Stuck For A Topic To Write About? Brainstorm My Way!

I was feeling some pressure about what to write about for my next blog post, and I didn’t like this feeling. It wasn’t writer’s block, exactly, since I wasn’t stuck for a topic to write about (I can write about almost anything!) but I felt like I needed to brainstorm some new ideas. So what I did was this:


I took out my markers and sketchpad and wrote the main topic of my blog in the middle: ME.

Then, because I like colourful things, I began listing different topics all around my main topic.

I added a few lines, a few “clouds” to highlight each category, and this emerged:

I added a few things...

I added a few things…

I had used almost all of the colours by this point, and so I decided to use one more colour to add four more topics at the bottom. Then I thought about what I had already written about, and added them to my mind map. The ideas were really flowing by this point!

Once I filled the page, I stopped. This is what my page looked like when I was finished with it: Read More