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How to Survive Your First Year Blogging

First year blogging image

There are millions who have started blogging, and there are still many reasons to continue to blog.  The sad reality is that only a small percentage of bloggers succeed.

Why do they succeed? Because they don’t quit. No joke. Too many bloggers quit too soon, and they quit during the first year.

Bloggers quit because they don’t:

  • Believe anyone cares and they give up too soon.
  • Understand what it really takes to become a successful blogger.
  • Make money right off the bat and get discouraged.
  • Want to write and create quality content on a regular basis.
  • Have a support group.
  • Strategically network within their niche.
  • Guest post on more established blogs.

Can you see yourself as a professional blogger?

The first 12-months of your blogging career is the most important. What you do in the first year can set you apart from those who fail. In essence, you are building the foundation that will either help your succeed or fail.

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