The Main Benefits of Learning English Online


The Main Benefits of Learning English Online

There are many benefits from learning online. 5 of these benefits will be discussed here, as they pertain to learning from a tutor at Preply, who has sponsored this post.

Why Learn Online?

Each of us in life constantly learns something new. Whether at work, in order to get a desired position, or due to certain circumstances. But there is always one question that arises: where should you obtain the knowledge you need? Should you explore and study the topic yourself or should you find a professional teacher? Tutors, in the short term, will help you master the necessary knowledge, and you don’t have to put in extra efforts in search of material, information, or sources where this information is located.

When you are searching for a professional, experienced teacher, is very convenient to use the service The above-mentioned platform helps you find a tutor that is right for you, from among a large number of talented tutors.

This is a great platform for people who are looking for online English teachers.

There are many benefits of learning a language with an online English teacher. Read More

Why I Freakin’ Love RMH (A True Story about my life and my Toronto Trip)

am wearing her mask outside RMH

Get set. I have a lot to tell (and show!!!) you today.  A ton of pictures, for sure, including a Slideshare slideshow I created of all of the pics I took during my recent trip to Toronto, plus a bit about my mom, a bit about my sister, a lot about my niece, and a lot about my experiences at RMH. Mostly, they are all intertwined!

My Life the Last Few Months

Today I am going to reveal what’s been going on in my personal life the last few months, including why I have been a bit “absent” from my blog and my online activities (such as commenting). These events are also the reason why so many guest posts have been published on Wording Well lately… and why more are yet to come!

First of all, my mom had major surgery. More about that in a minute… including some pics that might gross you out. (Sorry!)

Secondly, I took a trip. But I didn’t go on vacation. Instead, I went to Toronto, to SickKids Hospital. While in Toronto, I stayed at a place called RMH, which is actually supposed to be called Ronald McDonald House Charities Toronto, as that is their proper name, but which I will simply call RMH, as it’s much easier!

(By the way, I freakin’ love RMH! Later on, I’ll tell you why!) Read More

Security Tips for Freelance Writers and other #Entrepreneurs

Image of a lock

Security tips for entrepreneurs is not something that is often discussed… but it needs to be!

Entrepreneurs, including freelance writers (and anyone who works with digital files on a daily basis) need to be aware of the steps they can take to ensure that their hard work is not lost, deleted, or stolen, never to be retrieved.

The purpose of this article is to share some security tips you can follow easily to protect your computer/laptop and data from being compromised. Read More

Tell Me What You WANT Even if it is Different from What You NEED

This is a picture of a stick man I created who I like to call Gimpy. He's frustrated because he doesn't know what is going on! He's trying to comment on my blog, but can't.

question marks

This is NO JOKE.

Tell me what you want.

I’m serious; I want to know how I can help you BEST.

Do you want blogging info? Freelancing info? Writing info? Editing info? Publishing info?


Something else?

If you tell me what you want to know and what you want to see on this site, I PROMISE I will do my best to provide you with it… especially now that I’m back from my 3-month vacation/hiatus.

I want to continue to give you the quality content you crave and desire!

Why? Because I care about you!!!

The only problem, now that I’m back blogging, is that I need to know what that is!

So drop me a comment and let me know what it is you want and/or need, and I’ll oblige you (or one of my guests will!), okay?