says

      Tim, it’s a relief just knowing what the problem is.

      Congratulations on your weight loss! It’s tough to be a WAHD, isn’t it?

      And you’re not the only one who wishes there were more hours in the day! LOL I do, too!

      Thanks for sharing. As we both move forward, perhaps we’ll find those extra hours we need.

  7. Jamie says

    I was feeling really tired and rundown all the time at the beginning of this year.
    I mentioned it to the doctor a couple of times and he attributed it to stress from my job.
    Nothing else came of that, however around the beginning of April I started on a new food plan. Since then I’ve lost 14 pounds and I’m feeling much better and more energetic.

    I’m sorry that you’re having these health issues, but I hope now you have a diagnosis, things will start to get better for you quickly.

    • says

      Jamie, thank you for sharing, and for your wishes! Both are appreciated!

      I think if I can lose some weight, too, I’ll definitely feel better.

  8. I have hypothyroidism too. My hair was falling out, I would sweat profusely whenever I moved and I was always exhausted. I am on the same pill. I also had severe cramps all the time. All my symptoms are either gone or under control! You will be okay 🙂

    • says

      Thanks, Debb. It’s good to hear your symptoms are gone, too!

      Oddly, my hair has thickened the past year. I used to dye it all the time and use mousse and tons of hairspray, but a few years ago I stopped using products in my hair and now it seems to be really healthy again!

  9. Herb says

    Hi Lorraine. — New web site being constructed. Going to take a while.
    So glad you are well. Missed you.
    Not really me to share really personal stuff, but here goes. My wife “lost her thyroid,” oh so many years ago, and has been on thryroid pills ever since.
    But here’s the thing: About weight, fat, cholesterol — She was on Liptor as well, for oh, so many years. Me too. My wife is now in a care home with Alzheimer’s. And I really felt that I was going that direction too. Until my son threw his arm around my shoulders and said, “I’m getting worried about you Dad.” Then he told me the back story. His best buddy’s mom was on Lipitor for, oh so many years. And she was apparently developing some sort of dementia. Finding it really hard to find words, names, things, to speak. She went off Lipitor, and recovered. Me too. Me too.
    Just ask too many questions if they want to put you on that stuff, or any other stuff for cholesterol.
    Be well.

    • says

      Herb, thanks for your comment. I’ve heard of Lipitor. I’ve never been prescribed it.

      I’m sorry to hear about your wife, too. Thanks for being so open. I know it’s hard to be!

      I’ll make sure I ask A LOT of questions if the doctor want to test me on other stuff in the future.

      Thanks for the advice!

      And I got your other comment about the spam. Weird!

  10. Alicia Rades says

    Lorraine, I enjoy reading these posts from you and am happy to hear that you’re feeling better! I hope the treatment (for all your problems) works well and there aren’t any serious side effects.

    • says

      Alicia, it’s good to hear you like my posts. Thanks for making me smile!

      With all that I’ve been through, I’m hoping there aren’t any side effects either.

      Thanks for commenting.

      By the way, I hope your book is selling well!

  11. says

    I too have had health problems. When I started failing at University, I thought my life was over, and I had somehow lost my intellect! I was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and then depression (dual diagnosis). It was a relief to know that my problems were treatable. Now on medication I have returned to studies full steam ahead! My conditions are being treated and although I still have the off days, my writing has been continuing and I now write for

    • says

      Pippa, it’s good that the doctors gave you a diagnosis, even if they were not great ones. At least now you know what’s going on! It’s great to hear that your medication works and that you are writing! Good for you!!!

      Thanks so much for sharing!

      Might I make a suggestion, though? Add links to your About page to the places where people can buy your books!

  12. Sue says

    I could tell before I read the whole post that you were going to say hypothyroid. I had heavy periods but not constant, fatigue, weight gain, what I called no gumption.

    You should start to feel better within a month or so, and not only do they have to titrate your dose to fit you, but the TSH test isn’t always a good indicator, some do better on desiccated thyroid which has T4 and T3, and some do better on synthetic t4and t3. I’m one of those who does way better on desiccated (Armour) thyroid. Good luck and be prepared to do your own research, ask for free T4 and free t3 blood work, and perhaps even having to find a new doc who will let you try other thyroid meds. They ALL prescribe synthetic t4 aka levothyroxine like 95% of the time and think everyone should do well on it! Hopefully, you will be one of those!

    • says

      Sue, thanks for the advice. This diagnosis is very new, and I’m going to have to wait and see if there is an improvement.

      I really appreciate the time you took to comment, too. It’s nice to know my readers care!

  13. Jo Ann Plante says

    We could be sisters! I have hypothyroidism, too! Once the levothyroxin gets into your system, you will start to feel better and have more energy. It takes time to find the right dosage, but blood tests will help determine the exact level. I’m on 175 per day. You may even lose some of the weight without trying, but I would suggest finding some form of exercise you can do every day and feel comfortable doing it. I do simple yoga to lose weight and tone my body and there are yoga poses for that. I also simply go for a walk, although you may not be able to walk for long periods of time. I may also suggest Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home program. This is easy walking steps you can do every day and if you feel tired you can stop and take a rest. It is supposed to make you lose weight and tone your muscles. You can drop a dress size or more in a month. You don’t need any special equipment. I hope this helps. At least you know what your problem is and now you can find the solution. Best of luck to you and keep us posted on your progress!

    • says

      Jo Ann, it’s funny that you mentioned yoga, as my son just gave me two yoga DVDs to watch and do!

      I know you have a few other major health problems and still remember vividly your guest post on this site where you revealed you had Lupus.

      My heart still goes out to you!

      I’m going to try to lose some of the extra weight I put on, too. I’ve lost weight before, so I know it can be done!

      I’ll definitely keep you updated!

      Thanks for commenting, Jo Ann!

  14. says

    So happy you have a reason why you feel the way you do. I’m sure you’ll be back to your spunky and energetic self soon enough!

    Congrats on your writing gigs and kudos to you for sharing such personal info! I’m glad we are friends and that we regularly meet to discuss our blogging lives. Not many people know about the blogging world or the freelance writing world, so when I found out we lived close by, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get to know you!.

    Love the pic BTW!

    • says

      Elna, I love getting together with you, too! Thanks for taking such an awesome pic of me, too. It’s truly one of the better ones, and one I really like.

      Finding time to seek out new opportunities has not always been “on me,” though, as Max Ivey, the blind blogger, often sends me links when he’s looking for his own. (Thanks, Max!)

      I’m glad we have gotten to know each other so well, too. And congrats to you on your latest post on the Blogging Wizard! I can’t wait to feature you in the FITS series in July!!!

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