9 Easy Ways to Get a Better Sleep

9 Easy Ways to Get a Better Sleep

Do you need a night of better sleep? When you aren’t sleeping well, your brain isn’t functioning at its peak.

It’s easy to treat our bodies as if we’re invincible and think something as silly as sleep is only an issue of mind over matter, but that’s not how it works. Taking care of yourself is important!

You want to be comfortable in a happy and healthy body because a healthy body will get a lot more work done than a sluggish one. This matters even more for bloggers, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs who depend on their minds to be sharp to get their work done.

If you use these 9 tips for getting a night of better sleep, you will definitely have the motivation to work!

You will also improve your work-life balance!

1: Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

When you work for yourself, it’s easy to ignore any kind of routine, but this one matters. By sleeping at the same times every day, you train your internal clock. This can lead to falling asleep faster and waking up easier, which means less wasted time staring at the clock, waiting to fall asleep.

2: Exercise

Daily exercise will help your body feel ready for rest at night. Not only will it help you fall asleep faster, but it will keep you asleep for the night. Even light exercise can produce a significant improvement.

3: Make Your Bed a Relaxing Place to Be

Invest in a comfortable mattress. If your mattress has reached ten years old, it is definitely time for a new one.

Also, look into quality Egyptian cotton sheets and quality pillows.

4: Don’t Look at Your Phone

It’s a routine that many of us have gotten into, and it’s a bad idea. The blue light from your phone will not help you get to sleep. You could turn on the feature that reduces the blue light, but you should avoid looking at your phone before you go to bed.

If you’re really having a hard time with this, put your phone in another room at night. Keeping this distraction out of your room is a great way to get better sleep. You might need to buy an alarm clock if you place your phone far away. However, what I do is use the DO NOT DISTURB feature on my phone. This feature turns off all sounds on my phone (including notifications as well as stopping it from ringing) but it allows the alarm function to still work. So, when I need to wake up, I can still hear the alarm!

It always works, too, because I chose a really annoying alarm and I set it to the maximum volume! Read More

Where to Find the Motivation to Work

Where to Find the Motivation to Work

Do you struggle with finding the motivation to work, even though you are an entrepreneur?

The greatest part about being an entrepreneur or a freelancer is that you’re your own boss. You don’t have someone peering over your shoulder at all times. You don’t have to worry about sleeping in and getting fired. The list goes on and on.

However, this can be a big disadvantage as well.

What do I mean by this? Well, let me explain.

When you’re depressed, anxious, or easily distracted, you can end up being less productive. This can mean less income or more time working on stuff that seems to take forever to do.

Here are some ways you can get the motivation to work.

Play Some Music

When you’re bloggingg or doing something else that requires intense focus, playing some good music can help you keep focused as you work. Many people will have different ways to play music. Some people will stick to binaural beats and white noise that is ambient and drowns out everything around them so they can stay focused. Some like to play classical music or soundtracks. There are some who like songs with singing, though this may be distracting for some people.

Just open up YouTube or Spotify and see what the music gods can give you. You may even discover music that you never thought you’d like.

Eliminate Distractions

If you have children around, try to work when they are away.

If you are always looking at social media, try using filters to block the site or limit your time during working hours.

Check all your emails before you work, or after.

Being able to do these things can help you stay focused. When you have a normal job, it’s easy for you to stay on track because you may be reprimanded if you aren’t. With freelance work, you may find that you have to discipline yourself a bit. Read More

5 Blogging Tips for Busy College Students

5 Blogging Tips for Busy College Students

Busy college students have multiple assignments to submit, essays to write, and exams to prepare for. Does this make you wonder why you even bothered to begin blogging in the first place?

Firstly, starting a blog in college is a great decision. Apart from improving your writing skills, it helps you form a strong network, build your personal brand, and push your creative boundaries while making money on the side.

It sure is difficult to manage a busy college schedule and run a blog… but it is not impossible! All you need to learn is how to manage your time effectively. If you do that, there is no stopping you from being productive in every aspect of your life!

Here are 5 tips to succeed as a blogger if you are an extremely busy college student.

Tip #1: Allocate Time to Blog

Sometimes, in spite of having the intentions to blog, it’s easy to get busy with college and ignore your blog in the process. In order to take blogging seriously, you need to set aside time specifically for doing tasks related to your blog.

From brainstorming ideas and curating content to scheduling and promoting it, blogging is a time-consuming process. However, if you give yourself 2 hours every day or devote a few hours every weekend to it, you are likely to make better progress.

Ultimately, having a schedule and organizing your tasks lets you be more disciplined and productive. That way, you don’t even feel guilty choosing one thing over the other.

Tip #2: Prioritize Wisely

While you have allocated blogging time, it’s important to prioritize wisely as well. After all, there is no denying that focusing on academics is of utmost importance and nothing should take precedence over that.

For instance, if you need an essay written now, you need to focus on your submissions rather than spending time on your blog.

So, be prepared for unexpected delays and tasks added to your to-do list. Plan your days accordingly and don’t lose focus of the bigger picture.

Tip #3: Maintain an Editorial Calendar

You might think you can hurriedly jot notes on your phone and schedule posts when you feel like it. This way of working is not only haphazard but can also affect the quality of your work.

Instead, why not maintain an editorial calendar? Doing this will let you streamline your thoughts and consistently post in a timely manner. Don’t be too hard on yourself by posting every day or every second day. Studies have shown that posting daily on your blog won’t work.

Determine the time you can allocate to blogging, decide on a posting schedule, and stick to it. Give yourself deadlines so you know you have to publish a post in the given time period. Read More

Some Resources for You (#6)

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I’m too lazy too busy editing to put a lot of time into blogging these days.

But you are still on my mind… and that is why I have compiled this list of resources for you. 🙂

I am doing this from time to time. I’ve already published:

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For Writers of all Kinds!

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Additional Resources (for Success)

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All of these resources are fantastic!

Plus… as my way of thanking you for being a reader of Wording Well, I want to give you some free stuff. Find my freebies on my Resource Kit page!

Plus, there are many more (and I mean MANY MORE)  Resources for Writers, Authors, and Freelancers) here as well!

Enjoy… and let me know what you want MORE of… in the comments!

How to Use Content Upgrades to Build Your Email List (+ a Tutorial!)

How to Use Content Upgrades to Build Your Email List


Content upgrades. Lead magnets.

You’ve heard the terminology, but what do these things mean?

Today, I am going to share with you everything you need to know about content upgrades… including what they are (with samples), who uses them, where to put them, how to create them, and which plugins you can use for them.

I’m also going to give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Content Upgrades Pro on your website!

I’m an affiliate for this product and so all links to this plugin in this post are affiliate links. This means I will receive a small commission if you decide to buy this product. I USE THIS PRODUCT on Wording Well, and I LOVE IT!

Article Contents

The contents of this blog post include:

Samples of Content Upgrades
Who Uses Content Upgrades?
Where Should You Put Them?
How to Create a Content Upgrade (+ Some Tools to Use)
Which Plugins are the Best to Use for Content Upgrades?
How to Use Content Upgrades Pro on Your Site


Content upgrades are used in blog posts to help grow your email list. A content upgrade is also called a lead magnet (in the marketing world) and is simply some type of bonus content that you give to your readers (or site visitors) in exchange for their email address.

“What is an evergreen lead magnet?”

An evergreen lead magnet is a content upgrade is highly effective because it offers immediate value, can be used again and again, and will always be useful because it can be updated to ensure it’s the best and most up-to-date resource it can be.

Evergreen content upgrades are really good to create because they allow you to use them in multiple posts. This solves the problem of not having to always create a new upgrade for each post!

Instead, all you have to do is copy and paste your “offer” into your new blog post! Easy!

Samples of Content Upgrades

A checklist

A printable (which can be ANYTHING ranging from a checklist to a blog planner to a goals planner to a calendar, etc.)

Access to a recorded webinar or private video

Access to a private file or resource vault

An infographic (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Infographics (Includes 10 Tools + 5 Tutorials!))

A list of tools or resources related to your blog post topic

A recording of written content

A fill-in-the-blank sheet

A PDF of your article

A worksheet

Bonus content not included in the original article

Plus… other things I’ve not listed here! (I’m sure you can think of SOME KIND OF BONUS to give away!) Read More