10 Ways to Find a High-Paying Freelancing Job

Last Updated on: April 20th, 2021

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Are you looking for a freelance job?

Freelancing jobs are available for many different kinds of people.

Because of this, many different websites and platforms have been developed to help freelancers find high-paying jobs.

Freelancing today has never been easier!

Today, my guest, Kate Silverton, will share with you some information on how you can find a high-paying freelancing job.

She’ll also share 10 websites for you to use, depending on they type of freelancer you are and what you’re seeking. Of course, you can always read 6 Ways for How to Search for Clients as a Freelance Writer, too.

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Now, take it away, Kate!

Freelancing Is Easy!

Because of this, freelancers in the 2010s are able to apply their skills and are allowed to chase and fulfill their dreams in the best possible way.

In addition, freelancers are able to meet the expectations of their clients because of their creativity and uniqueness. Sometimes, they perform remarkably well in their projects and complete the projects within given deadlines.

As a result, the significance of freelancing jobs is increasing with the passage of time and the invention of social media along with other online platforms has literally boosted the scenario of freelancing jobs and employment opportunities to a great extent.

Introduction to Finding Freelancing Jobs

When it comes to starting your career as a freelancer, you should keep in that you will have the luxury to perform different tasks from your home. However, you also need to polish your skills and expertise to a required level so that you are able to earn a handsome amount on a regular basis.

However, there are different sorts of problems associated with freelancing jobs such as job searching, such as:

  • a lack of professional environment
  • a lack of communication
  • unavailability of support and assistance

In many cases, freelancing jobs are performed by the freelancer alone. Therefore, if you are a freelancer, you should be smart or motivated enough to complete various projects without the supervision of expert professionals.

Despite these problems, there is no point in denying that freelancing jobs have become a major source of income for many people working all around the globe.

This is an image of a woman holding money she earned from a freelancing job.

This is an image of a woman holding money she earned from a freelancing job.

The Future of Freelancing Jobs

According to the findings of the report which has been published by Roosevelt Institute and Kauffman Foundation, freelancers will play a huge role in the American economy by the end of the year 2040.

The statistics reveal that freelancers have a much higher tendency and capacity to become entrepreneurs in the next 25 years or so.

Therefore, based on the above scenario, it can be assumed that more and more people will be attracted towards freelancing in the future. There is the likelihood that this industry will really make huge impacts and consequences on the economy of North America (mainly in Canada and the United States) in a great way.

There are 10 wonderful ways through which highly paid freelancing jobs could be obtained and these are as follows:

10 Sites to Use to Find High Paying Freelancing Jobs

Freelancer logo for post about where to find a freelancing job

1: Freelancer

In recent years, this platform has received so much fame and acceptance from different people who belong to various professions.

Actually, Freelancer is assumed as one of the most competitive job platforms in which people are provided opportunities to prove their skills, knowledge, and abilities on a professional level.

Creative people are able to grab the attentions of so many clients by the help of showcasing their talents to them.

99Designs logo for post about where to find a freelancing job

2: 99designs

On 99designs, clients actually organize the contest among freelance designers and as a result, the winners of the contest are selected by the clients. Therefore, this is a unique online job portal in which freelancers have to qualify first in order to achieve projects from the clients.

Toptal logo for post about where to find a freelancing job

3: Toptal

Toptal is a job portal that actually works in a different manner as compared to the other job portals because people have to pass a screening process first.

After passing the test, there is the strong likelihood that people will be provided to interact with big clients such as Airbnb. As a result, people are expected to earn a handsome amount as compensation.

Apart from this, people are also invited to annual meetings and functions which are arranged by the management of Toptal.


4: Elance – no longer around as Elance and oDesk merged to become Upwork (see #5)


Upwork logo for post about where to find a freelancing job

5: Upwork

Upwork is another job providing platform that has given freelancing jobs to both experienced and beginner freelancers in a great way. The most important thing which makes Upwork distinguished from other websites is people are able to attain long-term jobs, which is one of the most significant ways of enhancing the level of income.

Guru logo for post about where to find a freelancing job

6: Guru

On Guru, the freelancers can approach innumerable clients by sharing their portfolios with them on a daily basis. This is because people who are looking to obtain high-paying freelancing jobs can search different projects regularly. Every day there are new projects or jobs posted on Guru and people can attract the eyes of potential clients accordingly.

Craigslist logo for post about where to find a freelancing job

7: Craigslist

Craigslist has become a major source of buying and selling different commodities online. At the same time, it provides great freelancing jobs to people. Therefore, people are recommended to browse or search local offerings in order to work in an office environment. People are also allowed to search by the help of cities if they are interested in working on a remotely basis.

Demand Media logo for post about where to find a freelancing job

8: Demand Media

Demand Media is a job portal that has been developed in order to support and enhance any kind of creative work because designers, graphic artists, and directors are allowed to attain highly extensive freelancing jobs.

With the collaboration of Demand Media, photographers and other creative personnel can improve their skills and other attributes to a certain level.

College Recruiter logo for post about where to find a freelancing job

9: College Recruiter

College Recruiter has been designed for the purpose of providing freelancing job opportunities to fresh college graduates and students. The motive is to enhance the income level of students as well as graduates so that they are able to bear their educational and other expenses on their own.

This is a unique platform in a sense that it provides beginner levels jobs and internships in different areas such as marketing, finance or accounts, human resources and supply chains.

Freelance Writing Gigs logo for post about where to find a freelancing job

10: Freelance Writing Jobs

When it comes to presenting your worth as a writer, editor, publisher and blogger, then Freelance Writing Jobs is the platform where you can flourish. It provides opportunities for those writers who want to earn through the help of their words in an appropriate way. This platform supports people by the help of providing them a unique blog where people can easily get inspiration and critical knowledge regarding writing.

Final Words

The current scenario of employment suggests that the approaches of traditional working are going by the wayside. As a result, freelancing jobs are gaining popularity.

This fact should be taken into consideration that the whole world has become a global village where opportunities are unlimited or infinite.

Therefore, the trend of outsourcing has been increased because clients are getting their projects done in cost-effective manner. This scenario has enhanced the importance of freelancers to a reasonable level and they are also able to improve their lifestyles and financial resources.

And if you *really* want to succeed in the freelancing field, I highly suggest you take Elna Cain’s course, Write Your Way to Your First $1k. It’s awesome!

About Kate

This is a head shot of Kate Silverton, a writer who earns money from performing freelancing jobs.Kate Silverton is a professional freelancer who possesses years of experience in the domain of writing. She has utilized different job portals which have been mentioned above in order to attain freelancing jobs. Apart from this, she likes to interact with the younger generation on various social media platforms with the help of her blog buy assignment online in order to clarify their issues and concerns that are related to freelancing jobs.


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    Yes! I am a writer myself but never got any work from websites other than Fiverr & freelancer. I have tried a lot on Upwork but failed… I will keep on trying there, but I feel lucky enough to be working on Freelancer as you have kept it on top of the list.
    Shuja Ali recently posted…Tips to Win Contests on Freelancer

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    Hi Lorraine, thank you for this review. Frankly, I think Upwork is not good for starting a freelance career – there is a big competition and too hard requiments. I like working on Freelancer – but as anywhere you must know how to protect yourselves from rampers. Cheers

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