Why You Should (+ How to) Act IMMEDIATELY When Hit With Inspiration

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Do you take action when you are hit with a moment of inspiration? You should… regardless of what you are doing!

Read on to find out why.

My Inspirational Nugget of Wisdom Once Disappeared

A few weeks ago, I had an idea for a blog post that I thought was simply brilliant. I went to the dashboard of my website, opened a “new” post, wrote something in the “title” field and a few sentences, then went to find some cool images to use in my post, and then… blanked out.

My idea did not get fully developed. My inspiration had disappeared. All I was left with was… a few really cool pictures that I found.

I was upset with myself. I knew I should have written down everything the moment my inspirational idea hit me.

Now, try as I might, I cannot retrieve that glimmering thought from the recesses of my brain.


I know I’m not alone

Has the same thing ever happened to you? Have you ever forgotten what you were going to say?

Have you ever gone into your office (or kitchen, or bedroom, or another room) to get something, and then “forgot” what you went there for?

(I can see you nodding.)

We’ve all been in that situation, I know. That is why you need to act IMMEDIATELY when you are hit with inspiration… so you DON’T forget.

Why You Should Act Immediately When Inspiration Hits

Our brains are like computers,  but only to a point.

Although we have an information retrieval system, we tend to only remember that which is most familiar to us.

We struggle with “new” ideas, ideas that are “outside-of-the-box,” and ideas that bring us outside of our comfort zones.

This is why it is often difficult to “hold that thought” when we have it.

And this is why we should IMMEDIATELY write it down. So we don’t forget it!

In addition, when you are hit with inspiration and plan to write it (or about it) at a later time, chances are you will not remember your initial excitement, why you were so inspired, and so, when you finally do write about it, the magical feeling will have dissipated or disappeared completely.

Others have testified to this, too:

“When it finds you, act, don’t wait, act!”

– taken from Don’t go searching for inspiration

“I’ve learned over the years that if I don’t write these flashes of inspiration down straightaway, they’re usually gone forever, or even worse remembered but not understood in the same clarity of when they were received.”

– taken from When you are inspired – act immediately! (SOURCE LINK NO LONGER WORKS)

How to Act Immediately When Inspiration Hits

Because I don’t want this to happen to you (or to me… again!), I’ve put together a list of 5 actionable things to do to help you to remember your inspirational idea.

Do these 5 Actions When Hit with Inspiration

1. Write it down. Quickly. BEFORE you forget. Use Evernote. Use Post-Its. Record it… somehow!

“Ideas slowly trickle into your mind. And before you know it, you’re infused with passion and carried away in that magical state of ‘flow’ where the world fades away and nothing matters but you and the words in front of you.”

– taken from Kat Eden’s guest post on Write to Done: Why You Should Stop Waiting for Inspiration

2. Develop it as much as you can while the idea is fresh in your mind.

3. Don’t worry about sentence structure, grammar, editing your writing, or even typos! Get it out, onto paper or an electronic device, as fast as you can. There’ll be time enough later for refinement. Read More

Stuck For A Topic To Write About? Brainstorm My Way!

I was feeling some pressure about what to write about for my next blog post, and I didn’t like this feeling. It wasn’t writer’s block, exactly, since I wasn’t stuck for a topic to write about (I can write about almost anything!) but I felt like I needed to brainstorm some new ideas. So what I did was this:


I took out my markers and sketchpad and wrote the main topic of my blog in the middle: ME.

Then, because I like colourful things, I began listing different topics all around my main topic.

I added a few lines, a few “clouds” to highlight each category, and this emerged:

I added a few things...

I added a few things…

I had used almost all of the colours by this point, and so I decided to use one more colour to add four more topics at the bottom. Then I thought about what I had already written about, and added them to my mind map. The ideas were really flowing by this point!

Once I filled the page, I stopped. This is what my page looked like when I was finished with it: Read More