Some Life Updates and Info about Freelancing from #freelancewriter Lorraine Reguly

 Lorraine Reguly FITSFITS Series Welcome Image

Guess what? The final instalment of the FITS series has arrived. The “Freelancer In The Spotlight” today is… me, Lorraine Reguly, the woman behind Wording Well!

I thought it would be kinda neat to feature myself, since I’ve been offline for a while (SORRY ABOUT THAT!).

It’s been about a month since I published anything, but in today’s post, I’ll tell you WHY . There are a few valid and important reasons. I’ll also reveal what it means TO ME to be a freelancer (the good AND the bad).

Plus, I’ll update you on what’s been going with me (health-wise and family-wise), as well as my plans for the next few months.

I Took Time Off For the Entire Summer!

First of all, I took a much-needed vacation this summer, as I had been blogging (basically, twice a week) for the past 2+ years without a break!

Creating your own hours is one of the perks when you’re a freelancer.

Of course, you need to take into consideration your clients’ needs first.

Fortunately for me, my clients understood that I needed a break. I haven’t really had an extended vacation for quite some time!

Unfortunately, my summer wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be…

It had its ups and downs. On the plus side, I read A LOT of books (a luxury for me!) and I spent a lot of time at the outdoor public pool with my nephew, whom I taught to swim!

I also re-connected with one of my best friends from when I was a teenager, and spent a lot of time with her. We went to the fair together, took in a hypnotist show, and began visiting one another as well as started going for walks together. The pic below is one I took when we were at the fair; they were selling T-shirts with funny sayings on them, and I thought that this one metaphorically “fit” me (I LOVE KETCHUP!!!).

On the downside, however, I got bad news about my health. Oddly, it might be because I, indeed, put Ketchup on my Ketchup!

Funny saying about Ketchup

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3 Ways to Impress Your Guests

3 Ways to Impress Your Website Guests

3 Ways to Impress Your Guests


You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Your website is your virtual calling card, and making it great is up to you.

Your success depends not only on your readership and your engagement level, but also on its appearance.

When deciding on your website’s appearance, you need to take the following three factors into consideration:

  • the theme you use
  • your home page
  • which widgets you should display — and when and where

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An Interview With “F.I.T.S.” Series #freelancewriter Elna Cain

FITS Series Welcome ImageFITS Series Freelancer Elna Cain
Today Elna Cain is my F.I.T.S. (Freelancer In The Spotlight). Elna and I met by fluke. When she grabbed my blogging ebook, 20 Blog Post Must-Haves, she noticed my address was in Thunder Bay, the same city where she lives!

Elna reached out to me through social media, and we connected instantly. Now we meet regularly at Starbucks to discuss our highs and lows, our businesses, and our lives. (We sometimes annoy the other patrons, too… but we have fun doing it!)

Meet Elna Cain

During our last meeting, we took some pictures. Here they are:

Elna and me at Starbucks


Elna at Starbucks


Me at Starbucks


 Elna by fire

Today’s F.I.T.S. entry is a bit different from past ones. Elna let me interview her! What’s awesome is that she has some REALLY GREAT TIPS for you, too!

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6 Tips for How to Improve Your Website Speed

How To Improve Your Website Speed - 6 Tips

Making your site as fast and as user-friendly as possible is the goal of many serious bloggers. Today I’m going to show you a few tools you can use to help you achieve this goal.

I’m also going to refer you to someone who can help you, because, if you are anything like me, you’d rather not do this techie stuff yourself.

Tip #1: Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Back in April 2015, Google made some changes to how websites will be ranked in the search engines. If your site is not mobile-friendly, chances are your rankings will drop. No one wants that!

Here’s a great post about making your site mobile-friendly.

For the last few months, I’ve been slowly and steadily making changes to the overall look and function of Wording Well. I even had some work done on my site during the first week of May 2015, from the 4th to the 6th.

I hired Vinay Kachhara (Harleena Singh’s husband) from Aha!NOW to help me do this.

After reading his post How to Increase Website Speed and Make Your Blog Load Faster, I asked if he was available for hire. He was. Read More

Ninja Outreach



Today we are going to talk about blogger outreach, and a specific tool you can use to do some networking. It’s called Ninja Outreach.

What is Ninja Outreach?

Ninja Outreach is a special outreach and networking tool that can help you in many ways, whether you’re a blogger, a freelancer, or an aspiring author. This post will provide a few ways you can use this tool. Read More